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Healing Time, Episode 2 (Grade: D-)

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    First, I love JADA, but this show I'm having trouble with. I hated the second episode and I wasn't crazy about the first. Stop with the music track/bed under the entire episode. Hawthorne is super nurse, we get it, but it's a little over the top the way she swoops in for EVERYONE to save the moment. The hospital and her home are too pristine, too perfect and look very much like a set. There's no real conflict here and it was predictable and boring. The only saving grace is Moses's Mom Isabelle, a homeless woman, newly resurrected to a shelter and longing to be with her boy. The first season has already been shot and is in the can. If it's more of the same, there won't be a season three. I'm really disappointed, I expected more from TNT. If they can produce The Closer and Saving Grace, what happened here?

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    Am I the only one watching

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