How to get a replacement for Disc one of the new dvd set, here the phone number/

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    [1]Feb 23, 2008
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    • posts: 1,554 BCI Guy has passed along some official information with regards to the February 13 news entry, about the replacement discs for the Volume 1 MOTU DVD set: "The replacement disc for Mattel's He Man Volume 1, Disc One can be ordered by either sending an email to or calling 866-641-3472. Please include your name, your address, a daytime telephone number and the store name and location where you purchased your DVD.

    If you ddint know on disk one. episode 4 its missing an entire scene. I watched it, you see Prince Adam chained up. It goes black like it goes to a commercial whenit comes back prince adam is walking out of a cave and getting ready to battle skeltors bone monster. They forgot to put the scene in how he got loose

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