Season 3 Episode 10

Shot in the Dark

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 16, 2011 on TNT

Episode Recap

Christina runs James River Hospital temporarily as Morrissey has informed her he's not sure if he wants to come back as the hospital's Chief Operating Officer (C.O.O.).

Nick's partner, Antoine, approaches Christina with concerns about Nick's whereabouts, as he hasn't heard from Nick in several days.

The Accomplice of The Man who attacked Christina continues to lurk around the hospital.

Tom performs surgery on Tony, the paramedic with ALS, after he impails himself while putting up a fence, but Tom has a difficult decision to make when Tony decides he doesn't want the surgery because of his ALS.

Bryce asks Bobbie (on short notice) to attend a press conference, but there's a catch to it.

Kelly gets on Dr. Marshall's nerves by eavesdropping on her phone calls, as she's desperate to know if one of the phone calls has to do with her career change at the hospital.

Tom tells Christina he wants to put the past behind them and be friends. Nick comes and talks to Christina, asking her if she's scared of him. He puts his gun to his heart and says this is whereheandChristinalive. After Nick leaves, Christina locks the door and upon hearing a gunshot, she sees a car speeding past that looks like Tom's car. Nick is injured but still breathing and Christina lays with him trying to call for help as the episode slowly fades to black.