Season 2 Episode 5

The Match

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 20, 2010 on TNT

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  • I really enjoyed this episode.

    I really enjoyed this episode. First of all the medical case. These two little twins, so lovely and so weak. It was good to see how their brother was ready to die to give them two kidneys...I've got three sisters and one brother and I'm sure I would do the same thing if they would ever need a kidney, or a piece of liver or anything else...(maybe not an heart... :) )
    Talking about Camille...I loved the part when Tom tried to defend her: Christina is her mother, but Tom knows pretty well both of them and he knows that Camille behaved like that because she's seen Christina doing those kind of things many times.
    Her video was probably a boomerang for the hospital and I understand that poor father that came to ask why his baby was considered "second class".
    But Camille was trying to help two little twins who really needed someone's help, and at the end she was rewarded: she did the right thing (even if the most dangerous).
    About T&C...The scene where she hits him is great. I've never seen something like that in a show before...This seems a real relationship, with fights and discussions, not a fake one, where everything is fine and easy. He's very upset about Christina taking time and not wanting to get married, and the first time he says "I want to get married, not watching movies" I was really annoyed, I mean..."Come on Tom, give her a break...
    And I guess he got it at the end of the episode...He can wait...Can he? We'll see soon...