He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002)

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)




  • Season 2 Episode 13: Awaken the Serpent

  • Why does He-Man 'thank Zodak' at the end, when Zodak was the person who started the Snake Men trouble in the first place by allowing them to be freed?

    Response: Because He-man wouldn't see it as Zodak's fault.

  • But that was not the "ultimate" defeat of the Snake Men, which saw them sealed in the Void. The elders could have turned Serpos into Snake Mountain after the formation of their council, and then the Snake Men took up residence there, until the later battle that ended with them being sealed in the Void.

  • I'm rather surprised this hasn't been pointed out before... but there is a major continuity error in this episode. In previous episodes, it has been mentioned that the Snake Men used to use Snake Mountain as their base. Yet in this episode, it's shown that Snake Mountain was the frozen form of Serpos, sealed away by the Counsel of Elders. The problem? The episode "The Power of Greyskull" demonstrates that there WASN'T a Counsel of Elders until AFTER Hordak had defeated the Snake Men! I think that deserves an "Oopsie!"

  • Isn't anyone concerned the King Hiss could free Serpos again in the near future? As far as we know, the Medallion of Serpos is still floating around somewhere. Surely the Scorceress and/or Zodac would know how Hiss freed Serpos in the first place.

  • Response to that thought: that is an important consideration. It leads me to believe that Serpos was not truly a divine entity, but "merely" a huge monster whom the snakemen decided to worship; either that or King Hsss was not being truthful when he claimed he was controlling it.

  • Somewhat strange that a god could be controlled by a wizard... shouldn't King Hiss be the one taking orders from Serpos, and not vice versa?

  • Couldn't the Elders, in their "great wisdom", have banished Serpos to another sentence rather than place him back atop Snake Mountain again... particularly considering how "easily" he was set free here?

  • Season 2 Episode 12: History

  • Continuity error:
    in "Rise of the Snake Men II": Evil-Lyn's power was strong enough to knock Zodac off Grayskull's jawbridge...
    ....yet here, Marzo (whose power isn't anywhere *near* that of Zodac) wasn't affected by Evil-Lyn's force beam at all!

  • Season 2 Episode 11: Rattle of the Snake

  • Response: The stuff was acid.

  • When Kobra Khan shoots venom at Teela and Fisto's faces, it just burns their eyes. However in a previous episode we see his venom can melt tryclop's eye gear, and in another ep he spits at some gun turrents and melts them.

  • Season 2 Episode 10: Web of Evil

  • It is revealed by Buzz-Off that his people and Webstor's share a similar genetic make-up, making it possible for Webstor to use the ambrosia without its toxic effects.

  • The spiders could hold back the Masters pretty well but the Snakemen completly defeated the spiders easily, even with the spiders knowing that they were coming. Should translate to a thrashing for the Masters in the future.

  • Not that Webstor's spawn are particularly cute or well-mannered, but aren't they just babies? Since when do He-Man or the Masters kill babies, even dangerous ones? Orko's dragons, for instance, were potentially just as deadly as these spiders, but nobody even suggested slaughtering them.

  • Response to both concerns: The dragons were intelligent - the spiders were a mindless swarm that Webstor was mentally controlling (at least I assume - he could not spawn them without ambrosia, so I don't think they were truly younger members of his species), so the Masters could destroy them with less restraint.
    The Masters were only six warriors - I think that the entire army of Snakemen, King Hsss included, attacked Webstor's brood - thus, they were swamped.

  • Season 2 Episode 9: The Power of Greyskull

  • King Grayskull had a green lion who served him the same way Battlecat does to He-man. Yet this lion is much larger than Battlecat, who is a tiger. This is a major goof in nature. Tigers are the largest members of the cat family, lions are only the second largest cats.

  • They never said what was the ORIGINAL Sorceress's name in the original series. Kodak Ungor was just the Sorceress BEFORE Teelana. The show never said she was the first.

  • Continuity error: in the original Filmation series, the first sorceress' name was Kodak Ungor.

  • And regardless of ANY of that - SO WHAT? This isn't the old series, so this is NOT a continuity error. You might as well say that Orko's robe being red instead of pink is a continuity error. It's a change they've made for the new show, and to be honest, all of these remarks should be removed, because it's not a goof.

  • Response: The writers possibly changed the name of the original Sorceress.

  • Season 2 Episode 8: Second Skin

  • Talk about someone without any sense! Why didn't King Hiss turn He-Man into a snake man as well as Teela, Man-at-Arms, and Mekaneck? Hiss could have won! But then, that would end the series, as well.

    Response: It seems pretty doubtful that the "most powerful man in the universe" could be turned into a Snake Man at all. The power of Eternia is literally flowing through him the entire time he's He-Man. Wouldn't it make sense that he'd be immune to becoming a snake man?

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