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Headland explores that potent time in life when you are faced with balancing the demands of university with the lure of new-found freedom and self discovery. From the Seven Network, home of Australian drama, Headland will explore the world of South Heads, once a thriving steel works town and now the home of South Coast University. The series will feature the University Campus, and the Headland Hotel, the nexus wheres the old blue-collar town meets the new. The Headland has become "the" place to hang out and , if you're lucky enough, to live!! The backdrop to this fictional world is the beautiful coastline of the IIlawarra. Just over an hour south of Sydney the landscape features spectacular rainforest escarpments stretching down to magnificent headlands, crystal clear surfing beaches and rocky platforms. Already sold to the hugely popular channel Four Network in the UK, Headland has been created for an early evening timeslot. The series will appeal to viewers of all ages and is destined to become a favourite drama with domestic and international audiences alike.

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  • American Idol started going downhill around season three. Or, at least that's what I say. The voting seems to have gotten out of whack, and the talent isn't there anymore (except with Paris, she rocks and deserves to win).moreless


    American Idol started going downhill around season three. Or, at least that's what I say. The voting seems to have gotten out of whack, and the talent isn't there anymore (except with Paris, she rocks and deserves to win). It's getting old, because now you know what's going to happen.

  • headLand - You'd have to have rocks in your brains not to watch it.

    headLand - One bad night has brought a group of people together forever. Four dead, but the driver lays in a coma. Suddenly, he wakes. Then we follow the twists and turns to find out what REALLY happened that night - and see what happens in between.

    Unlike Neighbours and Home&Away, this show is realistic, with real personalities.

    It's made up of some of Australia's best actors and actresses.

    Watch this show - or you'll regret it when they get to the good parts and you have no idea of the storyline.moreless
  • What a crud show!

    I have never seen such crap on television in my life. Why oh why did they have to put it on! Its cheaply made, the acting sucks, the story lines are horrible and whenever the ad for it comes on my eyes start bleeding!!!! But lucky for me its been canned! But... they are going to show the remaining episodes that they have made.
  • Undeserved critisism

    A lot of people seem to bag this show on this site, but "this is Australian Television" Deal with it!!!

    OK theres much better stuff than this out there, but its not that terrible. I for one was happy when it replaced Home & Away, but unfortunately not for long!

    If you don't support shows like this then we'll be stuck with the crappiest of American Sitcoms and reality TV Shows, like Stacked or The Simple Life.

    It seems like we are content with TV the way it is, but I for one would like to see more Aussie TV shows than predictable Aussie Sitcoms.

    Give this show a break!moreless
  • Headland Sucks!!!

    Headland Sucks!!! And to anyone who reads this review and disagrees with me, shame on you, shame on you! This show should be banished, it\'s so mind dumbing. I mean seriously who thought the could be a worse show then Home and Away (which from what I gather, people only watch because it\'s addictive). Headland isn\'t addicive, it isn\'t good, it\'s not even slightly entertaining, it just royaly sucks. Come to think of it anyone who watches it should also be banished. BANISHED!!!moreless

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