Season 1 Episode 5

The Sense of Belonging

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 14, 2009 on TNT



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    • Isabel: Mornin', boss!
      Lab Technician: Morning, Isabel. How does it feel to be an official lab messenger?
      Isabel: A lot like the stomach flu.

    • Ray: 7:43, picked up pen. 7:43 40 seconds, use said pen to write this entry. 7:44, scratch my ass. Now, this is gonna be the most detailed log Christina has ever seen.
      Candy: It's not a competition, Ray.
      Ray: 7:45, Candy abdicates victory to me.

    • Tom: I specifically chose you for this job, but I have to know that you can be discrete.
      Ray: Lindsay Lohan was my patient once.
      Tom: Here in Richmond Trinity?
      Ray: See?

    • Tom: What's the problem, Ray? What, are you afraid of Christina?
      Ray: Aren't you?
      Tom: A little bit. Look, Mrs. Hawthorne is on the board of directors. She orchestrated this entire thing. Christina will never know.
      Ray: Are we talking about the same Christina?

    • Kelly: Try to stay positive. Death by toenail isn't very common.

    • Ray: You're being played. Larry is the most underhanded, manipulative sleazeball in this hospital. And you're not taking him out for beer.
      Candy: I don't think we're talking about the same Larry.
      Ray: No? I'll check it out then. 'Cause I'd love to meet this other guy.

    • Isabel: (to Cheryl) You know what? Two months ago, I was pregnant and living outside out of a shopping cart. But now I'm workin', with my colleagues. So if you need to kick me in the teeth so you can feel good about yourself, be my guest. But your patient needs an arterial blood gas test and I'm not the one holding up the show. (Cheryl enters her patient's room.) Show some more hustle this time.

    • Christina: You're a patient in my hospital and you think I'm not gonna find out? Explain something to me. Are we family or not?
      Amanda: You were married to my son and he's gone. You don't have to pretend to care for me.
      Christina: OK. For the record, despite everything that's happened between us, I do care.

    • Bobbie: 8:35, Bobbie apologizes to Christina for being a melodramatic a-hole.
      Christina: And 8:36, Christina apologizes to Bobbie for being a freaking hypocrite.

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