He Said, She Said

(ended 1970)


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He Said, She Said

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Three years after the premiere of The Newlywed Game, someone at Goodson-Todman Productions had the clever idea that sharing details of the lives of married couples might make a great game show. Thus, the premiere of He Said, She Said, a syndicated five-a-week entry hosted by former baseball great Joe Garagiola.

Four celebrities, joined by their significant others (usually a spouse, sometimes a celebrity themselves) competed for a week, each playing for a married couple in the studio audience. The male half of each couple were asked the questions during one half of the game (and their female partners secluded off-stage, but could be seen and heard through TV monitors that sat in front of the players, and communicated with via an on-stage speaker phone at Garagiola's podium); the ladies played the other half, with the men taken off-stage.

Host Garagiola read a statement (e.g., "A time you wish you could have closed the window, but you didn't in time and what happened was embarassing."). Each of the contestants related a story and gave a one- or two-word statement, from which he/she believed their partner would be able to identify the story from. Garagiola then read the statement and the identifying phrase to the other halves of the couples. If the correct spouse rang in AND his/her story was essentially similar, that couple earned 25 points; however, if the wrong partner buzzed in or was unable to recognize the clue, they lost 10 points.

After an undefined time limit (usually after two questions had been played), the couples changed places. The couple with the most points at the end of the show won a week's vacation at a Holiday Inn for their designated audience contestant (note: if two or more couples tied for the lead, they each won vacations for their designated audience members).

Do these rules look familiar? They should. They were the original rules to the 1974 CBS game show Tattletalesmoreless