Season 2 Episode 10

No Exit

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 24, 2010 on TNT

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  • This was a perfect episode!

    This was a perfect episode! It reminded me of the best ER episodes, I really enjoyed it.
    Christina and Tom must face a great accident that cause the evacuation of the hospital, but they are stuck inside it with two patients, Candy, Ray and Dr. Marshall. While trying to unplug a machine, Candy is involved in a short circuit and she is injured. So Tom and Christina tries to save her and her baby in the hospital, without any help from outside. Even Ray and Dr. Marshall help them, taking care of the two patiens with them. Finally they can get out of the hospital, just to face another problem: the inspectors that were there want to shut it down! But one of them, who has followed Christina for the whole day stuck in the hospital, decides to let the hospital going on because its staff is great. The best moment of the episode was the finale scene: everybody outside, looking for those who love them. Tom leaves Erin and lets her understand that he loves Christina and he was unfair with her. So difficult for Erin to accept that, but she must let Tom go. And finallt that lovely hug between two people who really care about each other: T&C can finally let their problems behind their back. They kiss and decide to stay together and the great news is amazing: Christina is pregnant.
    I must admit this season was far better than the first one. In the first season we couldn't see any development of C&T relationship, while in this one they were so close to one another. I really enjoyed almost every episode and I suggest everyone to watch it because it's great!