Head Case

Season 2 Episode 3

A Tard for All Seasons

Aired Wednesday 11:00 PM Feb 06, 2008 on Starz

Episode Recap

In an effort to get to the root of Andy Dick's addictive behavior, Dr. Goode gets drunk with him. Their session runs over into Pamela Adlon's time. She answers phones while Lola gets seduced by Good Burger. Fed up, Pam finally barges into Dr. Goode's office, berating both doctor and patient for their rude behavior.

Jeremy comes up with the idea of hiring a struggling actor to pretend to be his "retarded little buddy" to pull at Elizabeth's heart strings. Lola won't let them in, since Dr. Goode is in a session with a dull, insecure pair of twins. The actor brilliantly improves an "oops" moment interrupting Elizabeth's session. He gets the twins, while Jeremy talks Elizabeth into making up (ie., sex and dinner). Reunited, Jeremy and Elizabeth discuss becoming a power couple. Jeremy worries the jig is up when he spots the actor, but Elizabeth is too self absorbed to pick up that he's not really retarded.