Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 7:30 PM Nov 15, 2005 on Seven Network

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  • For all the hype it turned out to be just that hype. Don't bother watching this as grass growing would be more interesting

    So I gave it a score of ONE for trying but it was a very bad failure of an episode and made sure I wouldn't tune in again any time soon.

    The didn't look to properly reflect the show with it falling to pieces.

    Then there was the quality of the picture which looked like it had been shot with a camcorder and it was annoying to watch.

    Then the cheap sets and bad lighting which was just extremely poor.

    The car crash to start with was all over the place and looke dmor elike an ad than a TV program.

    After that the storyline was in no way intriguing. The acting was sub-par at best. The characters weren't interesting and there was too much crap so I had to turn my TV off at the first ad break.

    So really another failed drama from channel Seven. This is not looking good for Aussie Drama with all the suspicion flying around about Blue Heelers as well.
  • The first episode ever of Headland. The main character in the show seems to be Craig Palmer, played by Sam Atwell, former player of Kane on Home and Away.

    a good script had to b written for the first episode of Headland, and it was. it was interesting how there were really four main scenes, which were the cross sight where the ppl died, the hospital room, the school and of course the hotel. The hotel was probably the main scene, where the new guy moved in and the girl tat showed him in was interested in him

    i wont give too much away about this episode, but everyone who is able to see it should see it.
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