Season 2 Episode 2

The Starting Line

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 29, 2010 on TNT

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  • Outstanding episode - as always. They are establishing the "turf" between each hospital.

    I very much enjoy the development of other characters on the show. They show a lot of passion as well as compassion for their work.

    The young boy with the most interesting of problems was handled very well. Grandpa was a little out there though and his appearance could have been eliminated. The relevation of him being bi-racial was not a big surprise in that she was reluctant to get the old records.

    Christina was told by the other nurse: He will give up on you long before you give up on excuses. I can understand her caution as to having been with only one man, but it hasbeen two years since he died. They need to move that arc along.
  • Nice episode, nothing more.

    I think this is the episode I loved less since the beginning of the show. There are two patients' stories; the first about a boy who's father was a black man and whose mother never told him the truth. The second is about a woman needing a surgery but having a drug addiction to be cure before and riskinh her life.
    Christina seems to care much more for this patient than for her personal happiness. She is brave and she confesses to Bobbie her fear of a new relationship with a man who's not her husband. And I guessed this was the real reason for her hesitation about Tom.
    But it is too strange to see a woman refusing a man like him twice, and I think he will be very upset for her behaviour.
    Anyway, we'll see what's going to happen...