Season 2 Episode 9

Picture Perfect

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 17, 2010 on TNT

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  • A very interesting episode.

    A very interesting episode. There are many storylines. The first is Kelly's one: she's gone to a funeral of a little baby who died of cancer and she has promised to her mother to give her the camera she has left to the hospital. In that camera there were her daughter's last pictures. But Malia, who wants to take vengeance of Kelly, steals the camera and deletes the pics. When Kelly finds out she's mad at her because she will cause to that poor mother another great harm. But at the end Malia finds at least one picture and she makes us understand that she's not a monster, she has an heart and she feels guilty for what has happened.
    On the other hand we have Christina and her daughter Camille. She finds Camille in her office trying to take some money, but when she looks at her she finds out she's bit hit by someone. She looks for Tom and when she sees Marcus she tries to hit him and shouts at him. She even asks the help of Det. Renata who questions Marcus, while Tom questions Camille. At the end they find out that it wasn't Marcus the one who hit Camille, but they were arguing about a message on his mobile and they were in an ambulance...trying to make love. This whole situation is nice because Tom & Christina are like a family when Camille is in the middle: Tom loves her very much, he cares for Camille and she feels comfortable with him. Det. Renata understands that Christina truly loves Tom and so he gives her three advices:she has to say to Marcus and Camille that she's sorry, but she also has to say the truth to Tom. But when she tries to do this last thing, Erin gets in the middle and she can't tell Tom that she loves him. This episode was nice because we understood that T&C love each other, even if they have problems in their relationship. It was great to hear him saying "there's something Christina really wants to tell me" and to see her incapable to dot hat in front of Erin. But it was just the last but one episode and the last one will be great!