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Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 16, 2009 on TNT

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  • Jada Pinckett Smith stars as Christina Hawthorne. A driven, fiercely loyal, and compassionate administrative head nurse at a major hospital in the Carolina's. A very strong ensemble cast supports her in this endeavor.

    In the first half hour of the Pilot we had a cancer patient try to commit suicide by jumping off the hospital roof. A homeless women who obviously has some mental illness problems. A newborn baby that was left, found, and picked up by the homeless woman who probably saved her life. A hospital advocate that wants to charge the homeless women with a crime. The baby has Spina bifada which is a birth defect that basically results in a split spine. A soldier that was "taken care of" by one nurse and probably improperly diagnosed by a doctor and another nurse that is agonizing over following the doctors orders because the patient will likely go into a diabetic coma if they are followed. Plus the administrative head nurse being arrested in her own hospital for crashing thru a security point without proper ID. Did I miss anything?

    Christina Hawthorne is a single mother who's husband died a year ago and she is left to deal with her child and other family. Jada Pinckett Smith is a wonderful actress and she plays this part very well. It seems the character is personally destructive and it is a little hard for me to watch.

    This show has a wonderful ensemble cast and I am sure will find an audience with people who like medical dramas. I generally found this hard to watch, even painful at times. People trying to do the right thing being overwhelmed by the red tape, things that are out their control, and a failing medical system. Not counting other people that want to skirt the system for their own gains even though it effects the lives of others adversely. I'm sure these are all things that the show will try to bring out.

    Interesting premise and an obviously well produced show. TNT knows drama. This time I think there is a little too much for my tastes. Thanks for reading...
  • Summary below:

    In this episode Christina tries to save an old friend of her husband who wants to suicide; at the same time she has to take care of a newborn baby whose mother is a tramp. Her mother-in-law wants to receive her husband's Ashes and she has a difficult relationship with Tom, the chief of Surgery, who's a good friend of her but also seems to have problems about her strong manners with non-nurses-colleagues. Christina Hawthorne is a lonely wife who lost her husband one year before the beginning of the episode. She's the chief Nurse at the hospital and she has to handle both her binding job and her only daughter (who's a little rebel). I think this show starts in a great way: Jada Pinkett looks great with this look and I think she plays a very strong character: Christina is trying to move on with her life, because she has spent the last 365 nights not sleeping very much and talking to her husband Ashes. She also has some little problem with her daughter Camille who seems to hide how much she misses her father.
    But at the hospital she also has friends: Bobbie Jackson is a nurse who has a wooden leg, and she's starting a relationship with a paramedic. Another nurse is Ray Stein, who, in this episode, has some little problem with a doctor who makes a mistake in her diagnosis but doesn't want to admit it (and this fact takes Christina into a fight with this doctor to defend him). It seems also that Ray likes his colleague Candy Moore (another pretty nurse). The show was promoted for its new conception of a medical-show, into which we see nurses at the middle of the scene - and not doctors or surgeons. I think this promotion wasn't in vain, because this is the real new thing: like Carol Hathaway used to say in E.R. to Peter Benton: "This place gets ahead because of nurses". And she was damn right!
  • Move over Mr. Smith, Here Comes Mrs. Smith!

    I tuned in because I LOVE Jada. I was hooked within the first few minutes. The complexity of not only the happenings within the hospital but outside as well had me intrigued. In the opening episode we learned that Christina Hawthorne is a strong, independent and no nonsense woman who's dedicated to her job while the entire time balancing personal grief and family. She has a personal connection with David, who has terminal cancer and fails at his suicide attempt. You feel immediately she has a strong connection to both patients and staff. We have the mystery surrounding Christina's husband's death and the aftermath regarding her relationship with her daughter and mother-in-law. On the 1st anniversary of his death Christina finds herself not taking time for herself and family but attending to the many emergencies happening at the hospital, from an abandoned newborn with spina bifida to an army soldier almost dying because of a differing opinion as to the best course of treatment. The episode gave the viewers only a peak of the goings on at Mercy hospital but I am one viewer can't wait for next week.