Hayate no Gotoku! - Season 3

TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 01, 2007 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • After working so hard the day before Nagi has fallen ill and it is up to Hayate to look after her. However, it isn't long before Nagi gets bored and as such she decides to send her butler on a pointless task with a hidden camera attached in order to amuse herself.moreless
  • Distance
    Episode 24
    Hina attempts to tell Nishizawa about her feelings for Hayate but an impromptu trip to a Ferris wheel makes life difficult for the acrophobic Hina. Meanwhile, Nagi goes missing from Sakuya's birthday party and so it's up to Hayate to find her.
  • Our Direction
    Episode 23
    It is Sakuya's birthday which causes problems for Chiharu as she tries to keep her job as Sakuya's maid a secret from her friends. However, it isn't long before Aika realizes the truth. Meanwhile, Hinagiku discovers that Hayate, Nagi and Nishizawa have started working at the Acorn Café.
  • Keep On Dreaming
    Episode 22
    Nagi decides to start working part-time so that she can buy Hayate a watch for his birthday with her own money. As such Hayate and Nagi end up working at the Acorn Café with Nishizawa.
  • Whilst Nagi recounts the story of how she first met Tama, the tiger finds himself lost in the middle of the city. Tama along with Shiranui must then struggle to find their way back to the mansion without Tama being shot!
  • 8/15/09
    Hayate and Isumi attempt to help Lin Regiostar, flirt with a maid so that he can rest in peace. This leads to Isumi trying to acquire the ‘spirit of a maid’, and gaining advice from Sakuya’s new maid, Haru.
  • Aim for the King!
    Episode 19
    When Nagi gets lost at a department store she ends up taking on three brats at the new 'Hayate no Gotoku Trading Card Game'. Meanwhile, Sakuya's birthday is approaching and all she wants from everyone is laughter.
  • White day has arrived and after accidentally giving his gift for Nishizawa to Maria, Hayate enlists Hina's help in order to rectify the situation. However, once again Hayate’s bad luck catches up with him and it is up to Hina and Maria to bail him out.
  • 7/25/09
    Nagi encounters a real life alien, Maya and agrees to help her find her missing spaceship. However, when they do find it, it doesn’t take long for Nagi to get herself in to trouble and once again it is up to Hayate to save her, with a little help from Isumi. Meanwhile, Hina tries to pluck up the courage to tell Nishizawa about her feelings for Hayate.moreless
  • Stardust Memory
    Episode 16
    Hayate finally manages to catch up to Nagi and Nishizawa despite interference from armed mercenaries and Isumi's great-grandmother. Meanwhile, Hina seeks some advice from Maria about her situation with Hayate and Nishizawa.
  • 7/11/09
    Hayate, Nagi and Maria plan a trip to the hot springs at Shimoda, which thanks to a recent meteor strike are said to possess strange powers. However, it isn't long before Nagi gets herself lost and Hayate has to go in search of her.
  • After the results of the 'Second Hayate no Gotoku Popularity Contest' Hayate is sent to deliver a package to Isumi's house. Once he arrives he meets the rest of her family, and finally understands why Isumi is the way she is. Things then get difficult for Hayate when Isumi's great-grandmother sets out to kill him.moreless
  • Feeling of Freedom
    Episode 13
    Hayate finally makes his meeting with Hina, although turning up two and a half hours late doesn't go down too well. Despite this Hayate is finally able to give Hina her birthday present and he learns that the two of them have a lot more in common than he ever realised.moreless
  • 6/20/09
    Hayate is running out of time to dispel the curse but first he has to deal with Izumi's butler and Hina has to face her surprise birthday party. Will Hayate ever make his meeting with Hina or will he be stuck with the curse forever?
  • 6/13/09
    With her birthday approaching Hina has become preoccupied with her feelings for Hayate and is unsure what to do about them. Later, when Sakuya and Isumi accidentally break a cursed doll Hayate experiences the very strange and embarrassing repercussions.
  • 6/6/09
    With Hina's birthday coming up Hayate wants to buy her something nice and recruits Miki, Risa, Izumi and Nishizawa to help him shop. However, everyone seems to assume that hayate and Nishizawa are on a date and things only get more complicated when Hina turns up.
  • 5/30/09
    The Sister realises that she is in love with Wataru but soon becomes jealous of Saki and her relationship with him. Later when Saki is accidentally kidnapped the Sister agrees to help rescue her in exchange for a kiss and it is Saki's turn to get jealous. Meanwhile, Yukiji decides to attend a high society party in order to secure herself a boyfriend.moreless
  • 5/23/09
    When Hayate brings the kitten home from Hina's house, Nagi instantly falls in love with him and decides he can stay. However, the new arrival is not as innocent as he first seems and starts to cause problems for both Hayate and Tama.
  • 5/16/09
    After Hina finds Hayate and Maria in a compromising position, she misunderstands the situation and becomes acutely jealous. Things only get more complicated when the two of them end up spending the evening alone with Nishizawa.
  • Your Place
    Episode 6
    Following his encounter with Nagi, Hayate is given a million Yen and asked to move out for a few days so that Nagi can get over her embarassment. However, when the kind hearted Hayate gives all of his money to good causes he ends up having to stay with Hina!
  • Heart to Heart
    Episode 5
    When Nishizawa's brother Kazuki confesses to Nagi out of the blue he ends up having to take her out for the day to make it up to her. This leads to several people getting the wrong idea about their relationship and Nagi wondering why Hayate isn't jealous.
  • You Resemble Me
    Episode 4
    It is valentine's day and Hayate has his work cut out when Nishizawa once again tries to confess to him. Meanwhile, Nagi attempts to make Hayate some home-made chocolates but when she fails it results in an impromptu baking competition between Maria and Hayate.
  • 4/18/09
    Hayate and his 'trusty party' continue their quest to retrieve the butler's medal but they soon encounter dangerous traps and terrifying ghosts. Things seem to be going better when Hina and Isumi arrive to lend a helping hand but when then the true identity of Sister Fortesia is revealed.
  • Money Tiger
    Episode 2
    Following Nagi's defeat in the marathon Hayate is sent to train at the Tiger's Den for Butlers. On the way he meets a very strange Sister called Fortesia, who also happens to run the Tiger's Den. However, Nagi soon becomes concerned that Hayate is involved with other strange women and goes after him.moreless
  • 4/4/09
    When Maria forces Nagi to enter a long distance running competition Klaus says that he will force Hayate to resign if she does not win. However, during the race Hayate and Nagi's shortcut to the finish line brings them up against several other butlers also trying to win.
  • OVA
    During summer vacation Nagi decides to spend some time at her private beach with Hayate and Maria. However, when Nagi refuses to get into the water Maria invites all of her friends over to try and encourage her to make the most of the beach. But a series of misunderstandings between Hayate, Hina and Nishizawa leaves Nagi depressed and she becomes possessed by an evil spirit. As such it is once again up to Hayate to save the day.moreless