Season 2 Episode 7

Hidden Truths

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 03, 2010 on TNT

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  • Pretty good episode.

    Pretty good episode. After a not so good episode, "Hidden truths" is very deep and make us think. Christina and Tom are avoiding seeing one another and so their discussion becomes huge and disastrous by the end of the episode. Christina is angry because he's staying too much with Erin, while Tom feels rejected after Christina denied his proposal and didn't show up during his surgery. When Tom is put on the spot, he behaves like a child and says to Christina that Erin kissed him and he kisses her back, while that's not true at all: Erin kissed Tom, but he was definitely not kissing her back. So is this the end of their relationship? We'll see. On the other hand, we have Bobbie and Dr. Shaw having a step forward in their relationship too: finally Bobbie has decided to get out with him and they finished in bed. But the real issue about this episode is Kelly's sexuality: we discover that Kelly's gay while she's trying to help a little girl who's gay too and feels mistreated by her friends in high shcool. That's a nice surprise and I think this character who's having a great growth, is getting more and more intriguing.