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  • Hazel is a one-of-a-kind show about a one-of-a-kind maid

    Hazel is a great show, much underrated, but hopefully not underappreciated by its fans. Shirley Booth is convincing as a well-intentioned maid, for all practical purposes a member of the family, who can solve any problem in her own unique way. Lovable characters, great plot twists and happy endings make this among the very best television series ever conceived. The writing and directing are truly excellent. (Just for fun, be sure and look at the old Hazel cartoons by Ted Key, on which the show is based,)
  • She makes me laugh..

    I love runs funny reminds me of the way my Nephew Beau used to run when he was a just discovered the show myself from Antenna wonderful..
  • I love Hazel and the Baxters

    I grew up watching Hazel and I am thrilled that she is on Antenna TV. Thanks Antenna TV.

  • A maid who finds work in a home of three, where she creates as much havoc as she cleans house.

    I loved this show. I now see Hazel was too much like my granny, who I loved so very much. Stubborn, opinionated, and always there for you. Hazel was more a mother to the family than the maid, even though she created many a headache for "Mr. B".
    The people who portrayed the characters were great, and they characters they gave life too were equally as great.

    If you look closely and notice the background areas when filming outside and around the house....it is the same house that was next door to The Stephens's in Bewitched, and the kitchen and dining room of the Baxters house was also the same ones used as Darrins Stepens' parents house. The I Dream Of Jeannie hose was one block down the opposite street too.

    Most of the comedies from the 60's were all filmed on the same lot, using the same "neighborhood" and houses.
  • I always loved watching Hazel when I was in 1st grade and even now if I can catch it on TV.I wish I could find a maid like Hazel.

    An all time Classic sitcom of the 60's.LOVE IT.I wish it still came on TV.I always liked Hazel coming up with bright ideas especially when trying to save the park and build a park for the kids.I wished I knew her as a friend.That Hazel was a beautiful lady and may God Bless her soul.
  • One od the great shoes of the 60's.

    This series provided Shirley Booth with a suitable character with which she could apply her undeniable acting talent towards making HAZEL a truly believable version of the nosey, know-it-all but loveable maid. Based on the once nationally syndicated comic strip character by Ted Key, Booth won an Emmy for her portrayal which she added to her Oscar and Tony awards. In an interesting revelation discovered after Booth's death, for obvious reasons, she took a full decade off her birthdate, making her over 65 by the series cancellation in 1965! The supporting actors weren't exactly inspired: Don DeFore and Whitney Blake were rather wooden as George and Dorothy Baxter, and Bobby Buntrock was rather annoying as Harold, while the color looks cheap and faded. Performers such as Norma Varden, Cathy Lewis (as George's snotty shrike sister Deidre) and Maudie Prickett (as Rosie, Hazel's maid friend) came off marginally better. Mr. Griffin, anyone?