He & She

Season 1 Episode 8

The Background Man

Aired Wednesday 12:00 AM Oct 25, 1967 on CBS



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    • Dick: Good morning, darling.
      Andrew: Good morning.
      Dick: You're not darling.
      Andrew: I know but I'm attractive.

    • Dick: I gotta get to work.
      Paula: Whadda you want for breakfast?
      Dick: Oh, something quick.
      Paula: Like what?
      Dick: Nothing.
      Paula: It won't take long.

    • Paula: I've never known a Rosemary who didn't have beautiful legs.
      Dick: Just because her name is Rosemary doesn't mean she has beautiful legs.
      Paula: Does she?
      Dick: Yes.

    • Rosemary: (after spilling ink on Dick) Why did I use your good handkerchief?
      Dick: Because you wanted it to match my shirt.

    • Oscar: You're not Richard.
      Rosemary: I'm Rosemary.
      Oscar: That's a much better name for you.

    • Oscar: Paul Newman is Hud. Oscar North is Jetman.

    • Oscar: What are you doing tonight?
      Rosemary: Nothing.
      Oscar: Good. Jetman is on tonight at 7:30. Be sure and watch it.

    • Oscar: (to Rosemary) Greatness is lonely work. The greater you are, the lonelier you are.

    • Dick: Oscar, this may come as a shock to you, but my job is a little more important to me than you becoming the Prince of Fun City.

    • Oscar: (after Rosemary spills paint on him) It's all right, my dear. It's not my suit anyway. I lease it.

    • Dick: Well, Paula, you don't have to worry about Rosemary anymore. McCready just ordered me to fire her.
      Paula: Fire her? You fire her and I'll never speak to you again.
      Dick: What happened here?

    • Dick: Oscar, what happened to you?
      Oscar: (walking with a cane) Rosemary and I went out last night. Bowling is not one of her talents.

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