Hayate no Gotoku!

TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 01, 2007 In Season


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  • This is a good show but I can't help but feel that it is missing something.

    The plot focuses on Ayasaki Hayate a hard working highschooler wo's parents are deadbeat gamblers. As such he gets lumped with a $1 million debt that he can't rpay. Purely by chance he encounters a young girl and saves her from kidnappers. This girl turns out to be Sanzenin Nagi a very, very wealth young girl. this girl subsequently falls for hayate and agrees to pay off his debt i he works for her as her new butler. Thus much hilarity ensues.

    This is a very funny show and the whole thing works very well but it isn't as good as it could have been. To be honest I think some of the problem is that a lot of the pun's are lost in translation which means that sometime whole episodes are either not funny or make no sense. But it is still worth watching and still better than most of the comedy animes out there.
  • Absolutely ridiculous at times, and other times just flat out strange, this anime is definitely worth a watch!

    Yes, this series tends to be strange. Yes, it doesn't always make sense, and yes, it's great. The characters are all amusing, and the plight of the main character, Hayate, always leads to some good humor. Essentially, this series is very easy to enjoy.
    Despite being completely random at times though, the show does have a storyline to follow, which also helps to make it interesting. Even if some of the main problems for Hayate are [very] rarely addressed. To me, this just makes it more enjoyable. The show is pretty open-ended for the most part, making much of what happens a surprise as well. Thus, there is never a boring moment to be had. ^^
  • I'm laughing too hard from watching episodes so My summary will be simple:This anime is funny!

    This show is awesome! The animation is nice and it looks...clean...the animation just looks sparkly...the music is great! It's uplifting and calming. The characters are fun and adorable. It has a very funny plot and it's not one of those stupid shows that just throws in stupid jokes in at random to get you laughing from the "WHAT THE HECK?! moment." This show actually is a smart kind of funny....it doesn't feel stupid...but it feels like your brain is being dragged onto a roller coater ride that goes through a spa....(sorry for the weird example)

    The only thing that I don't like about the anime are a couple of slight changes that they made from the manga...but that's it! It's an anime that everybody should see! I don't laugh much but this show makes everybody look at me strangely when I'm almost falling off of the computer chair from laughing so hard!
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