He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • 8/16/02

      After years of imprisonment behind a Mystic Wall, Keldor (now Skeletor) and his minions escape to seek revenge and power.

    • 8/16/02

      After witnessing the damage inflicted on the palace by Keldor (now calling himself Skeletor due to his horrific appearance), Adam embraces his new destiny as He-Man, defender of Eternia. Meanwhile, the Masters search for King Randor and are caught in their first battle against the Evil Enforcers.

    • 8/16/02
      He-Man and Skeletor duke it out for the first time, with many lives hanging in the balance... literally.
    • Courage of Adam
      Courage of Adam
      Episode 4
      On Snake Mountain Skeletor is thinking of a way to get to He-man so he can get rid of him. Tri-Klops begins to question how he's going to beat him but then asks how they will find him. Skeletor explains that they will follow He-man's scent. Outside He-man is battling the minions of Skeletor and Orko, thinking He-man's in trouble trips one, but gets hit by Tri-Klops. He thinks he's dead until Man-At-Arms explains that they are just holographic robots to hone He-man's skills. Back at Snake Mountain, Beastman explains that he and his hounds followed the scent to Prince Adam's armband. Skeletor thinks that He-man can't be traced that way so he plans to kidnap Adam to lure He-man to him.moreless
    • 9/20/02

      Tired of being thought a coward, Adam tries to show he can be just as much a hero as He-Man and winds up Skeletor's prisoner.

    • Sky War
      Episode 5
      Skeletor instigates a conflict between the Andreenids and the Avions in order to get his clutches to the Ambrosia, the magical food of the Andreenids.
    • The Deep End
      Episode 6
      He-Man must save Man-At-Arms from the belly of a sea beast threatening Castle Grayskull.
    • Lessons
      Episode 7
      When Skeletor aqquires the Ram Stone, Orko must save the day.
    • Siren's Song
      Episode 8
      After suffering yet another defeat at the hands of the Masters, the Evil Warriors retreat back to Snake Mountain where Evil-Lyn suggests turning the heroes against one another. As Ram Man peacefully fishes on a lake, his boat is hit by a large tidal wave. When Ram Man awakens, Sersi the Siren stands over him telling him that whenever he hears her song he will obey her every command. Little does Ram Man know that Sersi is actually Evil-Lyn in disguise!moreless
    • The Siren's Song
      The Siren's Song
      Episode 8
      Ram-Man is hypnotized by a beautiful Siren who plots to destroy the Masters.
    • 10/25/02
      Teela becomes curious about her past when she develops temporary telepathic powers.
    • Dragon's Brood
      Episode 10
      Massive fire-breathing dragons threaten Eternia and Castle Grayskull.
    • Turnabout
      Episode 11
      Skeletor is punished by a magical belt that prevents him from being evil.
    • Mekaneck's Lament
      Episode 12
      When Mekaneck's neck is injured during a battle with the Evil Warriors he is ordered to stay back and act as reconnaissance. Thoroughly depressed and doubting his own abilities Mekaneck seeks solace by a lake where he encounters an old man. Hearing of Mekaneck's woes the old man tells the hero that he could grant him any wish in exchange for a specific Amulet from the Sands of Fire. While Mekaneck heads off to retrieve the Amulet, the Sorceress tells Adam that the evil Count Marzo has returned...moreless
    • Mekanek's Lament
      Mekanek's Lament
      Episode 12
      While trying to acquire better powers, Mekanek unwittingly sets a dangerous villain free.
    • 11/22/02
      Skeletor unleashes fierce noctural creatures to destroy Castle Grayskull.
    • Underworld
      Episode 14

      While on a peace mission in Subternia, He-Man, Man-At-Arms, and King Randor must prevent Skeletor, Evil-Lyn, Beast Man, and Whiplash from attacking Castle Grayskull from below.

    • 12/20/02
      He-Man and Man-At-Arms rush to the Island of Anwat Gar in order to stop Skeletor from accessing great power.
    • The Monster Within
      Episode 16
      He-Man and Man-E-Faces battle dangerous bounty hunters in the Tar Swamp.
    • Roboto's Gambit
      Episode 17
      After failing to impress Skeletor with his latest plan, Tri-Klops decides to overthrow Eternia himself. It is not long before a near-indestructible army of Bone Monsters are making their way towards the Royal Palace! With the odds stacked against them, He-Man and Sy-Klone defend Eternia as Man-At-Arms' latest creation, Roboto, a strategic chess-playing robot, attempts to convince Teela that he can aid them in their battle...moreless
    • The Roboto Gambit
      The Roboto Gambit
      Episode 17

      A simple chess-playing robot named Roboto helps the Masters of the Universe battle an evil army of skeletons created by Tri-Klops much to Teela's frustration.

    • Trust
      Episode 18
      Stratos must form an uneasy alliance with Trap-Jaw to survive the perilous Ice Mountains.
    • Orko's Garden
      Episode 19
      Orko unwittingly helps the villainous plant-like Evilseed take all of the Masters hostage.
    • Buzz-Off's Pride
      Episode 20
      Buzz-Off’s pride is hurt when, after confronting three giants, he is shamefully deceived and defeated.
    • Snake Pit
      Episode 21
      The Masters enlist the help of the mysterious Zodac to prevent the Snake Men from escaping their ancient prison.
    • The Island
      Episode 22
      While visiting his mentor on a remote Island, Man-At-Arms is capatured by evil crab-like creatures.
    • 4/12/03
      Somewhere on Eternia, a little white, furry, creature with yellow cat-like eyes approaches and enters an old building. By talking in third person speech (says his name instead of I or me) he reveals his name to be Odiphus, and that he is there to steal potions. Before he can grab anything, Merman, Triklops, Whiplash, and Trapjaw arrive. Odiphus hides and as he watches, he comments on how he would like to join Skeletor's minions. The Horde makes it's way to a purple container and are confronted by He-Man. A battle ensues between the Horde, He-Man, Man-A-Arms, Teela, and Roboto. The battle ends with Roboto damaging the structural integrity and causing the building to collapse. The horde escapes with the container while He-Man holds the roof up until his comrades can escape. After everyone leaves, Odiphus emerges from the rubble and makes his way to Snake Mountain.moreless
    • Separation
      Episode 24
      In an attempt to separate themselves, Two-Bad sets out in search of the Triad, the magical artifacts that Hordak used to invoke the spell of Separation that divided Eternia into two hemispheres. It is now up to He-Man to stop him before he destroys all that exists.
    • Council of Evil, Part I
      In a decisive battle, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe defeat and capture Skeletor's henchmen. The heroes celebrate and return to their hometowns across Eternia for a vacation. Skeletor, however, is still free. His plan was to allow his henchmen to be captured so that the kingdom would relax its security. He has teamed up with a new Council of Evil, including Marzo and Webstor, to capture the Masters unexpectedly. He-Man learns where his friends are being held, and rides off to rescue them…moreless
    • Council of Evil, Part II
      He-Man is ambushed by members of the Council of Evil as he attempts to rescue his friends from Skeletor's clutches. He manages to escape as Prince Adam, but loses his power sword. Meanwhile, the Snake Men free Skeletor's incarcerated henchmen. The combined forces of evil charge toward Castle Grayskull, opposed only by a powerless Prince Adam…moreless
  • Season 2