Tuesday 7:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Nov 15, 2005 Between Seasons


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  • complain about Headland, but what about jobs it creates. Australian television is not an easy business to be employed in. If Headland is axed think about the Bestboys/gaffer/etc. My father works on this show, so forgive me for being worried that he may s

    We all need to get behind Australian television. I\'m not saying that Headland is a great show, but come on - people watch neighbours and home and away which are both stupid and they are huge hits. It employs many hard working Australians who should be commended for their effort (I\'m not talking about the actors) and dedication to the Australian television industry. They are working insane hours( 5:30am - 7+pm) to provide for their families.
    Give it a go And hope that it doesn\'t get axed cause last show my dad worked on that finished (Farscape) he was out of work for nearly 2 years. Thats how Tough the film industry is.