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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Changing Places
      Changing Places
      Episode 1
      Nick and Kate, a married couple, arrive at Aidensfield. While Nick as the new local police constable discovers that he's needed immedeately, Kate as a doctor is told that there's no need for her because she's a woman.
    • Fruits of the Earth
      Kate calls Nick lucky as he is already starting to feel quite comfortable after their move northwards. While Kate fights for Mrs. Maskell's right to 'the pill', Nick tries to help her son Alan Maskell to a bank loan.
    • Rumours
      Episode 3
      A local shopkeeper, Charlie Denby, enjoys the company of young male customers. Some people think it's too much. Meanwhile Claude applies to become the gardener of the elderly sisters, Ren'e and Frances Kirby who have moved into the village. They try to con Claude into buying some of their 'valuable' antique items.moreless
    • Playing with Fire
      Nick investigates two mysterious barn fires that have happened recently. A young woman is also assaulted in a barn by her new boyfriend. Kate has an argument with Ferrenby when she puts the unmarried Sandra Murray in touch with the family planning clinic over birth control.
    • Nowt But a Prank
      Nowt But a Prank
      Episode 5
      A feud between two neighbours, a Mr. Chapman and a Mr. Radcliffe that has been going on for the past 20 years is getting really serious. Chapman blocks off a public right of way which leads up to Radcliffe's home. Ferrenby tries to use the road, but Chapman demands he use another road. Ferrenby gets injured moving Chapman's blockade and asks Kate to help out with the practice.moreless
    • Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
      There are a number of burglaries in the area recently which all have a connection, the thief tidies the house before leaving with the loot, which is usually silver. Nick begins to suspect local do-gooder, Penelope Stirling of being involved in the burglaries when he sees her buying incomplete sets of antiques. Meanwhile Nick and Kate attend Alan and Sandra's wedding.moreless
    • Face Value
      Face Value
      Episode 7
      There is to be a big CND demonstration outside the Fylingdales early warning defence base near Aidensfield, and prospective MP - Paul Melthorn is to make a speech there. Workers take offence when demonstrators are putting up posters everywhere advertising the demo and Nick has to break up a row in the pub between them.moreless
    • Outsiders
      Episode 8
      A caravan of circus-folk, the Laszlos arrives in Aidensfield and camps on the village green. The locals are angry about it and demand that these unwelcome visitors leave. The vicar's daughter, Anna falls for the young and handsome Milos Laszlo. This angers her wealthy fiancée, Jamie Hunter.
    • Primal Instinct
      Primal Instinct
      Episode 9
      Muriel Gerard returns from church with her mother one Sunday morning to find that her husband, Andrew - a former DCS from Scotland Yard, has been shot dead. A huge murder hunt then starts. Alan Maskall gets involved in re-spraying cars for a couple of men, thinking them to be straight, but they are in fact bringing him stolen cars.moreless
    • Keep on Running
      Keep on Running
      Episode 10
      There is an outbreak of sheep rustlings Greengrass of the crime. Greengrass ends up in court and is convicted for this, but Nick discovers holes in the evidence. Alan Maskell who is on bail does a runner to London. But unknown to him his wife Sandra suffers a miscarriage at the same time. Nick is asked to go for an interview to a job in London, which would guarantee a promotion to Sergeant.moreless
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