Head of the Class

ABC (ended 1991)


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  • A show about brillant kids.

    HOC was one of my fav 80's shows! I liked everything about it, it was about high school students, whom I looked up to at the time, it was funny and all the characters contributed something special to the show. Dennis Blunden, the heavyset cynic of the group, was my fav character. He took pleasure in ribbing the rest of the kids in the class in his own deliberate way. There were no cheap shots on Head of the Class. The storylines weren't gross, or too silly- it was a smarter, funnier version of all other teen shows, but on primetime.
  • not that great

    in my opinion this was just another bland sitcoms from the 80's. howard hessman is always good for a laugh though. the show seemed to just be a re-hash of welcome back cotter to me. i can not believe it lasted as long as it did, but then again it did not have that much to compete against.
  • This is such a great show, and after watching it, you appreciate your Teacher(s) even more. Mr. Charlie Moore was one of those Teacher's that you could look up to, because you learned something more from him, then what you would inside of a book.

    This show debuted in 1986, and even in 2005 you can learn a lot from the show.

    This show took a group of over achieving students and placed them inside of a class room with a 'hip' Teacher. Mr. Charles Moore (Mr. Moore) was a Teacher that taught you the things you couldn't learn from an education book.

    Mr. Moore was there for his students inside and out of the class room, and I think that's what made this show so great and special. If a student had a problem inside or out of school, Mr. Moore was your shoulder. He taught his students everyday lessons, which couldn't be read from a book.

    I miss this show a lot, as there really isn’t any 'Teacher' sitcoms or TV shows.
  • Bounced back

    I thought this show jumped the shark in season 4 after three kids left and new kids were added. In season 5 Howard Hesseman left and Billy Connolly replaced him. I thought the show bounced back somewhat then. Billy brought a new energy to the show and had nice chemistry with Ms. Meara. Of course these kids were supposedly geniuses but were in school for five years but so what? It was a decent show, nothing more nothing less.