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  • headLand - You'd have to have rocks in your brains not to watch it.

    headLand - One bad night has brought a group of people together forever. Four dead, but the driver lays in a coma. Suddenly, he wakes. Then we follow the twists and turns to find out what REALLY happened that night - and see what happens in between.
    Unlike Neighbours and Home&Away, this show is realistic, with real personalities.
    It's made up of some of Australia's best actors and actresses.
    Watch this show - or you'll regret it when they get to the good parts and you have no idea of the storyline.
  • headlands I'm so addicted it's on 4 nights now cast is great Big fan of Josh Quong Tart

    headLand is a new Aussie series where the secret lives of the locals of South Heads aren't always what they seem.

    The mystery begins as four lives end. What really happened on that wet winters night....Accident or Murder? There is only one survivor who knows for sure and he lies in a coma. The residents want their revenge, they want to point the finger at someone and Craig (Sam Atwell) is the easy target.

    This takes us into the lives of family, friends and the University including the disturbed temperamental princess Sasha (Rachael Taylor) who uses sex as a weapon, her loner brother Heath (Matthew Walker) charged with his sister Sasha's care and his headstrong ex-girlfriend Elly (Adrienne Pickering) who has chosen to follow her head rather than her heart. Living with Sasha and her brother is a frustrated young wife and mother Kate (Brooke Harman) drowning in domestic life and her husband Will (Josh Quong Tart) who is struggling with the fact that he has cheated on the love of his life.
  • headlands....well im addicted....my whole family is addicted...its awesome each monday we get excited wondering whats gonna happen next after waiting 3 nights for it to come back on.....after the weekend the cast is great!!!!! enough about dane already n

    sashas awesome wild and her so ahve to get together!!!!!!!!!! when i first watched headlands i became obssesed its ten times better then home and away and the o.c and all of the other tv shows Headlands is real it deals wih reaL ISSUES without making them soooo dramtic and people arent dying every ten seconds Headlands is top stuff and they should keep up the good work who cares what veryone else thinks of it..... my point of view is really the only one that should count
  • Headland is a drama about a group of people who live in South Heads.

    I think this show is fantastic. It is a completely new swing on anything that has been done before. I think the idea of people who go to university and live in a small town by the beach is great. My favourite character is Heath Forbes (played by Matthew Walker) I think he's really interesting because his character has a big task of looking after his sister and being mocked by his father for choosing a different path. This is definitely a must see show.
  • complain about Headland, but what about jobs it creates. Australian television is not an easy business to be employed in. If Headland is axed think about the Bestboys/gaffer/etc. My father works on this show, so forgive me for being worried that he may s

    We all need to get behind Australian television. I\'m not saying that Headland is a great show, but come on - people watch neighbours and home and away which are both stupid and they are huge hits. It employs many hard working Australians who should be commended for their effort (I\'m not talking about the actors) and dedication to the Australian television industry. They are working insane hours( 5:30am - 7+pm) to provide for their families.
    Give it a go And hope that it doesn\'t get axed cause last show my dad worked on that finished (Farscape) he was out of work for nearly 2 years. Thats how Tough the film industry is.
  • Undeserved critisism

    A lot of people seem to bag this show on this site, but "this is Australian Television" Deal with it!!!

    OK theres much better stuff than this out there, but its not that terrible. I for one was happy when it replaced Home & Away, but unfortunately not for long!

    If you don't support shows like this then we'll be stuck with the crappiest of American Sitcoms and reality TV Shows, like Stacked or The Simple Life.

    It seems like we are content with TV the way it is, but I for one would like to see more Aussie TV shows than predictable Aussie Sitcoms.

    Give this show a break!
  • American Idol started going downhill around season three. Or, at least that's what I say. The voting seems to have gotten out of whack, and the talent isn't there anymore (except with Paris, she rocks and deserves to win).


    American Idol started going downhill around season three. Or, at least that's what I say. The voting seems to have gotten out of whack, and the talent isn't there anymore (except with Paris, she rocks and deserves to win). It's getting old, because now you know what's going to happen.
  • What a crud show!

    I have never seen such crap on television in my life. Why oh why did they have to put it on! Its cheaply made, the acting sucks, the story lines are horrible and whenever the ad for it comes on my eyes start bleeding!!!! But lucky for me its been canned! But... they are going to show the remaining episodes that they have made.
  • Headland Sucks!!!

    Headland Sucks!!! And to anyone who reads this review and disagrees with me, shame on you, shame on you! This show should be banished, it\'s so mind dumbing. I mean seriously who thought the could be a worse show then Home and Away (which from what I gather, people only watch because it\'s addictive). Headland isn\'t addicive, it isn\'t good, it\'s not even slightly entertaining, it just royaly sucks. Come to think of it anyone who watches it should also be banished. BANISHED!!!
  • Another soap come series trying to make it - but it just doesn't cut it.

    I'm not 100% sure what I dislike most about this series.

    It has a top ranking cast, but that is not enough to make up for the cheap looking sets (which are far too similar to Home and Away) and camera techniques which make it look low budget.

    The acting isn't anywhere near as good as it should be considering the extensive experience of the cast.

    The storyline is boring and it is just one cliche after another which is just too much for an hour show.

    Not to mention it is now on multiple times per week which doesn't assist it in anyway.

    The problem maybe that there was just too much hype surrounding this series - I expected more than what it is.

    A 1 for trying, but nothing more.
  • A complete waste of actors, airtime & money.

    Instead of creating an original & unique TV show, Channel 7 has produced a slightly more adult version of Home & Away (another complete waste of time). The characters are one dimensional, the sets look like they cost $5, the acting is terrible & the camerwork looks out of focus & unsteady. You could switch the characters from Home & Away into Headland & vice versa and no one would notice the difference. I am sick and tired of Australian newtorks & producers creating the same stupid shows over & over again. I am a supporter of Aussie shows & actors but with shows like this no wonder people turn off.
  • This show has poor ratings and everyone's complaining, so why is it still on????

    Channel 7 introduced this show last yaer i think to replace Home & Away during non-ratings season. I already thought home and away was shocking and no show could be worse, but this proved me wrong. It's storylines are shocking and unbelievable (like any other soap). What makes things worse is that the show is currently running for one hour unlike home away that only went for half and hour. Unfortunatly i cant wait for home and away to come back, so then the later half an hour can be filled by a quality show. I've seen some very little of this show after i had to watch it with my sister but as i said before, its just terrbily shocking. The actors are woeful apart from wasted genius by some of the older actors. To finish i will say that i agree with the local paper's "TV" section and say this is the worst show on TV in Australia.
  • This show is such a waste of money and hardly anyone watches it, its amazing how such a bad show is still on and i give it a 0/10What a boring show, im glad its finishing .Oh no Home and away is back on!!

    This show is such a waste of money and hardly anyone watches it, its amazing how such a bad show is still on and i give it a 0/10, if it could go below 0 i would.
    What a boring show, im glad its finishing tomorrow. Oh no Home and away is back on..ah

  • A show like this has potential. oh, sorry i thought we were talking about another show that actually HAS POTENTIAL. read my headland review.


    firstly, i would give this a minus rating if it were possible, because it is a large backward step.
    HEADLAND is a very crap crap show. Even in the previews i thought it 'looks like home and away 2.' then when i saw the actual show, the camerawork is crap, the acting is crap, even though there are a couple of decent people in there, and the relationship between the long haired guy and the hot chick made me want to throw up.

    After seven's money shots with LOST and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES, they have gone backwards in leaps and bounds. All it says for australian television is that we dont very many directors and producers that can actually make a good show at all, let alone actors that are good enough to make a bad script look good, instead of only being good when their scripts are pure handouts to make them look good.

    If you're not too busy throwing up when this show is on, try and get to the remote and change the channel.