Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 30, 2009 on TNT
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Christina tries to make things easier for a son who isn't ready to say good bye to his dying mom by having an ICU bed ready for her.

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  • pure sugarcoating and people that are all just way too perfect.

    this episode was nearly unbearable for me. reasons? there are several. one is that all the people in this hospital are just so perfect and concerned. they always make the morally right choice even if it goes against their own interests. the are constantly trying to make the world a better place without taking a break even once. another point that nearly offended me was the makeshift icu room. i mean seriously they clean out a storage room and convert it into a fully equipped icu room in just a few hours? they must have a really nice job where they have the time and resources to create something like that out of nowhere. i mean this show is meant to take place at a "normal" hospital and not some magical luxury medical facility in wonderland.

    last but not least, the video at the end was so predictable. ok not that it was a video, but that there would be a heart-wrenching finale, that involved are very emotional assignment, which in turn involved the great work of the hospital staff, that led to a big finishing mother daughter moment.

    the only good thing about this episode was that the acting was solid. but with such a script even good acting can´t save the day.

    this was probably my last hawthorne episode. i will most likely stick to nurse jackie in the future when it comes to nurse shows.moreless
  • Christina helps Eddie, a man who must say goodbye to his dieying mother. He's not ready for it and she tries to make things easier for him, but suddenly his sister shows up.moreless

    This episode is the best one so far. I really cried when I watched it. Christina is so lovely: she always wants to help people, because she's not a cold doctor, but a sentimental nurse. But Tom tries to help her: he supports christina's strange behaviour and he helps her when they must put and end to the patiet's life.

    I think Camille's video is the greatest thing: at the end Eddie had the chance to say goodbye to her mother, and Christina didn't go back on her promise.

    Meanwhile Bobbie tries out Kelly's strenght with a baby patient who seems to have been poisoned by her mother. And Ray is having some problem with an insistent patient who steals his time while he would like to pass this time with Candy.

    I loved this episode because I felt Tom and Christina's relationship improving: he's a doctor, but he's pretty different than the other ones. And, of course, he stands by her when the big chief shows up and accuses him not to be able "handling this nurse".

    Great episode!moreless
Miguel Pérez

Miguel Pérez

Eddie Ramos

Guest Star

Billy Unger

Billy Unger


Guest Star

James Morrison

James Morrison

John Morrissey

Guest Star

Vanessa Lengies

Vanessa Lengies

Kelly Epson

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    • Tom: What's with you today?
      Christina: Well, let's see. I learned that I maxed out my credit card. I can't change a tire. And my daughter is flunking the 10th grade. So I've decided you take on a bad day with a good attitude.
      Tom: Well, let me know how that works out for you.

    • Kelly: It must be hard. You know, being a mom.
      Mary Barth: It's only hard when they're hurting and you don't know what to do.

    • Esther Ramos: My mother made her wishes very clear. She did not want to be put on life support. She always said that when God called, she would go. She would hate this. And Eddie knows that.
      Christina: Some people need more time to say goodbye than others.

    • Dolores Kramer: I was wondering if you could get something for me from the gift shop.
      Ray: Nope.
      Dolores Kramer: What?
      Ray: No! Dolores, I can't get you anything at the gift shop. Okay? Do you wanna know why? Okay, because I'm not a bus boy and I'm not a concierge. And I'm not a cable guy. I'm a nurse. I'm an actual medical professional, in case you didn't know that.

    • Christina: I think it's impossible to say goodbye to the people you love.

    • Camille: (voice-over from video) If we spirits have offended, think but this and all is mended. That you have but slumbered here. While these visions did appear. I think what Shakespeare meant was that life is a dream. Which is pretty cool. Because if we're all dreaming then each day is a new chance to dream something different. Something better maybe. A chance to dream ourselves better.

    • Tom: I'm guessing this is the part when I'm supposed to tell you that you're crazy?
      Christina: Is it?
      Tom: Yeah, I'm trying argue with you?
      Christina: No, that sounds familiar.
      Tom: And tell you that you can't do this?
      Christina: Mmm, right.

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