Season 1 Episode 7

Night Moves

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 28, 2009 on TNT



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    • Tom: You know not all of us spend our free time with our DVD player and a gallon of chocolate ice-cream...
      Christina: Oh, I've no idea what you're talking about...And for your information it's a gallong of strawberry ice-cream...

    • Tom: So, are you free tonight? I've got a proposal for you.
      Ray: Whoa! Easy big guy. You're not really my type.
      (Tom gives Ray a blank stare.)
      Ray: Yeah, I'm free tonight.

    • Candy: You know the only good thing about the night shift is when the ER is all nice and qui...
      Christine: Candy! Dah! Don't.
      Candy: ...Quiet.
      Christine: Why you gonna jinx us just like that?! You know you can't talk about how quiet the ER is, even if it's like the morgue.

    • Ray: Tom sent me. He asked me to fill in as medic.
      Alex: Such a loser. I ask him for one favor and he bails. Uh, what is it, a work thing?
      Ray: Well, he said something about a hot date.
      Alex: Yeah, see now that's why I don't date doctors. You're all assholes.
      Ray: Yeah.

    • Faye: (waiting for Tom in the lobby) Do you leave your date stranded in the lobby?
      Christine: You're confusing me with someone who actually has dates.

    • Tom: (speaking in French; translated to English) I find you very pretty, a little strange, very amusing, very funny and marvelous.
      Christine: What does that mean?
      Tom: It means that I'm... really tired and probably should get some sleep.

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    • Christina: Bond. Tom Bond.

      "Bond. James Bond." is the famous line of the fictional British Secret Intelligence Service officer James Bond, often dressed in a fancy suit, whenever he introduces himself in the numerous films made about his spy missions since the 1960's.