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  • In the dog house

    Americans have an intrinsic sense of justice, and In April 2007,Michael Vick was implicated in an illegal interstate dog fighting ring. Vick paid his debt to society and on any given fall Sunday Vick is back between the chalk lines doing what he does best.Vick seems happy and American's seem happy.On 4/14/2012 Floyd Mayweather Jr. told a HBO interviewer that his training ring was called the "dog-house" because "like when you go to a dog-fight, where pitt-bulls... Ah I don't want to offend no PETA, but they eat chickens, cow, steak.. I wear mink, I have a mink coat." he went out of his way to offend PETA , and while I'm not PETA, his attempt to describe them as being animal eating hypocrites left me wondering about a guy who admits he likes to gamble and names the ring he trains in the "dog-house because it looks like the dog-fighting ring." . What possible good can Mayweather bring to the table when assuming those watching his 24/7 program relate to "you know when you go to a dog fight," I for one have never been to a dog fight, and see people who raise mans best friend to fight and die over a bet is crass and inhumane and apparently so does the US Congress, just ask Vick. Is it snobbish for me to want sports-personalities I admire to actively avoid activities which can put them in prison for years? What good can come from talk on national TV about a criminal venture were animals are raised and brought up through fights for the sole purpose of wagers on which animal will kill the other. What does this have to do with boxing ? During the Vick case it came to light that dogs who were wounded in these events were often shot as it was cheaper to raise another dog than fix the wounded one that had only done what it had been trained to do. Talk of going to dog-fights coming from a US athlete is over the top, beyond the pale, and it's fine if Mr. Mayweather doesn't give a hoot what those who have put that wealth into his bank think of him, but what is he doing for the sport, what is he doing to the image of the American athlete, and what is cavalier about illegal dog-fighting? Perhaps the 90 days Mayweather will spend in the Clark County Detention Center starting June 1 will impress on him that he can have all the money in the world but if he is incarcerated he and his money are parted, and now that he has one legal 8 count waiting, an association with the criminal industry of dog-fighting could bring down his first, and last KO.Obviously talent can provide money, but it obviously can't provide class.