He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)

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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)

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"I am Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull..." This was a revival of the classic 80's cartoon He-man and the Masters of the Universe for the modern age, it focused on the early adventures of Prince Adam, who, having just become Eternia's most powerful guardian He-Man, had to learn how to handle his new powers, and lead his allies into battle against the evil Skeletor. With the aid of his own Evil Warrior henchmen, Skeletor schemes to blanket Eternia in chaos, and rule over the planet in dominion. Only He-Man, guided and advised by the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, stands in his way. With the aid of his trusted friends and Masters, he vows to end Skeletor's evil and the other evils that plague Eternia including King Hiss and the Snake Men's evil. The battle is joined as Good and Evil collide in a fight for Eternia's fate! This unique take on the retro fan favorite delighted and entertained the children of this decade as it did to those living in the 80's. For Season Two, the series was re-named "Masters of the Universe vs The Snake Men, complete with new powers, and new adversaries, the series carried on until finally being brought down by poor scheduling and management of the toyline by Mattel.moreless
Colin Murdock

Colin Murdock

Hordak (Season 2)

Donald Brown

Donald Brown


Mark Acheson

Mark Acheson


Brian Drummond

Brian Drummond

Odiphus/Stinkor, Tuvar [Two Of Two-Badd]

Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

Beast Man, Clawful, Mer-Man, Ram Man, Stratos, Kobra Khan

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

King Randor, Count Marzo, Roboto, Tung Lashor

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  • Heman is like Hanuman

    The series and the story was superbly made.

    The plot of Randor and Skeletor was well crafted.

    However the Cobra Khan enmity with Skeletor was a bit stretched.

    Overall a very good and innovative cartoon with good moral lessons at the end of each episode.

    Skeletor had few intelligent people under him Evil Lyn, Trilops, Merman etc and few hilarious ones like Whiplash, Beastman and Clawful.
  • The most powerful cartoon in the universe?

    Behold, Eternia, land of fabulous wonder and amazement. Home to many great warriors and horrendous fiends. This is the setting for stories of epic proportions and fairy tales beyond imagination.


    This series brings back to the glory days of the 80's entertainment. I'm talking about epic battles of good and evil. The sword versus the sorcery, it's a concept so old and gold that anyone could immediately comprehend. It's time for adventure in fantasy land, there's caves to explore, treasure to seek, and giant monsters to battle. Who could ever turn away? So grab your sword, your staff, or your laser gun and let's show the world what we're made of.


    If ever there was a hero of might and magic, a mythical legend of a man so noble and courageous he could overcome any obstacle; surely He-Man would be that hero.

    He is after all; "the most powerful man in the universe".

    Of course who could forget the antithesis of He-Man; The incouragable Skeletor?

    Evil and rotten to the very core Skeletor was the perfect adversary to combat He-Man.

    So we have a just and inhumanly strong warrior, a wicked and powerful sorcerer, what else? Well you name it. There's the wise and experienced leader with advanced tech knowledge ( Man at Arms), the troublesome but loveable mascot (Orko), The childish and gentle brute ( Ram-Man), young prodigy and determined female warrior (Teela) to name a few of the many many supporting character on the heroic side, while on the opposite end ( the evil doers) there are just as many detailed and complex characters.

    It's no doubt that this show had some highly inspired and transcendent characters.

    Plot Summary:

    The stories usually revolve around protecting the source of He-man's power (Castle Grey Skull) from those that seek to use it for selfish intentions. This results in He-Man's group battling Skeletor's forces and thwarting his schemes to conqueor Eternia.

    However, on occasion a story will revolve around a certain character's background or character flaw. These are welcomed excursions and do much to expand the importance and interest of each character. I particularly enjoyed learning more about the relationship between Teela and her adopted father Man at Arms as it pertains to her blood mother ; who happens to be the sorceress and protector of Castle Grey Skull.

    Other plots involve the infamous snake men re-emerging from their prison and

    Skeletor's main squeeze, Evil Lynn defying him for her own pursuits of glory.

    All the plots lent themselves well to interesting scenarios and the potential for drama.

    Animation Quality

    I have to say the production really outdid themselves. The scenes look incredible and the action is very fluid. The details are fully crafted and the vivid colors look very pleasing.

    The designs are a refreshing update to the modern era of super heroes. For it's time, I feel this was a fine tuned work, and was overall very well put together.

    Voice Acting and Sound

    This is yet another area where I felt they just did a great job.

    Entertainment Level

    I was very pleased watching the show as it progressed, it kept a steady pace and great sense of continuity. The battle sequences were never sparse, and the show just kept adding more and more spectacle.

    Plot Analysis:

    I can't say the way it ended was truly satisfying, However, the final episode was a highly dramatic conclusion. I also find it rather insufficient that the show didn't completely reveal who Teela's real father was or reunite her with her mother. Same can be said of Evil Lynne's origin as regards to her loyalty to Skeletor.

    As for our main character Prince Adam, I'm really not sure where his character arc was going or that it went anywhere at all. Unfortunately this is pretty much the norm when it comes to serialized fiction, where everything depends on maintaining the status quo.

    Overall the writing provided much needed detail and depth to the characters and world and for that I applaud the effort.

    Final Opinion:

    The show really raised the stakes and increased my expectations for great action cartoons in the 21st century. It also gave me a huge appreciation for the original creation and made me a much greater fan of the franchise. I really wish to see more adventures of He-Man and the rest of the Masters of the universe in the near future.

    This show was a major love song to all the fans and developers of the franchise and it was a crying shame that it ended so soon.

    The action was intense, the adventures took us to amazing places and led us to big discoveries, and the characters were absolutely sincere and memorable.

    It gave us all a reason to stand up on our couch and say the immortal words of the legendary hero "I have the powwwerrrr !"moreless
  • Great show

    My dad said he loved it when he was small.BRING BACK GREAT SHOWS LIKE THIS
  • All the classic characters you loved, brought back as vivid as ever.

    I think this show was amazingly well done. The best part is that they even worked in the morality tales into the show. Not at the end like the original but its still there. He-man is definatly a great role model. Always doing the right thing. I am also pleased with how the expanded the universe so well. Actual cultures and cities aside from the palace, Grayskull and Snake mountain. You see where Buzz-Off and Stratos and all of you favorite characters come from and the people of their race. I love the fact that the characters were brought to life tenfold and this show needs to come back ASAP.

    I beg of you!moreless
  • great tv show

    history and action is great, i was waiting to see third season with hordak but well i really hope the new release of the dvd series could make third season for the fanatics like me,

    we wand the series back and we want better merchandising, distributions and cmon next timeeeeeeeeee! what i know is that outside of the states the tv show had more raiting, so give masters of the universe a chance to keep the way is was, i know the movie is coming on 2009,i just cross my fingers that you guys make a good history, style lord of the rings maybe,i dont know for me masters of the universe is like a role play game, because if u make a movie like the one of the 80s we know we will lost the series forevermoreless

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