He Is My Master

Bsi (ended 2005)


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  • Season 1
    • He is My Master!!
      Episode 12
      Izumi, Anna, and Mitsuki find Yoshitaka in bed. Izumi accepts the contest by Mitsuki. The contest is to find the safe with Yoshitaka's most valuable possessions. Izumi eventually finds it and wins the contest. But Takami doesn't give up so easily as she takes the deed to the mansion and Mitsuki! Shortly afterwards, Izumi realizes that the whole thing was a plan for Yoshitaka to have his maids back! So, things are back to normal when the three are Yoshitaka's maids again.moreless
    • 6/23/05
      With Izumi and Mitsuki gone, Yoshitaka becomes completely different, not even caring about the two maids being bought. Yoshitaka lets Anna go and is then left alone. Later on, Yoshitaka goes into bankruptcy and sells his mansion. Pochi leads the three girls and Seichirou to the mansion, where it is about to be demolished and made into a rest house for Takami Sugita, a rival of Yoshitaka and Seichirou. Takami makes a deal with Izumi by holding a contest to see who gets the mansion; if Izumi wins, the mansion is given to her but if Takami wins, Mitsuki becomes her property. Will Izumi accept this contest or decline it? Where is Yoshitaka, at this time?moreless
    • He is My Prince!?
      Episode 10
      After Izumi's first performance, she is given a huge sum of money. With this, she can pay off the debt and leave Yoshitaka. Later on, Yoshitaka and the three maids encounter a boy named Seichirou. Seichirou reveals to the maids that he is Yoshitaka's cousin. He, too, had inherited his parents' fortunes, due to his parents both dying in an accident. It was also him who set up the contract for Izumi. Seichirou claims that he wants to rescue Izumi from Yoshitaka. Yoshitaka won't allow it, but in order to see who gets Izumi, another contest is held. Will Seichirou be able to take Izumi?moreless
    • While at the beach, Yoshitaka falls for a pretty blonde girl named Alicia and Pochi finds love with a female alligator named Ellen. Alicia invites them both over to her villa, but only to give Izumi a chance to whip Yoshitaka. Later on, Izumi goes on stage to pose in front of her supporters. Yoshitaka, Pochi, Izumi's father, and Anna try to stop her, so that Izumi can be by their sides. Will Izumi be able to escape Yoshitaka and go for her goal?moreless
    • 6/3/05
      After Yoshitaka, Anna, and Mitsuki leave, Izumi is left alone in the mansion. This is until her little sister, Karin, shows up. Izumi must take care of Karin, since her father is in the hospital. Karin and Pochi play around in the mansion and Izumi lets Karin wear a maid dress. Shortly, Yoshitaka, Anna, and Mitsuki return and Karin still hasn't left. To prevent Yoshitaka from making Karin his maid, Izumi must catch her sister and send her home. Karin is eventually taken home by her parents. Izumi also gains confidence and decides to give the 'Net Idol' thing a try.moreless
    • He is Izumi's!?
      Episode 7
      After seeing that Yoshitaka had installed secret cameras around the mansion to snap pictures of her, Izumi really wants to run away from him. Izumi is reminded by Yoshitaka that she has a huge debt to pay and even if she were to run away, there would still be a huge bill to pay for Yoshitaka. Later on, a person from the 'Net Idol' website comes to get Izumi's permission for her to pose for the media. Izumi becomes outraged at Yoshitaka, but than sees that it was Mitsuki who signed her up. Mitsuki also explains that if Izumi were to sign up, she would be paid and would be able to pay off the debt she owes.moreless
    • In this episode, Yoshitaka and the three maids go to a Summer Festival. Yoshitaka, Izumi, and Anna go looking for Mitsuki after she suddenly disappears. In a deep forest, they find Yoshitaka's parents' grave. Yoshitaka's father awakes from the dead and is angry at Yoshitaka for leaving rude comments. Yoshitaka must give up Izumi, but not without a contest. Will Yoshitaka sacrifice himself to save Izumi and the others? Or will Yoshitaka's father take possession of Izumi?moreless
    • In this episode, Izumi and Mitsuki's parents arrive at Yoshitaka's mansion to get the two girls back. Mitsuki holds a contest for whoever catches Izumi and wins over Pochi. The reward for this is Izumi, herself. Izumi's father, Yoshitaka, and Anna try to win Izumi. Will Izumi have to go home if her father catches her? We also see the story behind the girls' runaway, involving Pochi and his parents in Mitsuki's flashback. Izumi's feelings develop more for Yoshitaka and she eventually stays.moreless
    • After waking up, Izumi finds herself with Anna kissing her. It seems Anna wants to become a maid, so that she could follow Izumi and carry out her orders. Yoshitaka hopes to get this done through a contract which Anna must sign and stamp. Izumi doesn't allow it and before anything else happens, the three are blasted out the house. It seems Mitsuki was taken by the Mitsuki Bodyguard Squad and that Izumi, Yoshitaka, and Anna can't get in without a fight. Can the three stop the squad and take back the mansion? Izumi also shows feelings for Yoshitaka and Anna becomes an official maid.moreless
    • In this episode, Izumi and Mitsuki are able to go to Yoshitaka's school. A deal was made between Izumi and Yoshitaka, stating that Yoshitaka cannot call the two girls "maids" at his school but they still must carry out his orders. Anna Kurachi, another classmate, is also introduced and falls for Yoshitaka. Izumi wants Anna to realize how much of a pervert Yo$hitaka is and the only way she can do that is by winning the contest being held for Yoshitaka's love (which Izumi, reluctantly, enters). Will Izumi be able to change Anna's mind?moreless
    • 4/14/05
      Waking up, Izumi and Mitsuki find themselves in Yoshitaka's gardens where they find Yoshitaka, himself, standing across from them. Inside Yoshitaka's mansion, they are given the chance to be hired as maids again. Since they have no chance of finding any other job, Izumi and Mitsuki have no choice but to start wearing Yoshitaka's more revealing dresses and to carry out his orders. Yoshitaka also shows a more kinder side by allowing Izumi, Mitsuki, and Pochi to live in his mansion. A competition is held by Misuki, for whoever can catch Pochi will win whatever they desire. Izumi must also pay a huge debt for shattering most of Yoshitaka's belongings!moreless
    • 4/7/05
      After running away from home, two young girls, Izumi Sawatari and her younger sister, Mitsuki Sawatari, are looking for part-time (and even full-time) jobs. They eventually become hired as maids for a 14-year-old kid named Yoshitaka Nakabayashi, who lives in a mansion by himself. Then, a strange green animal named Pochi is attracted to Izumi. After a few scenes, Izumi then realizes that Yoshitaka is an inhumane pervert. Shortly, Izumi and Mitsuki quit and leave Yoshitaka, off again searching for jobs and surviving in the world.moreless