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  • headlands I'm so addicted it's on 4 nights now cast is great Big fan of Josh Quong Tart

    headLand is a new Aussie series where the secret lives of the locals of South Heads aren't always what they seem.

    The mystery begins as four lives end. What really happened on that wet winters night....Accident or Murder? There is only one survivor who knows for sure and he lies in a coma. The residents want their revenge, they want to point the finger at someone and Craig (Sam Atwell) is the easy target.

    This takes us into the lives of family, friends and the University including the disturbed temperamental princess Sasha (Rachael Taylor) who uses sex as a weapon, her loner brother Heath (Matthew Walker) charged with his sister Sasha's care and his headstrong ex-girlfriend Elly (Adrienne Pickering) who has chosen to follow her head rather than her heart. Living with Sasha and her brother is a frustrated young wife and mother Kate (Brooke Harman) drowning in domestic life and her husband Will (Josh Quong Tart) who is struggling with the fact that he has cheated on the love of his life.