Season 1 Episode 5

The Sense of Belonging

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2009 on TNT

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  • Christina is taking care of a girl who needs surgery and she doesn't like the surgeon who should operate her. Meanwhile her mother-in-law needs surgery but doesn't want her to know about it.

    Amy is a girl who needs brain surgery, but the surgeon who should operate her is at his first operation of that kind. So Christina tries to find a better doctor for her. This time she goes to far: not even Tom can save her when the big boss shows up and wants to make her think about the rules she broke for this patient. She even fights with Bobbie, but at the end they make it up.
    At the same time her mother-in-law is assisted by Ray because she doesn't want her to know that she needs surgery. At the end Amanda understands that Christina takes care of her, even if the man they loved has died.

    Nice episode, not one of my fave till now, but I think this time Christina understood that there are certain limits for a nurse.
  • Supernurse Hawthorne to the rescue!... again! and again!

    Before I jump right into the repetitive cons, I just have to say that it was an extremely pleasant surprise to see Michael Ealy make a guest appearance. I'm actually astounded at the lack of promotion for his appearance. Sure, he's not a superstar or anything but he could possibly pull in a great amount of viewers. Fans of his work would surely not be disappointed at his portrayal of a very vainglorious and attention-seeking doctor. Though generic, I loved the character and I hope that's not the last time we see of him. Advice to TNT: Bump him to regular status, immediately.

    It was also a nice surprise to see Isabel's story continuing. I loved her plot right from episode 1 and how she was always just a woman who desired to be near her son. Aisha Hinds is such a versatile actress. I loved her in True Blood, I loved her in Dollhouse, and I still love her Hawthorne. She's completely underrated and a perfect example of great and unused talent in Hollywood. It astounds me how she only manages to land recurring roles.

    In contrast to Isabel, I have to mention the absence of Nick. He hasn't been seen or mentioned since episode 2. His storyline with Bobbie was a great one and I've noticed that with his absence that Bobbie has been taking a backseat in these episodes. She's only there as Christina's best friend.

    I love the entire concept of the show and what it stand for but do we have to constantly be reminded of Christina's righteousness? I can excuse her behavior for the first few times but she oversteps her boundaries in every episode and most times she gets off with a slap on the wrist. At least there were repercussions for her actions in this episode... But seriously, a day off after breaking the rules for the 100th time? A suspension without pay would've been more befitting but I guess that would be too discouraging to all the single mothers who're watching this show.

    I'm still waiting for some background on Tom. Michael Vartan has a decent follow and I can honestly say that I feel for his fans because he's the only one who hasn't gotten his own plot yet. He's mostly just there to try and keep the amazing Hawthorne in check (but mostly to no avail). The only thing we know other than the fact that he works at a hospital is that he keeps a box full of green suckers in his house. Wow! Character development! [/sarcasm] What's going on with him? Does he have an ex-wives and kids? What happened in his life that compelled him to a career of surgery? On another note, when are the Ray/Candy plots going to get somewhere? It seems like the same thing every episode. One step forward, one step back. As soon as you think that maybe Ray is about to get somewhere with her then something comes back and sweep him right off his feet. It became redundant at this point. Don't get me wrong, the comedy is a refreshing alternative to the dramatic plots but I feel like I'm still watching episode 1 where Ray has a crush on Candy and she hardly acknowledges his existence. We're halfway through season 1 and there's been no plot advancements, whatsoever.

    Overall, the episode was pretty good. I was disappointed that there wasn't any mother/daughter moments between Christina and Camille but that's pretty much the jist of every episode: Entertaining but not without flaws.