Season 1 Episode 6

Trust Me

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2009 on TNT

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  • Camille's friend Ryan is thought to only have heartburn but his condition gets worse. Meanwhile Isabelle's son is assigned to another family.

    I liked this episode. This time was really hard for Christina to deal with her daughter's problems, Isabelle's little Moses and a hundreds of patients at the ER.
    I loved the final dialogue among Christina, Tom and the big chief: you can see that friendship between Tom and Christina is more important than job, for them.
    And of course this one is priceless: "When did you two have sex?" (Bobbie).
    The revelation about Ryan's father was a bit shocking, but I must admit I was waiting for something like that. And I think Christina did the right thing at the end, even if that man deserved a lesson.
    And the thing about the crazy patient talking with Ray was already seen: there's an episode in E.R. where a man pretend to be a doctor who's making a study about relatioships in hospitals and at the end we find out that he's only a crazy patient escaped...
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