Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jun 30, 2009 on TNT

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  • pure sugarcoating and people that are all just way too perfect.

    this episode was nearly unbearable for me. reasons? there are several. one is that all the people in this hospital are just so perfect and concerned. they always make the morally right choice even if it goes against their own interests. the are constantly trying to make the world a better place without taking a break even once. another point that nearly offended me was the makeshift icu room. i mean seriously they clean out a storage room and convert it into a fully equipped icu room in just a few hours? they must have a really nice job where they have the time and resources to create something like that out of nowhere. i mean this show is meant to take place at a "normal" hospital and not some magical luxury medical facility in wonderland.

    last but not least, the video at the end was so predictable. ok not that it was a video, but that there would be a heart-wrenching finale, that involved are very emotional assignment, which in turn involved the great work of the hospital staff, that led to a big finishing mother daughter moment.

    the only good thing about this episode was that the acting was solid. but with such a script even good acting can´t save the day.

    this was probably my last hawthorne episode. i will most likely stick to nurse jackie in the future when it comes to nurse shows.