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  • The shrink is not mental but she definitely tries to

    Dr. Elizabeth Goode treats the mind of celebrities and we know that they are prone to develop the awkwardest neurosis ever heard because of their privileged social position... so is the Doctor for treating them. She is so obsessed with the celebrity status that keeps reminding everyone, including herself, that "the famous" come to her to seek her advice.

    The doctor's consult is split between she and her colleague, who keeps trying to steal her patients, no matter whom, because he is no more than a fly on the wall in the Hollywood scene of mental disorders. Both are assisted by a psychopathic secretary that keeps manipulating them in order to avoid being fired for her incompetence, lack of integrity and uncontrollable libido, which she tries to satisfy with the patients, cameos of real actors that usually appear only once on the show.

    We also get to see Dr. Goode's private life, which usually ends up being a sort of reflection of the current episode guest patient's, leading to the premise of the series: there is a thin line between Dr. Goode's unconscious mind and her patient's eccentricities, thin enough to make us, and her, question her sanity even though we already know she doesn't have any.

    It's a good show, watch it.
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