Head Cases

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Sep 14, 2005 on FOX
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Former superstar attorney Jason Payne suffers a nervous breakdown and spends some time at a wellness center, where he meets Shultz, a lawyer who represents petty criminals. The two eventually decide to work together defending underdog clients, while trying to regain their sanity.

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  • Robin the Boy Wonder seems to be slumming in this tv gig. It is as though he realizes his face is fading out of the teenage magazines and is now shooting to gain adult acceptance. He shoots, but misses. Adam Goldberg,on the other hand, dunks the ball.moreless

    This is a buddy dramady. O'donnell plays the straight man and Goldberg is his unhinged partner. Goldberg makes a great second banana. He is spot on and carries his part of the show. The problem here is O'donnell. He is unconvincing in his "crazy" stage. And if he is as crazy as all that, then how is he able to function so capably as a lawyer?

    My advice to the show gurus is for them to go watch Monk for about five hours. Shaloub, by himself, demonstrates how to walk the line between sane and insane. He outmatches the skill of O'donnell and the lunacy of Goldberg.

    The best advice for this show is to watch it while you can. Fox has a quick trigger finger and it stumbled out of the gate in the ratings. That is too bad. If O'donnell could get a little crazier and Goldberg could get a little more serious, this show could skyrocket.moreless
  • Where did Chris O'Donnell come from!

    Definatley a couple of laughs, but im worried that we have seen all the comedy that can be pulled from this show. Adam Goldberg definately carried the episode as Chris was just a bag of laughs! hmmm... yeah right! Very weak plot for a pilot, which makes me think there really is not too much going for the show. I just can't get my mind off the last scene!! is it just me or was that the worst piece of CR#P you have ever seen! But hey im a sucker for new shows so bring on the next one! got to get better... right?moreless
  • Has potential.

    I wasn't expecting much when I tuned into the pilot episode of "Headcases," but I was surprised. I mainly tuned in to see Adam Goldberg, as he usually provides a good performance. Goldberg is great as Schultz, an eccentric attorney with Explosive disorder who agrees to aid Payne after his early release from a wellness center. I felt the plot in this episode wasn't strong enough to stretch out over an hour, but that was probably just because the pilot's main purpose is to introduce the characters. Hopefully the next episodes will have a lot more story. The dialogue in this show was great, especially when Schultz says, "I'm kind of like God." Despite it's low ratings, I hope "Headcases" stays around on FOX. It really caught me off guard by how good it was and I can't wait for another episode.moreless
  • I liked this show, I hope it can stay interesting.

    I just watched the pilot of Head Cases and I have to say that I was pleasently surprised. It kind of reminds me of Ally McBeal which also had a funny aspect to it. This show is also trying to be funny and it very well sucseeds. I wasnt rolling on the floor but the humor is well done and makes it a very interesting episode. I liked the fact that this pilot episode gives you alot of character development. From the 1st hour of this series you immediatly understand who everyone is and where they are coming from. Also the concept is a very fun one, from a lawyer that puts all of his time into his work and leaving his wife and son on 2nd place till the day his wife decides to lock him out and he gets a nervous breakdown. After 2 months in a clinic he may go out again and tries his best to pick up his life again. Everything goes wrong though. His wife still doesnt want him back, his old lawfirm fires him and he gets put up with another lawyer who is mentally disturbed of his own. Put those 2 together and I bet there are many more episodes full of humor coming.moreless
  • A fairly funny show where the lawyers are the funny ones!

    These two work well together and are funnier that I expected. I think as the show progresses, it will be fine tuned to be even more amusing. I hadn't seen Chris O'Donnell in awhile and he was endearing even as he suffered a nervous breakdown. Adam Goldberg is always funny but tends to be just shy of scary. I will continue to watch and be optomistic.

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