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    I don't think that I am alone on this as you can see but Hawthorne was really an excellent was really an great show great people beyond it great story line, actors and EVERYTHING Man I miss this show please I wish it was a way to bring this show back it has been almost 5 years or whatever that it hasn't been on tv, the best show ever hands down I'm still upset about it cancelled then it left us speechless By leaving us hanging and wondering if Nick shot himself or if Tom did it. Etc. What the heck please bring this AWESOME SHOW BACK #truefan #teamHawthorne

    Please! Somebody pick this show back up!!!! It is a brilliant show with excellent story lines and talented actors!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!
  • why why why

    I really loved this show cant believe it got cancelled I wish I watched it on tv when it came on watched all three seasons on Netflix amazing job

    Love this show, finally a decent show on Tv that is awesome. Involves Love, Tragidy, God, mental battles we all face. You end it leaving us hanging and wondering if Nick shot himself or if Tom did it. What the heck please bring this AWESOME SHOW BACK
  • Itwas wrong to cancel

    My daughter is now in the medical field because of strong black roll model. Of course i am in love with Jada. I work all the time so i have to watch in on Netflix but heart broken to hear of the cancelation. Bring tje show back.
  • Please bring back Hawthorne

    This show was incredible !! Why are you guys taking off all the great shows this show needs at least a 4th season to clear up EVERYTHING !! it not fair to the fans & viewers that TNT did this n BRIBG IT BACK!!!

    I was so Pleases to find this Tv series on Netflix, as an RN I was Sooo Excited to watch this show. Finally a Tv Series about Nurses to show what they really do and what they go through, and I noticed that there are only 3 seasons, it was sad and depressing because WE NEED MORE NURSING VOICE AND VALUE OUT IN THE MEDIA TO THE WHOLE WORLD. However, After I watched the first couple of episodes I realized why this show failed to proceed, am not an expert but SERIOUSLY there was a lot of noticeable mistakes, misinterpretations, and going way too fast with the occurring events; for example the relationship between Tom and Christina was so vague for the whole first season we can notice that there might be something going to happen between these two but it came up just once when Christina did the romantic dinner set in Tom's office for his other date and he said that he liked her in french, it was nice but kinda sudden to the viewers, and another example is Ray and Candy OMG he is soo irritating the way he act around her is totally the oposite of what Tom is doing so its like they either show it to much that it looks and feels ridiculous and unreal or totally hide it.

    I dont know if anyone is going to read this, or if anyone will understand what am trying to say or agrees with me, but OMG I had to vent and express whats on my mind somewhere, because its so sad that this show is over, and I hope someone else will come up with a better version of the same idea. or they can have a 4th chance to continue this one. We will be more than happy to watch it and proud to tell ppl about it ;)


  • Join my campaign to bring the show back!


    I just watched all three seasons on Netflix and am extremely disappointed to find that it's not coming back. Come on TNT!!!
  • In need of season 4

    I love watching dr has inspired me in so many just in life in my y'all to do a season 4 will be please bring the show back...

  • As a nurse and human I love this show.

    Wonderfully written. Great idea for a show. Loved how good their reseach was.

    Please bring the show back. It's an amazing show. I started watchIng this after ER ended. I really like this show. I just watched all the seasons on netflixs and was so wanting to see what happens next. I'm in so much suspense now. PLEASE BRING IT BACK. THANK YOU.
  • Hawthorne

    Please bring the show back....I did not know it was ending....I got online to look for the new season date to start and seen it was not going to sooo dissapointed....I loved this show....
  • hawthorne

    Please bring the episode back it was the best show on tnt
  • bring it back

    i Love this show and yall took it off just as it was getting good.
  • COME ON ! ! ! !

    I really loved the show it has so much potential and I don't like tom because he gave up way to easily they were only married for a week must have not been real anyway, love the show and If TNT could find it in there hearts to give them a season 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 . . . . . . , you get it. I would be so DAMN happy its ridiculous i enjoy watching the show. give this show to HBO they know how to make a hit out of anything.
  • Season 3 is a waste of your time, stay away.


    I like medical dramas. This one started out with such great promise, and it even sustained my interest up until season 2. But season 3 spiralled into something completely insane. Where did the RN from Hawthorne go? S3 is a waste of time. We are left with romantic angles masquerading as adult relationships. The characters of everyone around Christina have become props to sustain her deteriorating charm. At the end of it all, the characters I liked have turned into something quite contemptible.

  • The best summarize this show in one word would be "Mean-Spirited"


    I used to be interested in this show, but after season three. I just down-right detested it. The plot was beyond misable and most of the characters are down-right UN-LIKEABLE. Exspecailly, this jimmy guy. Why must he send another message that people who work in internal affairs are prickish jerks? Anyways i was very disapointed with this show.

  • Have not missed any episodes, but totally disappointed with last weeks episode "just between friends". I've waited so long for Christina and Tom to get together, to have this happen (Christina and Renata).

    Just having second thoughts about continuing to watch series. As a nurse I thought some of the issues were a little "different" but enjoyed the show overall. Love Jada Pinkett Smith (always have) and when this series started, I was excited, have enjoyed all previous episodes, however, didn't care for the most recent episode. With all the difficulties she and Tom have had, newly married, losing child, professing love for each other then to have this thing happen with Renata. My gosh, never had honeymoon and already she's showing interest in another man. In my opinion, not good!!!!
  • I never really watched this show consistantly but saw enough to know the basic storyline and personalities of the characters, but last season I caught a few episodes and decided to watch this time in it's entirety, now I'm sorry I did.


    I was so happy to finally see Tom and Christina together since I never really connected with her with Nick. Perhaps the Tom/Chris thing was too big. Now to beat her up, kill her baby, fire her from her job all on her wedding day is bad enough; however, to make her infertile and have her sleeping with another man when her marriage wasn't even 90 days old is ridiculous, no matter what the trauma was. But to add insult to injury now she's divorced. Who writes this stuff? How do we connect with this? And as hard as I want to keep watching this show the dialogue in the therapist office was so "for the camera" I don't think I'll be back next season.

  • 1.0

    I have loved every episode until the Tom & Christina breakup!!!!!!!! Keep them together! What is wrong with Cristina??? My family and I have already decided that we will not watch season 3 if they break up!

    Writers: Please put Tom and Christina back together for the success of this show!

  • This season has been very disappointing, not sure I will continue watching. Loved last season and not quite sure what is going on this season. I thought Christina was a nurse?!?!? And killing the relationship between her and Tom is a big mistake.


    Very unhappy viewer and finding this season very hard to follow. My husband and I really enjoyed the show last season and had looked forward to this season. Now we find ourselves not wanting to finish the episodes. I thought this was a show about a nurse!?!? And why even bother putting her with Tom if they are doing this to what was a very warm relationship. Just very disappointing to watch, not even sure we will watch the finale.

  • Were have all the family values gone?

    I love"d" this show until this last episode. I truly thought "Christina" was strong enough to withstand the passion she felt for another man. Kinda funny that she preached to her daughter about having feelings for a "married man going through a divorce" then she succumbs even though she is married. Not all women-or men- act on their impulses and I really thought the writers would have continued to teach viewers a few things about "self-control" and withstanding presures via her character.
  • From a RN's perspective...

    As a RN, this show is oftentimes unrealistic. However, most RN's in healthcare can appreciate a compelling, albeit unrealistic story, about someone in healthcare administration actually giving a damn about patient care as opposed to bean counting. I find "HawthoRNe" a great way to unwind and imagine that hospital administrators really care. Jada Pinkett-Smith's portrayal of Christina Hawthorne is passionate and compelling. I only wish I knew I knew a director of nursing who fought against the grain as she does. She is a great role model for new nurses in administration. Hopefully Christina Hawthorne will inspire the next generation of nurses to advocate for better and timlier healthcare.
  • i love the show...i love jada pinkett smith and michael vartan together, i ca'ny wait to see the third season.

    i love the show!...i love jada pinkett smith and michael vartan together, i can't wait to see the third season.and how tom and christina's love story will be,and i'm also excited for their soon to have baby.love jada's character in these series,hopefully i could see his own son jaden being his son on this series or her daughter willow:)and if they could also guest will smith:).Also love christina's character,how she handles being a single mom, a superb CNO,good friend and handles her love issues with tom:) love michael vartan!!!also loves bobbie's character,hopefully there's a permanent relationship with steve that will bloom.
  • Love the show. Last season started off a little slow. This season was much better. I would love to see more stories follow up on some of the other characters. Jada's doing a great job, as usual. Fully enjoyed seeing Mark Anthony.

    Last season started off a little slow. This season was much better. I would like to see some of the other characters have more of a story line-not just snap shots and introductions of their character and their roles. It's a breath of fresh air to tune into a show where people have genuine compassion for others. However, I'd like for the writers to dedicate to one or two stories per episode. They have a wonderful set of cast members. Loved seeing Mark Anthony! Jada is always great and passionate, she is very believable in this role. Dr. Mc. Hotty and Hawthorne have great chemistry. All in all, I love it. I can't wait for next season.
  • bad show for RNs

    I am a male RN in California and this show is demeaning to all RNs nationwide. It potrayes not even close to the reality of what nurses go through. There was one scene were a MD calls a nurse dumb and puts her down. In reality the Md should have been called for and written up.

    RNs in California do not tolerated these kind of behaviors, if a doctors ever calls an RN dumb or undeducted an RN will fight back. This is a bad show and makes nurses look bad. and It is not how it is in real life. RNs specially in CAlifornia with our nurses association are a big impact in healthcare. This show's writer needs to get educted on how nurses are or we (RNs) will do something about this show. RNs have so much impact on Pt Care. We don't just follow orders, we questioned it and make our own judgement, not just because the doctors order it and will give it, we evaluate and decide. RNs make a difference.

    California Nurses association member
  • A bit too much.

    Christina Hawthorne does it all, fix everything, save every patient from the generally shallow, bad doctors, and being always sweet and understanding, to boot.
    really? come on. i know this is a common thing, to put the category of the main characters on the spotlight, and it was nice to see Nurses at the center of thing, but her character is really too much. Sadly I like almost every other character, but Hawthorne is a no-go for me. I don't want even mention Vartan's character, the classic fish out of the water. I don't want to give a low rate, because there is good in this show, just it's not enough for me to overcome HER.
  • Having lived with an old roommate that is/was an LVN now RN this show just misses all kinds of marks.

    Most of the nurses that i've had a chance to meet through my old roomie all hung out together and yes formed groups much like in high school. It's one of those things where many were involved in each others personal lives almost to the point where many can no longer stand each other much less hangout anymore.

    There were some charge nurses that didn't take any crap but from anybody, they certainly weren't caring and obsessed to solve all patients needs or wants as the so-called Hawthorne. If the creators really wanted to create a show thats true to life, they should have created it where people in the hospital are gossips, some are hated, some just hangout 100% of the time like at softball games... Then that would've been a show to watch, true life events always eclipse any non-existant "superhero" nurse saving the day...
  • love the show, hate a character or two but cant wait to see the next show

    the new hospital seems to be unsavable...christine cares a lot more about her patients than any real nurse i have experienced. I like the tough hospital problems she has...the other head nurse should be fired,she doesnt seem to care at all about any patient. Love life and parenting seem to be well balanced.I like how the show goes from being very dramatic and suspensful to funny or showing someones caring side. I hope to see many more seasons of this show. Maybe the reason real RNs dont like the show is because it shows just how many of them just go thru the motions of having a job and them not caring about how the people are dreally doing?