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  • A fantastic re-telling of the He-Man mythos ruined only by the failure of Mattel's toy sales.

    As a child of the 80s, one of my favorite cartoons was He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. When my favorite childhood show was brought back in 2002 with fresh new animation and a more adult feel, I was in heaven.

    The 2002 version retains all of the core characters from the 80s cartoon with a few minor changes (for instance, in 1983, Cringer talked; in 2002, he doesn't). In addition, the mythos has been fleshed out with more backstory on He-Man, Eternia, and the history of Skeletor.

    The last season noticeably slipped as they introduced the Snake Men and essentially retitled the show "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Versus the Snake Men" (rolls right of the tongue, eh?). At times, it was plainly obvious that episodes were selling the latest Mattel He-Man action figure, most often another lame version of He-Man (He-Man in a winter cape, anyone?).

    The cartoon was awesome. However, Mattel dropped the ball by creating multiple versions of the same action figure, flooding the market with crappy products that no one wanted. Due to low toy sales outside of the collectors market, interest in He-Man dwindled once again, resulting in the end of the series. What a shame.
  • Was that He-man? Wait, he doesn\'t look like he is drawn from the 80\'s with an 80\'s haircut. It can\'t be him....Oh but it is, and he\'s better than ever!

    The original He-man is a classic. While the show itself is worth around a 6.5 maybe 7.0 rating, the memory inducing factor gives it a boost up to around 7.5. That was becasue the quality of the show in general just wasn\'t that great. Now this show on the other hand, this show is fantastic. It is redone with awesome quality. It has a modern feel to it, yet still captures the great essence of the old. It still induces those same memories of childhood, yet without the 80\'s haircut.

    My final review: Rarely does a remake of a show do the original justice, but this one goes far beyond its predecessor and makes the franchise even more memorable.
  • This show never should have ended.

    As someone who grew up watching the original He-Man cartoons and playing with the toys, I was really excited when I found out they were making a new cartoon. Then I started watching the new episodes and couldn't believe what I was watching. This show blew the original away. It kept the basics and reworked them to update and just make them better all around. My joy was ultimately ruined by Mattel's pathetic mismanagement of the toy line. Lack of product produced lack of sales, which meant no more toys, which resulted in no more tv show. If you have a chance to watch this show, don't miss it.
  • ... Bring it back as a excellent remake. The series was fun, but stories and characters were lacking. I hope if either me or someone else could make this into a greater series, that would be so sweet.

    Well... bring back the series as an a lot better remake of the series. Sure it was kind of fun to watch, but the story was very lacking. The story could have been a lot better and the characters' personalities could use a lot more work. Maybe the series should go for a much more dramatic turn then making it fun without losing any audience members. I willing to help create a remake will a excellent story if anyone else is willing to help me. I hope with my imagination I can make this series great.
  • MORE HE-MAN (And Orko ^^)

    I loved that show so much when I was younger! Why was it canceled??? I loved that characters so much, especially Orko! I didn't exist when it came out in the 80's, so as far as I know, it was a great show! I would love to see it again.
  • He-man of the famed 80's cartoon and toyline got a fresh look. All it needs now is a resurrection.

    This cartoon was awesome! I have both the entire original cartoon series, and the 39 episodes of this new one on DVD. I never tire of watching them over and over. The new cartoon had great animation and good story lines. It really seems as though its cancellation was rather untimely. As a series, it showed a lot of promise. I only wish that Mattel had pitched the series to Fox, Nickelodeon, Disney channel or somewhere other than Cartoon Network (who obviously screwed it up). Mattel did their damage as well and are equally responsible for the shows demise with their lackluster marketing techniques. All I can remember is that as a child there were several he-man commercials, and that I never walked into a store that sold toys, and left without something from masters of the universe. This was because there was always something new coming out (characters/vehicles/playsets) and they were budget friendly, at only $3.00 a figure. Had mattel translated the aforementioned dynamics to the recent resurrection of he man, then I am confident that it would be one of the leading cartoons/toylines today. Heck, I bought every new MOTU toy I could get my hands on as an Adult, but was aggravated by the lack of shelf variety and the $8-13 dollar price tag. Needless to say that in He-man, mattel has a real gem. They have the keys to the kingdom, and they need to stop blowing it. As both the original he man and the new he man series are being released on DVD, I encourage everyone to get them. Furthermore, I encourage all fans to make some noise. Write in, email, or call mattel and the involved companies. Let them know that masters of the universe is sorely missed, buy the merchandise, and perhaps we can spring up a revival, the likes of the Family Guy series.
  • One of the few sequels that outdid the original

    When I came across this series a few years ago, I had no idea it'd be as good as it was. I just really remembered "I watched He-Man a few years ago, didn't remember much about it, I'll just see what this one's about." I'm glad I tuned in for the next year and a half.

    This show was one of those few good blends of intense action, individual characters, and good story telling. When I saw who was behind it, I guess I could say for once I wasn't surprised. I mean, the same folks who also brought "Beast Wars" among others to us (Forward/Ditillo) weren't too likely to mess this one up either. This show shouldn't have been cancelled. There was so much that was done and yet a lot of ground that wasn't covered.

    Overall, glad I recorded all of them. Still hope they see a DVD release as I'd buy those too (if only for the extras really).
  • Why Was This Series Cancelled!!It appears that Mattel is run by women that only think of Barbie for their daughters...Wait I just found out that men were involved in the cancelation of the show,Obiously they want their sons to grow up with barbie,LISTEN T

    This remake exeded my expectations, Great artwork and great stories.With a few more episodes the characters would have had more development but unfortunetly we will never see any of this. due to bad judgement by cancelling the show. Hey Family Guy was brought back! it can be done .and please dont leave the characters with their cassic looks ...None of that future stuff look what happened to spiderman unlimited
  • While it didn't recapture the magic of the classic, this reinvention was a worthy successor nonetheless

    In 2002, the world was treated to the long awaited return of He-Man to television, reimagined for an era where cartoons don't need to be so innocent. The result was a two year run, during which Eternia's struggle against evil was displayed as never before.

    However, it was sadly cut short due to the gross mishandling of it's distribution. Limited to Cartoon Network and, eventually, a terrible timeslot, the cartoon was denied to anyone without cable, which ultimately proved to be a killing blow to the revived franchise.

    Improved for a new generation, the new He-Man was short lived, but will be fondly remembered as a well intentioned experiment that was not allowed to find it's footing.
  • O how I miss this show. I personally dont see how this was cancelled but other shows like Duel Masters is still being shown. Based on the terrible quality cartoons being produced today, I would give this show a 10 anytime. This show had my attention, plea

    Personally this show was by all means spectacular, this is why I gave it a 10. Truly this show deserves it. I found the graphics good, the story was good, though the show was primarily about He-man, the other characters were just as important to the show as he was. Seeing shows like this gave me hope that maybe american made cartoons would maybe return to their glory days, primarily before they got lazy and allowed animes(Japanese Animations) to take over. Truly this show must have been underappreciated since it has not returned with new episodes. I mourn the death of a cartoon that showed so much promise.
  • This show took the characters and general storyline from the original series and created one of the best action cartoons ever made. And it was only going to get better. However the devil, I mean mattel, had other plans...

    In a sea of anime garbage this show emerged, utilizing the only quality anime possesses (fight animation) MOTU injected multi-layered characters and complex plot driven storylines to make the perfect marriage. Or 3-way, since that was three things.

    If you were a true fan of the original series and toy line, this show was a waking wet dream, but you didn't have to be a fan to appreciate it.

    The original series was basically a Popeye cartoon, where everyweek He-man would save the day after Skeletor tried to take Castle Greyskull. Not much cause, just a lot of effect. I watched it everyday for reasons much like the religious go to church everyweek.

    When the new toy line came along and the new series was announced, I was skeptical. After the 90 minute pilot, I had no doubt that TV, though just for a short time (this is mattel, remember) was going to be a lot more enjoyable.

    Characters that had once only shown up in the cartoons to advertise themselves as action figures, now had back stories and adventures of their own, independent of He-man. Sometimes He-man was only in the subplot.

    This show, unlike the distribution of the toy line was for the real fans. The ones who were kids in the 80's and used their figures to "make believe" better adventures than they saw on TV (I made Stinkor an anti-hero, who was only bad because no one gave him a chance to be good... so sad). I also put He-man and She-ra in a relationship, in part because I could never find a Teela in stores, but I'm not proud it.

    Anyway, this show was great and if mattel wasn't involved, it would still be airing today. Ofcourse, without mattel it wouldn't exist in the first place. It's an unfortunate paradox that we all have to live with.

    Knowing that the third season was going to deal primarily with the Horde much like the second dealt with the Snake men, is equally vexing. The "King Greyskull" episode is my favorite and it was the only real glimpse we'll ever have of what was to come.

    Now the future of MOTU is left up to our imaginations. But I can't even play with my figures anymore because I dare not remove them from their protective shells. However I did write an episode knowing fully well it would never see the light of day. If anyone is still reading my review at this point (hard to believe) I'll give the synopsis.

    Basically, Skeletor stages a battle with He-man so that Tri-klops can get a sample of his DNA. With this, Tri-klops merges He-man's cells with Skeletors in a device to create an evil robotic clone of He-man. He'll be as strong as He-man yet possess the devious nature of and be obedient to Skeletor.

    Ofcourse Tri-klops screws up and the clone comes out blue, like the skin of Skeletor. Though he looks just like He-man, he's useless in Skeletor's plan. Skeletor gets angry and shoots a bolt of "whatever" at Tri-klops. It hits the device that controls FAKER (if you haven't guessed yet) and Faker goes berserk. He storms out grabbing a suit of armor from the weapons room (orange, ofcourse).

    Because he has the DNA of both He-man and Skeletor, there's sort of a war going on inside him to do what he feels to be right. Much like Frankenstein's monster (so I don't really conceive him as a bad guy). He only knows that his destiny lies at Castle Greyskull. The Masters are alerted to what's going on by the Sorceress and the rest is history, atleast to me.

    I will say this, it has a very emotional ending that teaches He-man himself a lesson on the quality of life. Sort of like "The problem with power" from the original series only, dare I say... better.

    If you've actually read all this, you're as much a true intellectual as you are boring. So congratulations, and I'm sorry.
  • Good idea...poor execution

    This show just had SO much potential but was ruined when when they went to the Snakemen storyline.

    Throughout season #1 everything about this series was better than the original. Skeletor, in particular, was very well done. In the original, which I watched religiously when I was a kid, Skeletor always came across as a bit of a weakling. But, in this new series, he was actually strong enough, and smart enough, to actually be a real threat. On top of that it was a very well written show with excellent storylines...everything looked very good for the future.

    Then in season 2, apparently because of poor action figure sales, they came up with the lame "Snakemen" and everything went down hill. The new villians were just not interesting and the writing went way downhill. It is no surprise it was taken off the air after season 2.
  • They gotta bring it back!

    A few weeks ago, I stumbled onto the remake of He-Man now airing on Boomerang. I gotta say, that is HOT! I\'ve been DVRing the whole series... I really feeling the backstories. Very good stuff. I cannot believe they cancelled it! Are there any plans in the works to bring it back or at least release the new series on DVD? It it honestly too good to leave unfinished!!! Where\'s the justice?! They can leave that damned, annoying Ed, Edd & Eddy on tv forever and cancel something that rich?!

    Bring it back!
  • I would love to see it come back

    I would love to see how the show would have play out with hordack and the snakemen and maybe even some more new chareters that we have not seen before and what is Tela's future and what about fakor and the rest of the evil masters of the universe .
  • A newer vesion of the classic He man.

    With new enimies, better plot lines, new masters and better looking heros, the new series is amazing. We has very well tought out charectors with histories and thier own internal struggles. A huge plus point is the way the charectors look, now Adam and He man no longer look or talk alike, not to mention the relationship between Adam and Tela. Then there is skelator, new and even badder than befor, with new sharpened incisors to boot. With new abilities, more dimesion and even better, no repetitive plots, the new, updated series is so much better than the older one.
  • This was one of the best cartoon shows ever.

    When I was little, around 4, I saw some episodes of the 80s He-Man series. At that time I liked it because it had monsters and battles, ignoring the plot, action or character build.
    In 2002, when I heard that the He-Man series was going to be re-run, I started looking for some info on He-Man and found out a bit about He-Man, She-Ra and the New Adventures of He-Man.
    I saw the new series and I must admit...that it is A LOT BETTER than the old one. Firtly the aniamtion tipe is superb, better than most anime or half anime shows.
    The story is well built and the background of the characters is well-built. Some characters such as Teela and Skeletor are superbly remade and the action and battles are one of the best I have ever seen, despite the lack of blood or vilence.
    However, episodes like The Courgage of Adam and that stupid morale at the end makes the show a bit lame. Still, I really think it is very very underappreciated.
    I think that this show is still better than most cartoons, but eh..what can i do.
  • It was better than the original

    I never thought i would enjoy this show. I when I heard there was a remake, that it could not top the original. The first heman show was my show when i was young. I had all the toys plus the green oozze stuff to . Yet this new show held its own. It was totally different and yet the same. The animation in it helped to make it different. It is more edgy now. The new show has darker undertones and to me, more back story. That could be because most of the older show I can not remember. But this show was great. IT had lots about tela and other characters. Plus more of the snake men.
  • Yes, It was better than the original.

    In just about every aspect this re-make is better than the original. I really like how they did the background on all the charactors. The animation is cutting edge. With the exception of Adam the voice acting is better too. Overall a nearly perfect expansion and update to the Masters of the Universe series.

    All I can say to the producers is put this on DVD NOW!!!
  • A Classic reborn destined for greatness but stripped of it

    This show would have went on for such greatness if it had survived. The fanbase was more us 80's kids. If kids these days were not so blinded by Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh this show would have seen more seasons. This show was what I dreamed of for years, the return of a great 80's cartoon. He-Man and She-Ra were my childhood heroes. Had this show survived season 3 would have blown everyone's pants off. Hordak coming in and eventually leading up to the intro of She-Ra, we can only imagine how awesome it would have been. At least the classic 80's series is now on DVD and She-Ra and the New Adventures of He-Man are coming out soon. #1 on my most missed show's list!
  • Another great show that was taken before it's time.

    You'd think with all th 80's mania that was going on these last few years, this show would've lasted longer. The sad thing is that it didn't. Having been raised on the original cartoon and She-Ra, I could really tell this remake was done by fellow fans who enjoyed the original and didn't just want to make a quick buck of us children of the 80's. The animation was really nice (and wasn't totally trying to be anime), the character designs were top notch, the villians were actually a threat,the heroes had flaws, and it still had the spark and some of the enjoyable cheese-factor of the orginal. It's too bad because they were in the process of possibly bringing back Hordak and hopefully we would've gotten a really cool remake of She-Ra as a result.
  • Its better than the original one isn't it?

    "I am Adam, Prince of Eternia, defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull..." This was a revival of the classic 80's cartoon He-man and the Masters of the Universe for the modern age, it focused on the early adventures of Prince Adam, who, having just become Eternia's most powerful guardian He-Man, had to learn how to handle his new powers, and lead his allies into battle against the evil Skeletor. With the aid of his own Evil Warrior henchmen, Skeletor schemes to blanket Eternia in chaos, and rule over the planet in dominion. Only He-Man, guided and advised by the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, stands in his way. With the aid of his trusted friends and Masters, he vows to end Skeletor's evil and the other evils that plague Eternia including King Hiss and the Snake Men's evil. The battle is joined as Good and Evil collide in a fight for Eternia's fate! This unique take on the retro fan favorite delighted and entertained the children of this decade as it did to those living in the 80's. For Season Two, the series was re-named "Masters of the Universe vs The Snake Men , complete with new powers, and new adversaries, the series carried on until finally being brought down by poor scheduling and management of the toyline by Mattel
  • Why the original 80's animation of He-Man beats the 'anime' influenced incarnation hands down.

    don't get me wrong, i loved the all-too short He-Man revival, picking up all the toys i could and gathering all the cartoon episodes i could. i'm 28, and grew up on this show; my personal "after school special". The new(er) version of the cartoon is good (the newer toy sculpts by the four horsemen are mindblowing- the the TrapJaw figure won the "best toy design of the year" from (i believe) Toyfair Magazine. so yes, i do really enjoy the new show, and especially the new (ok, now dead) toyline. there is more detail and a bit more in-depth character developement (though making background characters monochrome/gray in the show is a sign of laziness, no matter who defends it as "artistic").

    However, there is no way to claim that the newer series' animation is better than the original 80's show- and i mean NO comparison. first, anime is another word for "cheapest cartoon production". period. i was dismayed seeing the anime influence in the new series, with the super jumps and hyper-spinning staffs/swords... give me a break. sure, it was/is a popular trend to be "turning japanese" (song reference for those who don't know), but despite the more detailed characters and decent writing, the original wins.

    what many people have failed to notice or mention is how amazing the actual animation of the original show is. it appears to be almost (if not actually) roto-scoped (taking film of real people and tracing it into a cartoon for superb realism in movement). watch the original again to see what i mean. it is so incredibly fluid, especially the action scenes with jumping, tuck and rolling, and movement in general. it's like butter, baby. if it wasn't roto-scoped, i give tons of extra credit to the animation team for making it look so real. the newer version doesn't come within a mile of this quality of animation.

    also, another often overlooked aspect is the soundtrack. the music for the original He-Man is amazing. yes, they re-use many tracks over and over, but the mood, be it victorious or extremely brooding and dark and everything inbetween is likely the best cartoon scoring ever produced. combine the amazing animation with perfectly scored music melded into each scene (not to mention the actual cartoon characters/stories) is animation perfection. i'm not a big anime fan, nor the 'pseudo-anime' that's sprung up as of late (teen titans, etc.). all 'toons re-use cells, but most all anime is a joke. showing the same picture with subtle changes/"wooshing" marks in the background for several seconds in a row without actually *animating* anything is pathetic. static characters with a few flashing lights or 'movement' lines in the background for several seconds (over and again) is just a sad disgrace. they do it because it's cheaper that way (the less cells drawn means less time spent paying the artists, then selling it to American audiences on the tide of the Anime fad...).

    so, that's my opinion. like it, hate it, or be luke-warm, but i stand behind it, being an artist myself (though not a cartoon animator), and a basically life-long fan of quality 80's cartoons, before Anime's cheap trickery stole the majority's minds.

    Bryan Stradley
  • He-man defends Eternia from Skeletor.

    This is one of those rare cases of a remake far surpassing the original product. It is simply far superior in every shape and form. I grew up on the original series and loved it. Then i eventually saw they were making a new He-Man series and decided to tune in. I loved it! So well written and animated. I was hooked.

    Years later after the cancellation I bought a "Best of" DVD of old he-man episodes. Wow i was shocked at how HORRID it was. flat acting and the same animation is reused time and time again. I was so glad I hadn't bought a more expensive box set of that. I don't know what I saw in the original series.

    It is a shame the series got canceled. It was just a great piece of animation and a fun show.
  • great tv show

    history and action is great, i was waiting to see third season with hordak but well i really hope the new release of the dvd series could make third season for the fanatics like me,
    we wand the series back and we want better merchandising, distributions and cmon next timeeeeeeeeee! what i know is that outside of the states the tv show had more raiting, so give masters of the universe a chance to keep the way is was, i know the movie is coming on 2009,i just cross my fingers that you guys make a good history, style lord of the rings maybe,i dont know for me masters of the universe is like a role play game, because if u make a movie like the one of the 80s we know we will lost the series forever
  • All the classic characters you loved, brought back as vivid as ever.

    I think this show was amazingly well done. The best part is that they even worked in the morality tales into the show. Not at the end like the original but its still there. He-man is definatly a great role model. Always doing the right thing. I am also pleased with how the expanded the universe so well. Actual cultures and cities aside from the palace, Grayskull and Snake mountain. You see where Buzz-Off and Stratos and all of you favorite characters come from and the people of their race. I love the fact that the characters were brought to life tenfold and this show needs to come back ASAP.

    I beg of you!
  • Great show

    My dad said he loved it when he was small.BRING BACK GREAT SHOWS LIKE THIS
  • The most powerful cartoon in the universe?

    Behold, Eternia, land of fabulous wonder and amazement. Home to many great warriors and horrendous fiends. This is the setting for stories of epic proportions and fairy tales beyond imagination.


    This series brings back to the glory days of the 80's entertainment. I'm talking about epic battles of good and evil. The sword versus the sorcery, it's a concept so old and gold that anyone could immediately comprehend. It's time for adventure in fantasy land, there's caves to explore, treasure to seek, and giant monsters to battle. Who could ever turn away? So grab your sword, your staff, or your laser gun and let's show the world what we're made of.


    If ever there was a hero of might and magic, a mythical legend of a man so noble and courageous he could overcome any obstacle; surely He-Man would be that hero.

    He is after all; "the most powerful man in the universe".

    Of course who could forget the antithesis of He-Man; The incouragable Skeletor?

    Evil and rotten to the very core Skeletor was the perfect adversary to combat He-Man.

    So we have a just and inhumanly strong warrior, a wicked and powerful sorcerer, what else? Well you name it. There's the wise and experienced leader with advanced tech knowledge ( Man at Arms), the troublesome but loveable mascot (Orko), The childish and gentle brute ( Ram-Man), young prodigy and determined female warrior (Teela) to name a few of the many many supporting character on the heroic side, while on the opposite end ( the evil doers) there are just as many detailed and complex characters.

    It's no doubt that this show had some highly inspired and transcendent characters.

    Plot Summary:

    The stories usually revolve around protecting the source of He-man's power (Castle Grey Skull) from those that seek to use it for selfish intentions. This results in He-Man's group battling Skeletor's forces and thwarting his schemes to conqueor Eternia.

    However, on occasion a story will revolve around a certain character's background or character flaw. These are welcomed excursions and do much to expand the importance and interest of each character. I particularly enjoyed learning more about the relationship between Teela and her adopted father Man at Arms as it pertains to her blood mother ; who happens to be the sorceress and protector of Castle Grey Skull.

    Other plots involve the infamous snake men re-emerging from their prison and

    Skeletor's main squeeze, Evil Lynn defying him for her own pursuits of glory.

    All the plots lent themselves well to interesting scenarios and the potential for drama.

    Animation Quality

    I have to say the production really outdid themselves. The scenes look incredible and the action is very fluid. The details are fully crafted and the vivid colors look very pleasing.

    The designs are a refreshing update to the modern era of super heroes. For it's time, I feel this was a fine tuned work, and was overall very well put together.

    Voice Acting and Sound

    This is yet another area where I felt they just did a great job.

    Entertainment Level

    I was very pleased watching the show as it progressed, it kept a steady pace and great sense of continuity. The battle sequences were never sparse, and the show just kept adding more and more spectacle.

    Plot Analysis:

    I can't say the way it ended was truly satisfying, However, the final episode was a highly dramatic conclusion. I also find it rather insufficient that the show didn't completely reveal who Teela's real father was or reunite her with her mother. Same can be said of Evil Lynne's origin as regards to her loyalty to Skeletor.

    As for our main character Prince Adam, I'm really not sure where his character arc was going or that it went anywhere at all. Unfortunately this is pretty much the norm when it comes to serialized fiction, where everything depends on maintaining the status quo.

    Overall the writing provided much needed detail and depth to the characters and world and for that I applaud the effort.

    Final Opinion:

    The show really raised the stakes and increased my expectations for great action cartoons in the 21st century. It also gave me a huge appreciation for the original creation and made me a much greater fan of the franchise. I really wish to see more adventures of He-Man and the rest of the Masters of the universe in the near future.

    This show was a major love song to all the fans and developers of the franchise and it was a crying shame that it ended so soon.

    The action was intense, the adventures took us to amazing places and led us to big discoveries, and the characters were absolutely sincere and memorable.

    It gave us all a reason to stand up on our couch and say the immortal words of the legendary hero "I have the powwwerrrr !"
  • Heman is like Hanuman

    The series and the story was superbly made.

    The plot of Randor and Skeletor was well crafted.

    However the Cobra Khan enmity with Skeletor was a bit stretched.

    Overall a very good and innovative cartoon with good moral lessons at the end of each episode.

    Skeletor had few intelligent people under him Evil Lyn, Trilops, Merman etc and few hilarious ones like Whiplash, Beastman and Clawful.