Season 1 Episode 7

Night Moves

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2009 on TNT

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  • Christina must help a young girl who is going to have a baby but promised two sets of parents they could have the baby. Tom chooses work over going on a hote date. Bobbie gives Isabel a place to sleep.

    This episode was great! The night at the hospital is very difficult for Christina: Christal is a girl who's going to have a baby but promised two different couple that could have him.
    The two couples fight for the baby and in the meantime the real father shows up, saying that he wants to keep him. Finally Christal decides for the best: she let the father have the baby, even if the two couples will be without him.
    Ray goes to a hockey match as the doctor, and she has a flirt with the captain of one of the team, a friend of Tom. At the end of the match there's a huge fight on the ice and even out, and the people involved get to the Richmond Trinity. The girl gives Ray her phone number, while Candy seems a bit disappointed.
    Tom should go on a date, but he must come back to the hospital for a patient. Anyway it seems that the hot date is not what Tom is looking for: at the end of the episode, in a lovely scene, Tom and Christina talk and have pizza together, and it turns out that Tom was married once. Christina asks him to tell her some secret and Tom, trying to express what he feels for her, speaks in his native language (which is Michael Vartan's too) and tells her that she's lovely and fantastic, but in French.
    I really loved this episode, the best so far. Looking forward to see what's happening between the two...