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  • 2012
    • 9/7/12
      Episode 09.07.12
      "Jose Mangin talks with with Chris Kael and Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch, Abe Cunningham and Sergio Vega of Deftones, Alex Webster and George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse, Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier, and Battlecross.
    • Hellyeah, Testament, & Mark Tremonti
      "Jose Mangin talks with the entire Hellyeah crew, Testament\'s Alex Skolnick, and guitar badass Mark Tremonti.
    • Mayhem Festival
      Mayhem Festival
      Episode 08.02.12
      Mayhem Festival from the show Headbangers Ball features clips and performances from the Heavy Metal Mayhem Festival concert in Canden, New Jersey. Featured artists include Anthrax, Korn, and Slipknot. Headbanger's Ball is a program that first aired on MTV in 1986, and features various heavy metal musicians introducing music videos and clips from current metal and rock artists.moreless
    • Orion Music + More Festival
      Orion Music + More Festival
      Episode 07.12.12
      Jose Mangin talks with Mark Muir of Suicidal Tendencies, Andreas and Derrick of Sepultura, and the entire Thy Will Be Done crew at Metallica's 'Orion Music + More Festival.'
    • Mastodon, Volbeat & Kyng
      Mastodon, Volbeat & Kyng
      Episode 06.28.12
      Jose Mangin talks with Mastodon, Volbeat, and Kyng at 'Rock on the Range' in Columbus, Ohio.
    • Fear Factory, Every Time I Die, Six Feet Under
      Jose Mangin talks with Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, parties with Every Time I Die in the "man cave," and then he catches up with Six Feet Under.
    • Soulfly, Periphery & Meshuggah
    • Metal Masters 3
      Metal Masters 3
      Episode 05.17.12
      Jose hangs with Slayer's Kerry King and Dave Lombardo, Pantera's Phil Anselmo, David Eleffson of Megadeath and more...
    • Slash, Overkill, Toxic Vision
      Jose Mangin talks with guitar god Slash, Overkill's legendary frontman, Bobby "Blitz Ellsworth, and then he catches up with the fashionable head of Toxic Vision, Sharon Ehman.
    • Metal Alliance Tour
      Metal Alliance Tour
      Episode 04.05.12
      Jose Mangin talks with DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara, 3 Inches Of Blood on guitarist Shane Clark, and then he catches up with Impending Doom.
    • James Durbin & God Forbid
      James Durbin & God Forbid
      Episode 03.29.12
      Jose Mangin talks with 'American Idol' star and metal ambassador James Durbin, then he catches up with God Forbid.
    • Russell Allen, Sanctuary Concert, Megadeth Book
      Jose Mangin gets a first look at the new Megadeth photo book, catches up with Russell Allen from Adrenaline Mob and Symphony-x, then checks out the Sanctuary in NYC.
    • Adrenaline Mob, God Forbid & Generation Kill
      Jose Mangin talks with Mike Orlando and Mike Portnoy of Adrenaline Mob, Doc Coyle of God Forbid, and Rob Dukes, Rob Moschetti and Jason Trenczer of Generation Kill.
    • Machine Head & Testament
      Machine Head & Testament
      Episode 03.01.12
      Jose Mangin talks with Robb Flynn and Adam Duce of Machine Head, catches up with Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson of Testament, and serenades famous sex therapist Dr. Ruth.
    • Zakk Wylde Roast
      Zakk Wylde Roast
      Episode 02.16.12
      Jose Mangin heads to the first-ever 'Rock & Roll Roast' to talk with Zakk Wylde, Sharon Osbourne, Corey Taylor and many more.
    • Volbeat & Dream Theater
      Volbeat & Dream Theater
      Episode 02.02.12
      Jose Mangin talks with Danish metal outfit Volbeat, then he catches up with James LaBrie and Mike Mangini of Dream Theater.
    • Lamb Of God & Lacuna Coil
      Lamb Of God & Lacuna Coil
      Episode 01.26.12
      Jose Mangin sits down with Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe in Richmond, VA, then he catches up with the rest of the band in NYC, plus Lacuna Coil talk about their latest album and upcoming Gigantour.
    • Metal Blade Records, Clutch & Kyng
      Jose Mangin talks with Metal Blade Records C.E.O. Brian Slagel, Jean Paul Gaster of Clutch, and the members of Kyng.
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