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Season 12 Episode 16

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Aired Unknown Jul 01, 2005 on HBO

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  • 5 children get to visit a famous chocolate factory.

    Charlie Bucket, a young poor boy who lives in an old cottage with his Mum, Mrs Bucket, his Dad, Mr Bucket, and his grandparents, Grandpa Joe, Grandma Joesephine, Grandpa George George and Grandma Georgina (who is completely loopy). They barely have enough money for food. Mr Bucket works at a Toothpaste factory. Willie Wonka is Charlie's idol, but no-one has seen him since he closed his factory, even when it started producing chocolate again. But when Willie Wonka gave out 5 opportunities to visit his factoy, in the form of golden tickets, Charlie thinks he will never meet his hero, until they found out the fifth winner was a phoney, and Charlie won his golden ticket in a candy bar. When he visited, he found all the other winners were spoilt, greedy, inpolite children who had no respect. One by one they visited room by room and one by one they all, except for Charlie, disappeared and became deformed in some way or another. In the end, Mr Wonka decides that Charlie should have the whole factory for not being a selfish pig.