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Episode Guide

    • A Winter's Tale
      A Winter's Tale
      Season 4 - Episode 16
      Lady Whitly complains that she has had Christmas trees stolen. Kate is treating a young boy with breathing problems. His brother and sister are the ones selling the stolen Christmas trees to make money to send their brother to Switzerland which would benefit his health. Lady Whitly at first refuses to drop the charges against the children but later has a change of heart. Kate asks Claude to play Santa and he reluctantly agrees. Nick forgets to buy the turkey so he ends up buying a huge one from Claude! Thinking Blaketon would be alone at Christmas, Nick asks him to Christmas dinner, but he ends up bringing his son along as well. Kate knew nothing about the invitation so she looks a little surprised when she finds out they're cooking for four!moreless
    • Farewell Phil
      After PC Phil Bellamy is shot, this programme looks at his 16 years in Heartbeat. Mark Jordan, who played the character talks about him, as do some other cast members. From Phil's beginning to his dramatic final scenes, the show highlights his best moments.
    • Treading Carefully
      Treading Carefully
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      Nick and Kate's relationship is really put to the test. Nick is slacking in his work, whilst James that her quality of work has also reduced. Nick confides in Blaketon and James is there for Kate to talk to about their problems. Kate tells Nick she is pregnant but he is a lot more keen than she is and is upset when she suggests bringing up the baby on her own, because of their 'unworkable marriage'. Kate ends up performing first aid on top of a church roof, and Nick is annoyed at her for taking the risk going up there, but she informs him simply that its 'her job'. Later the situation is reversed when Nick arrests a man with a knife. In the final scene Kate tearfully realises the baby and their marriage is most important and is upset to think she may have ruined her and Nick's special time, but Nick comforts her, telling her everything will be all right and the couple make up happily.moreless
    • Keep on Running
      Keep on Running
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      There is an outbreak of sheep rustlings Greengrass of the crime. Greengrass ends up in court and is convicted for this, but Nick discovers holes in the evidence. Alan Maskell who is on bail does a runner to London. But unknown to him his wife Sandra suffers a miscarriage at the same time. Nick is asked to go for an interview to a job in London, which would guarantee a promotion to Sergeant.moreless
    • An American in Aidensfield
      An American in Aidensfield
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      An American motor cyclist called Charlie, turns up at the police house having just had an accident. Kate, who has been forced to move her surgery to the police house temporarily, is able to fix him up. Nick is in bed with the flu and gets little time to rest. A local, Korean war veteran is angered when he learns that the American is a draft dodger, avoiding fighting for his country in Vietnam. This angers the veteran who then picks a fight with him in the pub. Then Charlie's bike gets damaged. Charlie fixes the bike and the war veteran then tries to force Charlie off the road, but he himself ends up in a ditch. Meanwhile Greengrass acquires a couple of classic English motor bikes, claiming he wants them for a regimental museum, but in fact sells them to Charlie. Gina who falls for Charlie is tempted when he offers to take her down to London.moreless
    • Night Mail
      Night Mail
      Season 17 - Episode 3
      Joe clashes with Rachel regarding a train robbery investigation. News of a legacy reaches Peggy.
    • Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
      Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      There are a number of burglaries in the area recently which all have a connection, the thief tidies the house before leaving with the loot, which is usually silver. Nick begins to suspect local do-gooder, Penelope Stirling of being involved in the burglaries when he sees her buying incomplete sets of antiques. Meanwhile Nick and Kate attend Alan and Sandra's wedding.moreless
    • Expectations
      Season 5 - Episode 2
      Joe Norton is causing trouble by smashing up pots in Nick and Kate's garden. A gypsy named Flo camps just up from Greengrass' house but he doesn't take kindly to her trying to sell him some lucky heather so she puts a 'hex' on him - Claude starts to believe that its working when everything starts to go wrong for him, so he asks to be 'unhexed'! Kate gets the result of her blood test that she sent off under another name, and it's bad news, but she keeps it to herself. Joe sets fire to the gypsy's caravan, Nick catches up with him but Joe attempts to assault him during the arrest. Clothes go missing off washing lines in the area. Kate goes into labour, and once she arrives at the hospital baby Sarah is soon born, Nick is over the moon, but his hopes are suddenly dashed when Kate tells him she has leukaemia.moreless
    • Thief in the Night
      Thief in the Night
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      Kate comes out of hospital with baby Sarah. The atmosphere is extremely sullen and Nick neglects his work, which doesn't go down well with Blaketon. Nick receives reports of prowlers hanging around at night, but he doesn't do anything about it. The next day Mr Copeland complains to Blaketon about Nick's inefficiency and about a tank of petrol he has had stolen. Blaketon is on the warpath and unaware of Kate's condition, goes round to the police house and tears a strip off Nick. Kate realises she can't keep it a secret any longer so Nick finally tells Phil the bad news. Blaketon feels awful for what he said and goes back to apologise. Kate is finding it difficult to cope and asks Nick to take her for a picnic in the hills. But this has disastrous repercussions when she goes down with pneumonia, which immediately worsens her condition. Emotions are running high, and by the time Kate dies everything comes to a head. After the funeral, Nick sees David Stockwell with a petrol can, realising it was he who has been thieving the petrol he aggressively tries to make an arrest. Alf has to pull Nick away and tells Blaketon he's never seen Nick lose his temper like that. Nick's on a short fuse, and ends up blaming Maggie for not spotting Kate's illness sooner. At the end Nick renames baby Sarah, Katie.moreless
    • Wild Thing
      Wild Thing
      Season 4 - Episode 1
      Insp. Crossley has an interesting idea as to what has been responsible for a series of attacks on sheep - he thinks a puma did it - much to the Ashfordly Police's amusement! He keeps to his theory until Alfred is put in the frame for the crime. Claude is ordered to have Alfred destroyed, Claude violently objects and even steels Alfred back. But Nick doesn't believe Alfred is to blame and catches the real culprits in time. They were sheep rustlers, and Blaketon has great fun in informing Insp. Crossley of this fact!moreless
    • Over the Hill
      Over the Hill
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      A black soldier called Ken Marston is bullied by his racist Sergeant, who follows Marston during the exercises and intends to shoot Ken as he's reported Nicholls to his superiors. However, on top of a cliff face Nicholls and Ken get in a confrontation and Nicholls falls. Ken then goes on the run thinking he's killed him. Meanwhile, Kate is treating a widow whose son is seriously disturbed by his father's death.moreless
    • A Chilly Reception
      A Chilly Reception
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      A local woman is getting prepared for her wedding, but someone it seems is trying to sabotage the event. An old boyfriend of the woman's then turns up still expressing feelings for her. The church is then sabotaged and Nick and Kate find that the culprit for the recent acts of sabotage is the bride to be's old boyfriend. A old friend of Greengrass' turns up and passes on to him a load of stolen sea food, which Claude then sells to the bride's family for the reception, which gives the her father food poisoning. Meanwhile, Kate's aunt Eileen pays her a visit telling her that she has some money that her Uncle Henry had left to her in his will. Kate initially refuses it, which puzzles Nick. Kate later explains that when she was young she found her uncle in bed with another woman, and he then tried to bribe Kate into not telling her auntie. However Eileen tells Kate that she was aware of her husbands affairs and lived to accept it. Kate then accepts the money and donates it to charity in memory Dr Ferrenby.moreless
    • Strike Up the Band
      Strike Up the Band
      Season 18 - Episode 6
      The rivalry between two brass bands in Aidensfield stirs up a tale including adultery, poisoning and violence. Dawn announces she is moving to Paris with a young man she has just met and Joe and Rachel's relationship hots up, causing problems between him and Carol.
    • Secrets
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      A market trader's van is hijacked and stolen on the moors. Nick suspects Lord Ashfordly's son. Kate unintentionally starts a chicken pox epidemic when she starts a mother and baby group. Nick spots Claude wearing a brand new pair of boots several sizes too small which turns out to be part of the market trader's stolen stock. A local girl is pregnant and confides in Kate as to whom the father is.moreless
    • Fruits of the Earth
      Fruits of the Earth
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Kate calls Nick lucky as he is already starting to feel quite comfortable after their move northwards. While Kate fights for Mrs. Maskell's right to 'the pill', Nick tries to help her son Alan Maskell to a bank loan.
    • Bang to Rights
      Bang to Rights
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Rosie Tinniswood takes an overdose and Nick and Kate are left minding her children. Once she's recovered, Rosie tells Nick her husband is in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Nick finds evidence to support Rosie's claims. Meanwhile, Phil is to marry his girlfriend who says she's pregnant.
    • Witch Hunt
      Witch Hunt
      Season 4 - Episode 2
      An old woman is under suspicion of being responsible for an attack of food poisoning.
    • Speed Kills
      Speed Kills
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      The surgery in Aidensfield is broken into one night and Ferrenby gets assaulted and is taken to hospital. Pills that were stolen in the raid are being passed off as other drugs and sold around the area. Gina goes out with an old friend called Debbie and they end up meeting a couple of teddy boys. Later, Debbie collapses after taking some drugs and goes to hospital. Nick then questions Gina as to where her friend got the drugs, but she has no idea. Nick and Phil suspect the two teddy boys and question them. They tell them who the supplier is and go and make the arrest. Meanwhile, Kate discovers a patient's miscarriages have been caused by foreign drugs she took for morning sickness. And Greengrass is angered when his pink Chrysler Imperial gets stolen.moreless
    • A Talent for Deception
      A Talent for Deception
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Nick and Kate fall out when an old boyfriend of hers turns up. Soon after his arrival he becomes the prime suspect in a hit-and-run incident, and Nick is forced to tell him not to leave the area while it's investigated. Meanwhile, a local bank informs the police of a woman acting suspiciously around the bank. Nick and Phil go to investigate, only to discover the woman is in fact the famous crime writer Amanda Young, doing research for her next novel. Meanwhile Phil, on behalf of his football team, organizes a talent contest where Greengrass is running a book on who will win. The hit-and-run incident is then revealed to be down to one of Phil's rivals on the football field. And Claude sells some moor land to the MoD and treats himself to a big and flashy pink Chrysler Imperial car!moreless
    • Bringing It All Back Home
      Bringing It All Back Home
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Inspector Crossley from Whitby arrives at the police house to see Nick, but is angry to find the police house being used as a doctor's surgery by Kate. Crossley then goes to Ashfordly station where he's been expected expressing his annoyance about the situation. Blaketon and Nick both assure him however it's just a temporarily situation until Kate can find a new surgery. Crossley also informs Blaketon of some major changes in the Ashfordly area, which will include a far bigger beat for Nick. Kate in the meantime goes out with her old friend Sally, who's also a GP for a drink and a general chat. Sally tells Kate of a job that's going in Whitby, but Kate isn't interested. Sally then puts Kate's name forward to a Dr. James Radcliffe who owns his own practice in Whitby. Radcliffe writes to Kate offering her a job with his practice and Kate is then tempted to take him up on his offer, but Nick however is reluctant to leave Aidensfield. A coach trip meanwhile is organised to hear Gina sing at a club in Whitby and so a day trip is made of it and a good time is had by all. Claude with Alfred's help gets lucky on the fruit machines at the amusement arcade, while Phil gets into a spot of bother with the owner! Nick and Kate find themselves helping a young girl on the beach who can't find her father. Nick however then spots a man in trouble in the sea and calls the lifeboat out, but it's to late and the man, who turns out to be the girls father - drowns. Claude also gets into trouble when the Inland Revenue finally catch up with him, demanding a huge amount of cash that he owes due to his many years of tax evading! And Blaketon takes Graham out for a day in an attempt to get closer to him.moreless
    • Riders of the Storm
      Riders of the Storm
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Convict Stevie Walsh is released from prison and is on a train back to Aidensfield to see his wife and to finish some unfinished business. In the night Aidensfield gets cut off as a severe snow storm and the whole are is unreachable. The train heading for Aidensfield then crashes when the signals fail. Nick is alone and can't get police assistance, so its up to him alone to organise a rescue mission with the villagers including Claude and George to help the passengers and see to the injured which include Gina's brother, Barry and Alex, who has suffered a head injury. The injured are taken to the village hall by the villagers until outside help can reach them. Meanwhile Kate is called out by a man, whose partner - Ellen and Walsh's ex-wife is in labour and about to give birth. To Ellen's distress, Stevie helps her and Kate when they get trapped in the snow on the way to hospital, and they end up with the train passengers in the village hall where the Kate delivers the baby. Blaketon eventually arrives in the morning with other officers to help, by which time Walsh has vanished, Nick finds him at Ellen's home recovering some money from the last job he did. Nick finds Walsh, retrieves the money and convinces him that he should leave the area. And Claude is happy to be reunited with Alfred who had recently gone missing!moreless
    • Stop Gap
      Stop Gap
      Season 17 - Episode 1
      The local residents make a stand to a gang of bikers in Aidensfield. The new PC, Joe Mason, arrives in Aidensfield but will the villagers give his tactics the thumbs up or the thumbs down?
    • Face Value
      Face Value
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      There is to be a big CND demonstration outside the Fylingdales early warning defence base near Aidensfield, and prospective MP - Paul Melthorn is to make a speech there. Workers take offence when demonstrators are putting up posters everywhere advertising the demo and Nick has to break up a row in the pub between them.moreless
    • Baby Blues
      Baby Blues
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Kate is treating a woman who is driven to despair by her inability to conceive. The woman later has a row with her husband and storms off. The baby of a young couple called The Doubleday's then goes missing and the mother suspects her mother-in-law of the kidnapping and a manhunt is launched for the snatched baby. However, Kate realises that her patient is probably responsible for taking the baby. The baby is eventually returned by some hippies who have moved into the area. Meanwhile, Greengrass buys a racehorse and starts training it up and down Aidensfield's main street, to the annoyance of Blaketon who tries to think of an offence to be able to stop him, but can't!moreless
    • A Bird in the Hand
      A Bird in the Hand
      Season 4 - Episode 15
      The owners of Abbots Farm are in trouble when an outbreak of tuberculosis hits. Alf has trouble with the car again, only this time he gets it stuck in a river! Nick helps him rescue the car and Claude jokes about some spooky noises in the area. The police uncover some illegal exotic birds.moreless
    • Ties That Bind
      Ties That Bind
      Season 18 - Episode 18
      Armed robbers are targeting post offices around Aidensfield, leading to Mason working with his old flame Rachel Dawson. Her career meanwhile is in doubt, following being in an affair with a senior colleague. Carol isn't overly impressed when she spots Joe in a romantic clinch with Rachel, who denies this and says it was in the line of duty and nothing guilty. Meanwhile, Peggy offers to house clean for a man. Oscar thinks she is after the man's money. However, it is the man's wife, who is a resident in a nursing home, who has a shady past.moreless
    • Heirs Apparent
      Heirs Apparent
      Season 17 - Episode 2
      Lord Ashfordly is arrested by PC Joe Mason which does not impress Sergeant Miller. David fears that me may be murdered after making a will.
    • A Brush With The Law
      A Brush With The Law
      Season 17 - Episode 11
      Somebody vandalizes Gordon Radford's study.
    • Primal Instinct
      Primal Instinct
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Muriel Gerard returns from church with her mother one Sunday morning to find that her husband, Andrew - a former DCS from Scotland Yard, has been shot dead. A huge murder hunt then starts. Alan Maskall gets involved in re-spraying cars for a couple of men, thinking them to be straight, but they are in fact bringing him stolen cars.moreless
    • Charity Begins at Home
      Charity Begins at Home
      Season 6 - Episode 17
      Aidensfield is hit by a snow storm and a plane makes a crash landing. A couple were on board but the pilot runs from the scene just as his wife goes into labour.. Nick eventually has to deliver the baby himself. He and Jo then take mother and baby back to the cottage, but there are problems because the baby is premature.. The escape pilot turns out to be a wanted man, and its Claude who helps Nick catch him! Phil and Alf get stuck in a snow drift when Alf was meant to be playing Santa, meanwhile Claude is brought in as a replacement - but Alf is rescued in time so two Santas turn up at the nativity play! In the final scene Nick proposes to Jo.moreless
    • Arms and the Man
      Arms and the Man
      Season 4 - Episode 10
      The hours Kate is working in Whitby is putting a strain on her relationship with Nick. At the moment she is rarely at home except for weekends. Ron Cooper ends up in hospital from a breech explosion from his Lee Enfield .303 Army Riffle. Nick investigates as to why he had the gun in the first place and eventually finds hoards of old army ammunition at Cooper's farm. Greengrass has got hold of some grenades which he uses to clear Lord Ashfordly's river of most of his trout. Mrs Swinton thinks she's pregnant and Kate gives her some pills, which will determine whether she's pregnant or not by the next day. We later see Kate taking them, she tells James that she's pregnant, but she's less than pleased with the idea. She attempts to tell Nick but backs down.moreless
    • Assault and Battery
      Assault and Battery
      Season 4 - Episode 13
      There are a series of vandal attacks on a battery hen farm, which turns out to have involved a potential girlfriend of Phil's! Nick and Kate are decorating the nursery and Blaketon is impressed when he sees it - he even gives them a teddy bear for the baby, which he suggests they call 'Oscar'! Claude tries a scheme to sell 'free range' eggs - the only trouble is he's had a bit of help from the battery hens!moreless
    • Bitter Harvest
      Bitter Harvest
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Local farmer Reg Manston, notices one of his cows looks very ill and he suspects the animal may be infected with the highly contagious disease known as Foot and Mouth. The whole area becomes affected by the outbreak when it means that no social events can happen at the risk of the disease spreading, which annoys George whose bar is totally empty of customers.moreless
    • The Traveller
      The Traveller
      Season 10 - Episode 7
      Nat Cooper is a 'traveller'. He and a mate tries unsuccessfully an armed robbery and they soon leave each other on their own. Greengrass gets involved in organizing horse races on open country roads.
    • Changing Places
      Changing Places
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Nick and Kate, a married couple, arrive at Aidensfield. While Nick as the new local police constable discovers that he's needed immedeately, Kate as a doctor is told that there's no need for her because she's a woman.
    • Missing
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      The fair arrives in Aidensfield to the annoyance of local caravan site owner Edna Plummer. It turns out that her caravan site is used as a convenient meeting place by her criminal brother. He is about to receive some stolen works of art from amateur smuggler, Norman Currie, who is on his way back home from a trip to Holland with his family. Currie's son takes one of the paintings and swaps it for free rides at the fair. Workers at the fair sell the painting to Greengrass who tries to sell it to Ferrenby who realises it's true value and tells Nick. Meanwhile, two five year olds go missing but return unharmed. Kate discovers the children had a mysterious friend, who turns out to be a local man whose wife and child were recently killed in an accident.moreless
    • The Championship
      The Championship
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Nick gets roped into a quoits match and Claude shows him how to play! Nick meets Jo's parents for the first time, which doesn't go smoothly. Jo hasn't told them Nick has been married before or about Katie, Jo's dad isn't impressed at Nick's lack of ambition professionally, and they make it obvious they disapprove. A coach crash occurs on the moor and Phil is on board. Nick panics when he hears because he thinks Katie and Eileen are on the coach, but it turns out they went by car. One man is killed, and Nick has to tell his wife. Ruby tells Nick that there is something wrong. She says she's found someone who wants to move in with her, but he can be violent when he's in a temper, but she's lonely and wants the company. Nick tells her to get rid of him, and eventually that's what she decides to do.moreless
    • Mid Day Sun
      Mid Day Sun
      Season 4 - Episode 3
      There is an outbreak of rabies which results in the garage owner's death. Blaketon is outraged at the owners if the dog which brought the disease into the country from abroad. However later they discover their own son has been bitten by the dog. Nick asks Claude to help the gamekeepers to look for the dog and the matter is resolved. Ashfordly Police have a new vehicle, which unfortunately Alf damages on its first time out!moreless
    • Wishing Well
      Wishing Well
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      There is a village dance, everyone is having a good time until a group of rockers start to cause trouble, and throw what they think is a piece of lead through the window. But this ‘lead' turns out to be gold, which was part of a large amount that was stolen 7 years ago. Kate isn't feeling well and starts to get worried about her symptoms, but doesn't voice her concerns. One of Kate's patients Nettie Pickard has a wishing well in her garden, and Kate , suddenly feeling superstitious, makes a wish. Nettie's house is later trashed. The man responsible was a local councillor who was searching for the rest of the gold because he knew it was Nettie's husband who found it originally and thought it must have been hidden in the house. He is later caught digging the gold out of the well. Kate is willing the baby to arrive.moreless
    • Turn of the Tide
      Turn of the Tide
      Season 4 - Episode 4
      Nick and Alf go on a fishing trip to Whitby. Alf is looking forward to a weeks holiday but Nick is there undercover to investigate smuggling. Nick finds out that a container dumped at sea contains counterfeit money. Alf teaches Nick about fishing and they organise a game of poker with some of the suspected smugglers. Nick takes this opportunity to force his opponent to hand over some of the counterfeit money. They are lodging with the Stirling's who own a sailing shop. Jake Stirling helps Nick and Alf set a trap for the smugglers and they are caught. Jake's girlfriend finds out she's pregnant and he wants her to have an abortion. Kate tells her its illegal. Blaketon is taking over Nick's patch while he's away which gives him a great opportunity to keep an eye on Greengrass. However he fails to find out that he's doing a very good trade in venison!moreless
    • It's All in the Game
      It's All in the Game
      Season 5 - Episode 10
      It is Katie's christening, and everyone is celebrating at Nicks house afterwards, when an old girlfriend of his, Gill, from the Met turns up for a visit. Nick and Gill are asked to go undercover to investigate the criminal activities of the owner of a well known gambling club. Blaketon thinks that Mr Armstrong is going to cheat in an up coming racing event by tampering with the favourite horse, 'Fab Four'. The police are on to him, and he soon notices he's being watched so he kidnaps Gill and hides her in a horse box. Nick and Phil come to the rescue.moreless
    • Father's Day
      Father's Day
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Nick arrests Blaketon's son Graham for mugging a suspected drug dealer. Graham tells the police he did it to stop him pushing drugs to the youngsters. Blaketon is horrified but insists that there's nothing he can do and that the law must take its course, to the annoyance of his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Greengrass delivers a letter to Betty Such from her late husband. It tells her that a key to his safety deposit box is in the pocket of his best suit, but he was buried in that. So Betty and her son go and rob his grave to retrieve the Key. Once they have the key they open the box which is full of money. They celebrate their good fortune and start spending the money in the pub, but Gina realises its forged and tells Nick. Betty realises the notes are all forged and she realises that her husband has set her up from beyond the grave.moreless
    • The Frighteners
      The Frighteners
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      An elderly woman, Jane Thompson who lives in a cottage is receiving threatening phone calls and hears noises in the middle of the night. A landowner, a Mr Walker is keen to get his hands on the her cottage. Nick at first suspects Walker of being behind the threatening behaviour, but Blaketon warns him off. The ladies son-in-law sells the cottage and she eventually is forced to move into a home, but she's not happy and goes back to her cottage. She then refuses to vacate it. Nick arrives and discovers the cottage was not her son-in-law's to sell, making her the rightful owner. It turns out that her son-in-law was responsible for all the threats. Meanwhile Alf finds a kitten and takes it to the station as Mrs. Ventress doesn't like cats. Blaketon orders someone to go and get it put down, but everyone refuses. Blaketon ends up not being so hard and keeps the Kitten as a pet.moreless
    • Catch Us If You Can
      Catch Us If You Can
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Juke boxes are sold to all the local pubs, but the main supplier makes sure that they are the only ones to buy from. They do this by having two bikers smash up any other machines. Including the one in the Aidensfield Arms that Claude's mate had installed. Nick asks Gina to help with an under cover operation to catch the culprits. Alf goes to his would be son in law's stag night where all his drinks get spiked. He ends up spending the night in a cell because he can't go home to Mrs Ventress! There's still tension between Nick and Jo.moreless
    • Music of the Spheres
      Music of the Spheres
      Season 12 - Episode 25
      Things get complicated for Steve when he falls for the beautiful daughter of a Polish violinist staying at Ashfordly Hall. Vernon is visited by two long-lost cousins claiming to have an irresistible business proposition.
    • Lost and Found
      Lost and Found
      Season 4 - Episode 14
      A man comes to Aidensfield who has mislaid his suitcase on a train.. The suitcase contained his wife's ashes. His purpose for his visit was to try and make peace with his mother in law after a fierce misunderstanding years ago.. There is a village fete with everyone involved, whilst the police uncover some weapons from a hot dog stand. Alfred is supposed to enter the Lurcher Challenge Cup race but unfortunately George lets him loose on the ale.moreless
    • Trouble in Mind
      Trouble in Mind
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      Mr Parker comes to Aidensfield unable to recall the last 7 years of his life. It is suggested that when he left the village back then, he left his family and disappeared after collecting his employers payroll. Kate contacts his wife Helen who agrees to see him. Complications occur when another woman turns up claiming to be his wife. Claude goes to see 'strangers on a train' at the cinema, he then receives a strange proposal from a man who took the plot of the film a bit too seriously. It involved strangers carrying out each others crimes. Greengrass isn't interested in getting involved in such a scheme but the stranger keeps pestering him. Claude still refuses but soon finds out his barn had been burnt down shortly after he admitted the insurance was worth more than the barn itself. The stranger kidnaps Alfred, Nick and Greengrass go to investigate, and Alfred is found much to Claude's relief.moreless
    • Vacant Possession
      Vacant Possession
      Season 5 - Episode 5
      Ruby asks Blaketon to dinner, they then meet on a number of other occasions, Phil and Alf enjoy teasing Nick over his mum's potential romance with Oscar! - but to Ruby's disappointment, Blaketon doesn't take the hint, and Ruby pronounces him 'dead from the neck down'! An illiterate man, Eddie is outraged when a cottage to rent was promised to him by his Aunt but it ends up being sold. His girlfriend calls of their wedding because they don't have a house. Another man is after his girlfriend and sets out to frame Eddie for smashing several windows, but Nick eventually uncovers the truth. Greengrass tries his luck at selling some of his property, but it back fires. Auntie Eileen comes to visit, but the way Ruby sees it is that it leaves her free to go back to London, as she assumes Eileen will stay and help out for a while - which as we know, it ends up being a bit longer than that!moreless
    • Blood Sports
      Blood Sports
      Season 5 - Episode 15
      A father has kidnapped his son from his wife and brought him to Aidensfield. The boy becomes ill with polio, so a mass vaccination is arranged. Once the boy is taken to hospital his dad runs away, but Nick says he won't go far as he is worried about his son. It turns out that he too, has polio and he's found just in time. The boys mother arrives after having hired a private detective to find her son, but she admits she drove her husband into snatching their son. Blaketon is now president of the rugby club, and Phil is on the team. Greengrass has a go at playing talent scout, but his plan doesn't work out. Nick meets Jo the new school teacher and the fact that he's noticed her is obvious!moreless
    • Only Make Believe
      Only Make Believe
      Season 17 - Episode 8
      A guest gets Wetherby into trouble and Oscar and Ventress find their cover story in danger as they work on a private detetctive case.
    • You Never Can Tell
      You Never Can Tell
      Season 17 - Episode 22
      A veteran pop manager decides that the Aidensfield Arms will be the location for his wedding reception. Oscar suspects that something is up and when he is found dead, investigations show that he may have been murdered. Peggy is caught with stolen goods, causing her to suddenly suffer from memory loss.moreless
    • Fair Game
      Fair Game
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      Susanna Temple Richards (Played by Jenny Agutter) is having an affair with a local man. Her husband is often seen drinking, so Susanna puts sleeping pills in his whisky to prevent him joining her on the hunt the next day. But he turns up anyway and takes a fall whilst riding, hits his head and dies. There is an enquiry and high levels of sleeping pills are found in his blood stream. Susanna is arrested. (‘The Laid Plans' in series 6 carries on from this) Archie Cutter has died and Claude asks Nick if he can look after his poultry and he agrees. But later Blaketon tells Nick, Archie was a notorious cock fighter.moreless
    • Vigilante
      Season 5 - Episode 11
      Arthur Wakefield suffers a heart attack after tackling Terry Tinniswood when he tried to burgle his home. Arthur dies, but Mrs Wakefield manages to identify Terry from photos and then from a line up. The Tinniswood family however claim that Terry was at home all night. Mrs Wakefield then sets out to make Terry feel guilty and insecure. Special Constable Cowley who thinks he knows everything is assigned to help Nick on his patch, but Nick isn't pleased with the idea. Cowley is determined to win the prize for the best gooseberries in the up coming flower show. - But his wife makes sure that doesn't happen. Greengrass' plan to cheat in the show goes horribly wrong!moreless
    • Thanks to Alfred
      Thanks to Alfred
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      A wrestling match is the up coming event and everyone is excited about seeing the 'Masked Marvel' in action. But he's staying with Claude, and Alfred takes exception to his mask and bites him in the leg. A local rugby player wrestles in his place - the Masked Marvel's manager is thrilled that no one noticed the difference with the mask on. He then realises there's no limit to the amount of times he can interchange players. The original 'Masked Marvel' is upset about being replaced and decides to do something about it. He ends up coming out on top when he wrestles without the mask A mother leaves her children and husband to move in with another man, her son takes it very badly. Later she is found dead alongside a road, and suspicion falls on the husband.moreless
    • Going Home
      Going Home
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      A German American called Victor Kellerman arrives in the village with the intention of killing a local landowner, a Mr Lessor. He attacks Lessor but he cannot go through with it and leaves the area. Kellerman is later arrested and Nick is assigned to escort him back into the area. It is revealed that Lessor was a SS traitor and responsible for sending Kellerman and his family to Nazi concentration camps during WW2. Meanwhile Kate is treating Lessor for diabetes, and when he realises he will have to go to court he takes an over dose of insulin. Without him the evidence is incomplete and the charges are dropped. Tragedy strikes when Dr Alex Ferrenby drowns whilst fishing, he died of a brain hemorrhage. And Greengrass helps some gypsies organise some bare-fist fighting.moreless
    • Old Colonials
      Old Colonials
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      Claude's nephew comes to visit but he brings his latest business partner who is American along with him. They ask Claude if they can use his place for storage. There are a few burglaries in the area including Ashfordly hall. Walter Gillis is trying to put Bill Ruane in the frame because he wants a chance to buy his stables. But it turns out that it was Walter himself who robbed Ashfordly hall, and it was the American who had done the two other burglaries. Claude is upset to find that the stolen goods had been hidden on his property. Nick asks Jo to dinner but is called out and Jo offers to baby-sit. Eileen comes home to find her curled up asleep on the sofa with Katie.moreless
    • Love Child
      Love Child
      Season 4 - Episode 5
      A break in occurs at the Children's Department of Ashfordly Council Offices, Nick disturbs the intruder but the burglar escapes with a file detailing an abortion. Kate helps a girl named Sandie when she cuts her hand and a toddler goes missing in Whitby. It turns out Sandie did the robbery and abducted the child believing it to be the baby she gave up for adoption. Greengrass is into pigeon racing and is horrified when peregrine falcons kill one of his pigeons. He tells Nick who, tells Claude its not a police matter. Two bird watchers then have their falcon eggs smashed for which Blaketon naturally suspects Greengrass, it turns out Lord Ashfordly's game keeper is responsible and Greengrass demands an apology from Blaketon - but doesn't get it!moreless
    • End of the Line
      End of the Line
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      An elderly widower, a Mr. Milner from London, comes and stays in the village. Milner however is not a well man and has to visit Kate. Meanwhile Claude has been asked to do a barn clearance, and Nick buys the remains of an old MG off him very cheaply for only £25.moreless
    • Playing with Fire
      Playing with Fire
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Nick investigates two mysterious barn fires that have happened recently. A young woman is also assaulted in a barn by her new boyfriend. Kate has an argument with Ferrenby when she puts the unmarried Sandra Murray in touch with the family planning clinic over birth control.
    • Dead Ringer
      Dead Ringer
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Phil goes to meet a girl while he should be on his beat, at the same time a pawn brokers in Ashfordly is broken into. Following a tip-off, Nick learns that the stolen goods are hidden in a lock up rented in Phil's name. Nick realises that someone is trying to frame Phil, but Blaketon suspends him pending further inquiries. Meanwhile Greengrass gets involved in a betting scam, which involves substituting one greyhound with another. A local man called Scarman is the instigator of this plan, and Nick discovers that Scarman's girlfriend is in fact the girl that Phil is seeing. Nick cannot prove that Scarman set Phil up, but there is enough evidence to let Phil off the hook and arrest Scarman. The woman confirms that Phil was with her on the night of the burglary.moreless
    • Wall of Silence
      Wall of Silence
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Lord Ashfordly's winter pheasant shoot is seriously disrupted when the entire contents of his game larder are stolen. There is an outbreak of petty thefts on Nick's patch and when he investigates, his enquiries make him believe that an incestuous relationship is the reason behind the thefts. Susan Rawlings, a teenage daughter of Lord Ashfordly's gamekeeper, is pregnant and steals money from Greengrass to pay for an illegal abortion. Unaware of this, her brother Chris stole the pheasants in order to raise cash for the same purpose. Susan has the abortion, but ends up in hospital. When Kate and Ferrenby find out, they go to see the woman responsible for doing it and warn her of the dangers involved. Chris it turns out is the father of his sister's unborn child.moreless
    • Outsiders
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      A caravan of circus-folk, the Laszlos arrives in Aidensfield and camps on the village green. The locals are angry about it and demand that these unwelcome visitors leave. The vicar's daughter, Anna falls for the young and handsome Milos Laszlo. This angers her wealthy fiancée, Jamie Hunter.
    • Who Needs Enemies?
      Who Needs Enemies?
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      Greengrass is asked to put on a number of bets at the races for some rather unscrupulous characters. But before he gets the chance he ends up in hospital with a suspected appendix problem. Blaketon is afraid he'll have to retire and is tempted when Arnold, his friend offers him a job. A young boy has been assaulted and Nick suspects Arnold - Blaketon strongly disagrees. Nick investigates and finds evidence to suggest that Arnold could also be guilty of corruption. He ends up having an argument about it with Blaketon, who then storms out. Nick realises he's offended him and goes round to apologise. Meanwhile Blaketon has a chat with Arnold and realises Nick's right.moreless
    • Kids
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      Derek Ramsey's loses his temper during a domestic row at home and storms off down the pub. He drinks heavily and Phil asks him to leave. But Derek ends up assaulting Phil, Nick and Alf. He is sentenced to 28 days, but as Phil and Alf are taking him to jail he escapes, much to Blaketon's disgust! Derek made the escape to get back to his girlfriend who is in danger. Greengrass is working as a lollipop man until an out break of pilfering occurs at the school, and he's told to leave. Claude is offended and angry at Nick because he thinks it was him who got him the sack, when really it was the Headmistress of the school who thought Claude was the guilty party - which of course he wasn't.moreless
    • Leaving Home
      Leaving Home
      Season 7 - Episode 5
      Claude is in trouble when two dangerous villains dump a batch of stolen cigarettes on him. Jo's mother's illness isn't improving and she goes into hospital for tests.. A girl and her dad are staying in Aidensfield. To his horror she befriends a local boy.
    • Forget Me Not
      Forget Me Not
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      A frightened man who lives alone is being threatened. The man doing this thinks that he is the doctor who was convicted of medical negligence for causing the death of his little girl. But they've got the wrong man. Claude finds the man who is now tied up and one of the men he's with has a gun. Claude shows the police where he is and he's rescued. Jo is spending more time with Nick but is worried that Eileen disapproves. Unfortunately Nick is often called out whenever they are together.moreless
    • We're All Allies Really
      We're All Allies Really
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      A German man, Dieter comes to the village in search of his fathers grave. Many of the locals take exception to him, especially a young man (who's part of moorland rescue) knows that the Dieter's father bombed his parents house in the war. Nick can't understand peoples attitude to him, and Gina agrees. An old man who has been coming to Aidensfield with his wife on holiday for years suddenly goes missing with Claude. A search is mounted and Dieter wants to help. But he goes off track on the moors and falls in a swamp. Nick does his best to help him but eventually the man from moorland rescue is persuaded to save him. Nick apologises to Maggie for what he said to her after Kate's funeral. Maggie notices a run away train, Nick chases it only to find that its the old man and Claude who had been driving it! - Blaketon is annoyed that he can't charge Greengrass but has to hand the matter over to the transport police!moreless
    • Fool for Love
      Fool for Love
      Season 7 - Episode 6
      Nick discovers a complicated history behind an aristocratic woman and her former romance with a member of the community. Claude tries to help an Australian couple discover their ancestry.
    • Bygones Be Bygones
      Bygones Be Bygones
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      Nick is suspicious of a financial advisor that comes to the area, he seems all too keen to advise people with their money matters including Jo's dad. Many of the locals including Maggie and Blaketon receive anonymous letters. Phil has the job of tracking down the type writer which they were written on - he finds it at Claude's house - but Claude's not guilty as he's had a letter himself, he's embarrassed by its content but shows it to Nick and swears him to secrecy! It turns out that it was a local widow's husband who was responsible.moreless
    • Red Herring
      Red Herring
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      A Russian defector is on the run. A Russian ship docks in Whitby and a fight amongst the crew breaks out in a local pub. One sailor thinks he's killed his skipper and asks Nick for Political asylum. When Nick and Alf take him to the immigration office he makes a run for it and they lose him. Blaketon is not impressed but when the sailor finds out that he didn't kill the Skipper he says he needs to get back on the ship. Nick and Claude arrange a plan to sneak the sailor back onto the ship and it works. During all of this Greengrass has been trout poaching with a priest! Dr Radcliff's daughter goes missing on a cliff side and a search is mounted for her - she is found unharmed.moreless
    • Friendly Fire
      Friendly Fire
      Season 7 - Episode 8
      Nick is suspicious when a lay preacher is injured in a shooting accident but eventually uncovers the truth behind the incident. Claude is doing his utmost to make money out of the famous Aidensfield bun for which he has been given what he thinks is the secret recipe to look after! Gina's relationship with Steve is developing but she also receives the bad news that George will never be well enough to come back to the pub.moreless
    • Giving the Game Away
      Giving the Game Away
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      Erol, a man Nick helped out when he was in trouble with the police in London comes to the area.. But when reports of trespassers, and theft come in Blaketon suspects Erol. Nick is annoyed because he thinks Blaketon's assumptions have been made on the fact that Erol is coloured, and takes exception to his attitude. But when more evidence is found Nick is forced to question Erol. Erol is asked to play in the Aidensfield cricket team, and he helps win them a match, but he knows someone from where he used to work is after him, so he makes a run for it but gets cornered. Luckily Nick and Phil arrive in time. Nick's mum is up for a visit, and Nick suspects something's wrong and won't believe her when she denies it. Ruby meets Jo and sets her and Nick up, they agree to give it another go.moreless
    • Snapped
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      A dodgy fashion photographer comes to the village with two glamour models, but he wants locals in his pictures including Claude, for a more rustic country feel! A man is sacked from a job he had been doing for years only because of a few minor mistakes for which he wasn't entirely responsible. He then gets very drunk and goes home and ends up taking his mother hostage with a gun. All of the Ashfordly section are on the case, and Nick tries to talk him out because the man knows and trusts him. But it doesn't work and Nick is keen to get away because he's supposed to be going away for the weekend with Jo. Once he's finally taken down the station he says he will only talk to Nick, so Nick reluctantly agrees to stay. He tells Jo what's happened but she isn't understanding, and tells Nick they're finished.moreless
    • Saint Columba's Treasure
      Saint Columba's Treasure
      Season 5 - Episode 13
      As Lord Ashfordly prepares for an important trout fishing event on his property, an old professor ol archeology dies due to a solo accident at is home. He had explored an abbey ruin on Lord Ashfordly's land in the 1930's, Rumour of important findings develop, so Greengrass decides to go 'treasure' hunting twice.moreless
    • The High Life
      The High Life
      Season 12 - Episode 15
      A gang of mods cause havoc in the in the village and David is all set to join their gang. Jenny worries when a visit from her brother puts a strain on her relationship with Merton.
    • The Family Way
      The Family Way
      Season 7 - Episode 7
      A little boy is injured in a car accident. The driver becomes involved with the police but Blaketon finds that not everything's straight forward.. Jo's Dad is extremely distresses about the death of his wife. Claude's brother Cyril is in the area looking for property.
    • Closing Ranks
      Closing Ranks
      Season 7 - Episode 4
      There is an out break of handbag snatches in the area, the police know who the perpetrators are but can't prove anything. Phil decides to take matters into his own hands when his Gran is the next victim. To ensure a conviction he plants her purse on the suspect, and asks Nick to go along with it, he does, but in court the suspect's solicitor finds holes in the evidence and Blaketon realises what's happened. The case is dropped. Blaketon is angry and threatens to report Phil and Nick for the incident but informs them the next day, that just this once he would let the matter drop. Blaketon then turns to Alf for help with the case, and they set up a successful identity parade, which provides enough evidence to make the charges stand up in court. Meanwhile Jo is having problems with her mother disapproving of Nick and Claude is told there's more to a stuffed ram than meets the eye!moreless
    • Old Friends
      Old Friends
      Season 6 - Episode 16
      An old flame of Eileen's turns up. He is a French man named Antonin, who urges Eileen to marry him. She declines because of her commitment to Katie. Nick goes undercover as a harbour worker to catch an escapee prisoner. Phil goes missing during the operation and is found trapped on one of the boats. Claude is buying fish under false means, Nick notices what's going on and advises him to stay away from Whitby - which is where the investigation is taking place.moreless
    • Small Beer
      Small Beer
      Season 7 - Episode 3
      The theft of the weeks wages is taking place. A young boy is looking after his sick mother almost full time but her condition worsens and she dies. The boy runs away as he's scared of having to go into a children's home. He ends up at Claude's place.
    • Frail Mortality
      Frail Mortality
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      The heads teacher's daughter who has been working as a house keeper for a sick man and his son, is knocked down in a hit and run accident. Maggie calls for help, but ends up becoming the main suspect. Obviously its not her, and Nick says he never suspected her, but Maggie's not so sure. The sick man can't remember anything of the night it happened because he blacked out, and is worried that he could have been responsible. But it turns out it was his son, who drove after the girl when she left that night (he had been her boyfriend) but panicked when he hit her. Nick reconsiders what Jo has said about promotion and asks Blaketon's advice about taking his sergeants exams.moreless
    • Something of Value
      Something of Value
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      Alf has a serious problem with his gambling debts and is forced to ask Nick about Kate's insurance for a loan. Nick isn't impressed at first but the next day he has a chat with Alf and they arrange a plan to sort it out without Blaketon finding out. The man Alf owes money to (Charlie) has been dealing in thousands of pounds worth of stolen wine, but when the wine is found Alf tells Charlie, that no one else knows where its hidden and he won't tell anyone, in exchange for his IOU's. Nick and Alf set the thieves up and they are caught. Jo asks Nick what he intends to do in the future, and hints that she wants him to go for promotion, Nick says he's happy with what he's doing now. Lord Ashfordly is making Claude act as a game keeper without pay, because he caught him poaching his game birds! He tells Nick: "It takes a thief to catch a thief Rowan!"moreless
    • Bad Blood
      Bad Blood
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      Kate arranges with James to do only 2 surgeries a week in Whitby as originally planned and James would help out in Aidensfield when necessary. A feud amongst a local family turns nasty and the police soon learn there's a lot more raw emotion and conflict behind the trouble as they find out more about the families recent past. Billy an of friend of Gina's turns up, who has just been released from prison. He buys Gina a stolen record player from Claude - of which Blaketon is of course suspicious! Nick and Kate are looking forward to the birth of their new baby, Nick even buys a set of toy soldiers! Kate is craving banana and marmite sandwiches or is it chips and ice cream!!moreless
    • Bad Apple
      Bad Apple
      Season 7 - Episode 1
      Claude is persuaded to stand bail for a burglar purely as a business arrangement, for which he does finally get his payment from the man's wealthy wife to be. Nick buys Jo an engagement ring, which she shows off down the pub! The engagement celebrations are ruined when Jo breaks the news to her parents. Her Mother strongly objects to the marriage, and makes no secret of how much she disapproves of her daughter marrying a 'village bobby'.moreless
    • Moving Target
      Moving Target
      Season 12 - Episode 20
      The village is horrified when it seems there is a sniper on the loose, and Bellamy rethinks his priorities after a near miss with a bullet. DI Shiner makes Mike an offer it would be hard to refuse.
    • The Best Laid Plans
      The Best Laid Plans
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      Suzanna Temple-Richards has moved back into the area after having served time for drugging her husband, but when a woman she knew in prison turns up asking her for money problems rise in front of her. Eileen finds it hard to realize that Jo stays over at night at the Police House, Greengrass hunts a treasure in his very own way!moreless
    • Skeletons and Cupboards
      Skeletons and Cupboards
      Season 12 - Episode 1
      Ventress fears for his job and his sanity when Blaketon sees a man whom they certified dead fifteen years previously. Meanwhile, the villagers are sceptical when Vernon finds gainful employment Meanwhile Mike is worried about Tricia as she returns to work, but she is determined that she is ok.
    • Mixed Messages
      Mixed Messages
      Season 17 - Episode 23
      Carol asks Joe for help when suspicions are aroused about the unexpected death of a pensioner. Peggy finds a lot of rubbish in her back yard which isn't hers. The end of her pregnancy draws close for Gina.
    • Sweet Sorrow
      Sweet Sorrow
      Season 18 - Episode 24
      A troubled and wounded young man arrives in Aidensfield, occuring at the same time as the discovery of a woman's body on the moors, which starts off a chain of events, leading to the life of one long-time resident hanging in the balance.
    • Big Chill
      Big Chill
      Season 17 - Episode 19
      A drug shipment is discovered by Rachel and Joe, but Gina is in danger when she makes friends with a dodgy character related to the shipment at her antenatal classes. Peggy finds another money making opportunity when Bernie's hearse isn't ready for a funeral.
    • Endangered Species
      Endangered Species
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Mentally handicapped man - David Stockwell who lives with his elderly mother hears dogs barking in the woods at night and goes to investigate, but his mother follows him and gets injured in a hit and run when a Land Rover cuts her down in the woods. David runs to the pub for help and Nick and Kate get David's mother to the hospital. Nick asks David what happened and he tells Nick about the dogs and the Land Rover, however the next morning after David speaks to his mother his story changes and he insists she only fell. Nick suspects his mother is protecting someone and goes to the hospital to talk to her, but she also insists she fell. Nick is still suspicious and continues his investigation into the accident. Meanwhile David finds an injured badger in the wood and takes it home and with Kate's help nurses it back to good health. Nick meanwhile suspects the Land Rover was driven by badger baiter's and Claude shows him a recently dug up badger set near David's home. Nick then goes to see David who is angry about the badger baiters and when Harry Capshaw who is a friend of his mothers asks him to tell him where badger sets are in the woods, he tells Nick and decides to help catch the baiters. David goes to see Capshaw again and sets a time, and Blaketon and Phil are there waiting and arrest Capshaw and the others red handed. Meanwhile Claude sells shares in a racehorse to George, unfortunately he and the 'other' shareholders find out that he has done so several times over! And Alf is revising for his Sergeants exams at 'every' opportunity instead of working!moreless
    • Nice Girls Don't
      Nice Girls Don't
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      There is a rugby match between the harbour men and the North Riding Police. At the pub afterwards Gina has fun flirting with one of the harbour men and with Phil. As she is driving home she notices that she is being followed. She panics, stalls her car and is chased into the woods. Greengrass notices that a young girl is in trouble and tells Nick unaware that it was Gina. Kate coaxes what happened out of her and Nick reports the crime. Inspector Merchison doesn't believe Gina, which infuriates Kate. Phil's tie is found in Gina's car, but Blaketon assures him that no one suspects him. Phil, Nick and PC Little unofficially question the harbour man from the pub and he is arrested under suspicion. Another girl in Whitby is also being followed, but luckily Nick is around when he makes an attack.Gina comes in for an identity parade and it turns out that it was PC Little who was responsible. Gina threatens to return to Liverpool just as a run away pig comes into the pub! - everyone has fun trying to catch it, and Gina decides to stay, because as Nick points out 'things like this don't happen in Liverpool!'moreless
    • What the Butler Saw
      What the Butler Saw
      Season 7 - Episode 11
      A man has been shot on the moors. A man named Ruxby was in the vicinity when the incident occurred, so he becomes a suspect. It turns out that he was only shooting rabbits at the time. One of Maggie's patients gets a new butler, but Eileen becomes suspicious when a few items go missing. Other thefts have occurred including a stolen pool table that is sold on to Claude. Gina is also thrilled to learn that she is now the licensee of the pub, but she feels Steve is trying to take over. Greengrass arranges to take bets on a pool game.It turns out that the butler had been going under a number of false identities and had been responsible for the shooting and burglaries. Nick tells Claude the pool table is stolen and its taken away. Claude has to find a replacement, and he does, but its a snooker table he later realises the balls are too big for the pockets! Maggie is surprised when her husband turns up in Ashfordly.moreless
    • Accidents Happen
      Accidents Happen
      Season 15 - Episode 26
      A jailbird gets out to assist on a hidden agenda. Debbie changes her ways as a known person returns. A local child acts spiteful at the death of his pet.
    • Nowt But a Prank
      Nowt But a Prank
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      A feud between two neighbours, a Mr. Chapman and a Mr. Radcliffe that has been going on for the past 20 years is getting really serious. Chapman blocks off a public right of way which leads up to Radcliffe's home. Ferrenby tries to use the road, but Chapman demands he use another road. Ferrenby gets injured moving Chapman's blockade and asks Kate to help out with the practice.moreless
    • Give Peace a Chance
      Give Peace a Chance
      Season 16 - Episode 10
      Rob gets accused of police brutality at a protest at a local airfield. Sergeant Miller is surprised when he recognises one of the protestors. Elsewhere, a snake is on the loose.
    • Sophie's Choice
      Sophie's Choice
      Season 5 - Episode 7
      Barry's wife, Sophie isn't well so when she takes the car out she nearly runs down Claude then crashes in to the bus shelter nearly hitting some children. Sophie is confused, and later accidentally walks out of a shop with out paying. Sophie is suffering and eventually asks Barry to end her life by setting fire to their home. And later Nick discovers that is exactly what he did. Nick vaguely understand his motives after seeing Kate suffer but he realises its complicated. Gina and George have a go at pigeon racing and a father who has kidnapped his daughter arrives at the pub.moreless
    • Manhunt
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Nick interrupts an armed robbery which is taking place at the Aidensfield Arms and ends up locked in the cellar with George and Claude. During the night Greengrass starts to drink himself silly and ends up giving Nick tip offs about offences that have been committed in the area recently.
    • Domestic
      Season 5 - Episode 4
      Nick isn't coping very well alone with Katie, and ends up calling his Mum to come and help out for a while. Mr Dewhurst complains to Nick that his neighbour has been shooting at his cat, but later when he sees the opportunity he takes his revenge, and his neighbour ends up in hospital. Maggie suggests that Nick should think of letting Katie be fostered for a while, but he is horrified at the idea. Phil and Alf help out by baby sitting Katie, but Phil has to end up taking her with him to the station, where he has a slight accident with baby powder Claude's nephew comes to visit and arranges to take bets on a darts game. Phil persuades Nick to come out to the pub. Phil, Nick and Alf end up involved with the darts match which ends up in a brawl out side. Blaketon isn't pleased that all three of his men were present at an illegal darts match!moreless
    • A Girl's Best Friend
      A Girl's Best Friend
      Season 12 - Episode 2
      Mike discovers that a couple's wealth has not brought them happiness. Vernon is concerned that his dabbling with hypnotism has sent David barking mad.
    • Please Please Me
      Please Please Me
      Season 16 - Episode 4
      Deefer is in the boot of Peggy's car when it is stolen. Rosie has an admirer, but he is unwelcome. Unfortunately for her, he won't take no for an answer. Phil is persuaded to share his feelings by Gina.
    • This Happy Breed
      This Happy Breed
      Season 15 - Episode 22
      Miller's old army pal arrives in town and he is delighted. Debbie is away in rehab and Jack gets very jealous with the amount of help and support that Gina is giving Bellamy. Phil's step-daughters are entertained by Peggy with some coaching impoaching...
    • A Long Shot
      A Long Shot
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      The father of a young boy had dreams of his son playing cricket professionally, but unfortunately he doesn't make the local team, Maggie realises it is because he can't see the ball so he needs glasses. The same boy is caught stealing and the next day he arrives at school with bruises. Jo suspects the worse but it turns out he got the bruises playing cricket. The boy feels he's let his dad down and runs away but ends up having an accident. Claude has "borrowed" one of Lord Ashfordly's prize horses to breed from, but as they're taking it back Claude spots the little boy lying on the road and takes him to hospital. Nick who has been looking for the missing horse suddenly twigs what's happened when he sees Claude in a horse box. - He says he'll forget it ever went missing if the horse is returned within two hours!moreless
    • Out of the Blue
      Out of the Blue
      Season 12 - Episode 14
      Vernon and David are travelling in a tanker which overturns spilling its load. Vernon is taken to hospital with memory loss and David claims not to know what they were carrying. The police discover that the tanker has false number plates and its contents are contaminating the water supply.
    • Dead Men Do Tell Tales
      Dead Men Do Tell Tales
      Season 16 - Episode 11
      Carol rushes off to treat an emergency, and whilst doing so absent-mindedly leaves her medical bag in her car. It contains dangerous drugs and Carol has to fight for her career when local boys steal the bag. Peggy and David are left in charge of Bernie's funeral parlour, but a suspicious client turns up.moreless
    • Unfinished Business
      Unfinished Business
      Season 5 - Episode 12
      Alf is showing Nick the plot of land that he's bought on which to have a house built. But he's not pleased when Claude turns up with the digging equipment! Claude sets out to work but the digger soon becomes jammed. Claude goes down in to the excavation to see what's wrong and ends up trapped on an unexploded bomb. The army is brought in to diffuse the bomb and the police have to evacuate the whole village. One woman protests to leaving as a man has died in her bed and its not her husband. One little boy is missing, but Nick finds him hiding in a shed, unfortunately the bomb goes off causing the shed to collapse. Nick and the boy are fine but one soldier is killed.moreless
    • Horses for Courses
      Horses for Courses
      Season 12 - Episode 10
      Mike is horrified when Tricia gets involved with a racehorse trainer, and Vernon has a surprise visit from a long-lost sibling.
    • Sitting Off the Dock of the Bay
      Sitting Off the Dock of the Bay
      Season 5 - Episode 14
      Blaketon receives complaints about rock music being broadcast from a pirate radio station. Nick and Phil who have been enjoying the music, reluctantly seek out the station which is broadcasting from a ship at sea. But they are pleased to discover it is out past the 3 mile limit. Nick, Gina, Phil and Maggie go to a club one night where Maggie's brother is working as a DJ, he is also the DJ on the pirate radio ship. Things take a different turn when Maggie's brother discovers that some of the people he's working with are distributing LSD. Joe Norten is back in Aidensfield after doing time for arson, but he is doing his best to go straight. His friends however tempt him into trying the LSD which makes him fall off a building to his death. Nick goes undercover as a DJ to investigate. The ship moves back into the 3 mile limit and the dealers are caught, but Nick lets the pirate radio continue! Blaketon is annoyed when the evidence he had against Greengrass for making whisky goes up in smoke!moreless
    • Bad Penny
      Bad Penny
      Season 7 - Episode 18
      Gina has trouble with bottles that are taken away from her and she suspects Greengrass. A woman sets up a camp near his place.
    • Toss Up
      Toss Up
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      A burglar known as ‘Bero man' makes several attacks in the area, including terrifying Gina and injuring Maggie. He has also been known to bake a sponge cake in his victims houses before he leaves. The Bero man turns out to be a local girl who was feeling trapped by her family. A Bob Dylan look a like arrives and entertains everyone with his music. He is later found to be a drug dealer who gave some to two girls who were later involved in a car crash in which the driver died. Greengrass also unknowingly gets high on a hash cake that mysteriously appeared in his oven!moreless
    • Gone Tomorrow
      Gone Tomorrow
      Season 5 - Episode 8
      This episode is a strange but good one! Alf is witness to a UFO sighting but can‘t remember what happened. Maggie suggests that Alf should see a hypnotist to fill in the missing moments. Blaketon is keen to cover it up and puts Alf on sick leave. Nick argues that there's nothing wrong with Alf. Alf however is worried that his experience might put his job on the line. Nick encourages Alf to stick to his guns and helps him stand up to the authorities that wanted to put it down to his imagination. Eileen and Blaketon have a game of golf, and they spot an unusual triangle shaped mark on the green! Everything is sorted out in the end. Greengrass has won a cruise, but is terrified of sailing so he ends up selling it.moreless
    • England Expects
      England Expects
      Season 18 - Episode 2
      Master criminal Albert Hallows (last seen in [url]http://www.tv.com/heartbeat/mastermind/episode/522409/summary.html[/url]) escapes from custody and vows to get revenge on the Aidensfield police, getting help from two young boys to steal valuables. Dawn teaches Geoff ballroom dancing before his date with widow Joyce Jowett (not knowing he has feelings for her) and David makes clay pots for Peggy's latest money making scheme.moreless
    • Another Sleepy, Dusty, Delta Day
      Another Sleepy, Dusty, Delta Day
      Season 17 - Episode 5
      A young man's suicide is investigated by the police, but something more evil is uncovered. Peggy's double also arrives in town.
    • The Open Door
      The Open Door
      Season 18 - Episode 22
      Sergeant Nokes returns to take charge, in a case about a badly beaten lorry driver and a health epidemic which follows, involving stolen condemned meat. Meanwhile, Peggy opens a B & B at a mansion, while the owner of the residence is away. However, she ends up in trouble with the police for being in possession of stolen goods.moreless
    • The Good Doctor
      The Good Doctor
      Season 9 - Episode 19
      Jackie's friend Sue is wounded by a hit-and-run car driver but Dr. Peters claims it's not as bad and serious as it looks. Greengrass finds some old bicycles he wants to rent to participants in a local race.
    • Out of the Long Dark Night
      Out of the Long Dark Night
      Season 17 - Episode 14
      Eva and James Knight's cottage has been vandalised and Joe digs deeper into the history of the family even though they don't want him to investigate. David takes an old traction steam engine for a run but loses control of it and it causes problems in Aidensfield.
    • The Heart of a Man
      The Heart of a Man
      Season 17 - Episode 13
      John Harper has a break-in at his cottage. He is a blind man and the burglars swap his money with blank pieces of paper instead.
    • Hey Hey LBJ
      Hey Hey LBJ
      Season 17 - Episode 12
      When teenager Vivian Middleton goes missing her parents are frantic with worry. PC Mason discovers she had an American boyfriend called Bobby and sets out to find him. Bobby, though, says he has no idea where she could be and seems concerned. But is he hiding something?
    • Oscar's Birthday
      Oscar's Birthday
      Season 17 - Episode 24
      Two new arrivals in Aidensfield provide problems for PC Joe Mason (and a confusing story). David learns to play the piano, the village prepare for Oscar's surprise birthday party and Gina goes into labour.
    • Take Three Girls
      Take Three Girls
      Season 17 - Episode 15
      Sue Padgett, an anti-fur protestor, is in trouble when her boyfriend sets a haulier's depot on fire. The doctors Carol and Chris disagree with each other when offering advice to a pregnant teenager. Peggy is happy to help David get ready for a date.
    • Deadlier Than the Male
      Deadlier Than the Male
      Season 18 - Episode 19
      A woman sues for divorce after a domestic dispute gets out of hand. The woman's solicitor doesn't help matters by doing nothing much to calm the situation. Meanwhile, Peggy's hold over David is under threat from the womanly wiles of the daughter of Stan Bickle, who has come to visit.
    • Guilty Secrets
      Guilty Secrets
      Season 18 - Episode 5
      Joe risks his career to help DS Dawson when it appears she has stolen £400 during a police raid on a criminal's house and Bernie finds out he has a daughter he never knew existed.
    • Jobs for the Boys
      Jobs for the Boys
      Season 18 - Episode 20
      A golfing friend of Oscar's asks him to look into the disappearance of his son, who left home after a heated argument with his overbearing father, and has been seen often visiting a club in Whitby. Meanwhile, the police in Aidensfield are left puzzled by a modern-day Robin Hood, who has committed a series of burglaries, giving the stolen money to a group of elderly occupants of a newly-built block of flats.moreless
    • Obsessions
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      Nick rescues a young woman from a house fire. She soon becomes obsessed with Nick , phoning him at Jo's calling into the station, calling round at the police house and spending time with Katie. When Nick makes it clear he isn't interested, she first plants her bracelet in his uniform and tells Blaketon he's stolen it. She then causes trouble between Nick and Jo when she tries to convince Jo that he and she are having an affair. This makes Jo feel insecure, but Nick convinces Jo that the woman is just making trouble and tells her that he loves her. The woman sees Nick and Jo out one night and attempts to knock Jo down with her car, but she is stopped in time.moreless
    • Stumped
      Season 16 - Episode 7
      A dangerous gang leader holds Rob hostage. It is the annual Aidensfield v Scarsdale cricket match, but whilst the Aidensfield team think strategically, Scarsdale think up a plot to foil Aidensfield's chances of winning.
    • Dog Collar
      Dog Collar
      Season 10 - Episode 3
      As Edith Benton has to leave for a family visit Greengrass and David get the job to lead her poodle through the Ashfordly Championship Dog Show. A couple of valuable candlesticks are stolen from the church and The Reverend's daughter is in love with a young man that her mother is hostile to.moreless
    • The Holiday's Over
      The Holiday's Over
      Season 13 - Episode 6
      Merton and Jenny return early from honeymoon. The police are called out when people coming home from holidays discover they have been burgled. Vernon's aspirations rise higher.
    • Playing with Trains
      Playing with Trains
      Season 7 - Episode 10
      Blaketon is worried about his up coming retirement, he discusses it with Alf and tells him he has decided to apply for an extension of service. There are major thefts from a fur factory which leads to a police chase aboard a train. Claude has a metal detector and thinks he's struck gold!moreless
    • Absent Friends
      Absent Friends
      Season 12 - Episode 24
      When a farming couple go missing, Jenny and Liz are left minding the children. Vernon takes a reluctant Bernie on a country hotel mini-break.
    • Fool for Love
      Fool for Love
      Season 13 - Episode 4
      A money transport from the local bank is robbed just outside Ashfordly by Ronnie the Dog Man, and Vernon promises Jenny fresh salmon to her wedding dinner.
    • Off the Rails
      Off the Rails
      Season 14 - Episode 20
      A crime wave hits Ashfordly train station as a number of freight wagons mysteriously vanish, giving the police a tricky case to crack, but a sandwich could provide a vital clue. Peggy has plans to make some fast money when she decides to play dirty in the local bowls tournament, while a night out in Whitby proves eventful for Walker and Helen.moreless
    • Harmony
      Season 12 - Episode 5
      Merton's cousin, the famous singer-songwriter Deborah Vine, arrives in Aidensfield to find a secluded location in which to work.
    • Past Crimes
      Past Crimes
      Season 8 - Episode 4
      A respectable bank manager finds his past coming back to haunt him. Greengrass fixes the outcome of a local golf tournament - much to Blaketon's annoyance.
    • War Stories
      War Stories
      Season 10 - Episode 5
      Very much to Blaketon's surprise some old Commando veterans arrives at Aidensfield Arms to salute Ventress, but a son to a fallen hero joins the party. An inventor who wants peace and quiet complains to the police of noise from the pub, and Greengrass most unwillingly experiences an alternative 'fishing method'.moreless
    • The Medium Is the Message
      The Medium Is the Message
      Season 16 - Episode 20
      A psychic offers to assist the police, after the vicar's wife is murdered. Peggy loses some dynamite.
    • Blind Justice
      Blind Justice
      Season 10 - Episode 13
      Craddock dates his dance teacher at the 'North Riding Police Dance' but her son is a ruthless fast speed driver. Bernie is off to Northallerton to comfort a widow, so Vernon and David takes the job to repair Lord Ashfordly's Bentley.
    • Strangers on a Train
      Strangers on a Train
      Season 13 - Episode 21
      David has a near miss when a man is thrown from a train and rolls down the embankment into the road and the path of his oncoming car. Merton's subsequent investigation turns up a lad called Tommy fleeing the scene of the crime, and an auctioneer is about to value antiques at Ashfordly Hall. Meanwhile, Vernon decides to open up a donkey sanctuary and Ventress takes his all day free time to serve tea at the police station.moreless
    • Keeping Secrets
      Keeping Secrets
      Season 15 - Episode 23
      It is Helen and Rob's wedding day and Rob doesn't know that his sisters have organised a surprise reception with the help of the local community. There are persistent noisy neighbour complaints and the police are called in. However, things soon take a nasty turn when the complainant's mentally ill wife decides to take the law into her own hands. Gina discovers that Jack's nude painting of her is to go on public display.moreless
    • Baby Love
      Baby Love
      Season 8 - Episode 6
      A young man sneaks around inside Moorside Lodge, a mothers' and babies' home, and Greengrass grabs an order to make a concrete driveway but as David refuses to work that very day, Greengrass has to make the unknown Gary do the job. Later an adopted baby is kidnapped.
    • Great Expectations
      Great Expectations
      Season 15 - Episode 19
      Following his father's death, Colin, a local farmer, loses everything he owns in an auction. However, when his estranged brother turns up and acts suspiciously, he realises that he might be able to earn some extra money for himself. David is in bother, with a trap full of tourists and a obstinate pony. Bellamy's wife Debbie gets into trouble for drink-driving.moreless
    • The Great Ming Mystery
      The Great Ming Mystery
      Season 11 - Episode 15
      The owner of a large house has recently acquired a ming varse. While he is on holiday, David looks after the house, however he leaves after he learns some other people have moved in. It turns out they are responsible for the missing vase.
    • Mackerel Sky
      Mackerel Sky
      Season 12 - Episode 23
      An ex-con uses Jenny to put pressure on Sgt Merton. A newly affluent Vernon organises a charity auction.
    • Sons and Lovers
      Sons and Lovers
      Season 7 - Episode 9
      Lord Ashfordly's sister is in the area but is causing Nick havoc with her drunk driving. He handles it tactfully at first until she nearly causes an accident. Patricia is outraged when he brings her into the police station.
    • Pretty Woman
      Pretty Woman
      Season 16 - Episode 6
      Some threats are made to a local beauty queen. Peggy is up to her tricks again, this time in an attempt to beat the bookies. PC Geoff Younger starts to be firmer in his approach as a policeman.
    • Thursday's Children
      Thursday's Children
      Season 18 - Episode 11
      Carol, Joe and Rachel head off to Austraila to find Rosie and Carol's brother. Whilst searching for Rosie, Joe and Rachel discover there may have been domestic abuse in Mick's relationship with Rosie, ending in him becoming a suspect in her disappearance. Meanwhile, Carol visits a monastery in Brisbane looking for her brother. However it leads to a threatening situation when she receives a call from a person who has information on the whereabouts of her brother, which leads her into a trap.moreless
    • The War of the Roses
      The War of the Roses
      Season 18 - Episode 17
      Joe and Sgt. Miller arrange a meeting of the local farmers, in a bid to end their harassment of a very unpopular neighbour whose working practices have made him thoroughly disliked. Meanwhile, Dawn falls for an attractive, charming newcomer. She later finds out he is prone to abrupt, angry episodes, which are the cause of a troubled past. And David is hired to assist Peggy in compiling an inventory of the contents of a house which belonged to a woman who has recently died. However, David fears the unsettled spirit of the dead woman's companion is haunting the house, upset because of Peggy's dodgy dealings.moreless
    • A Dog's Life
      A Dog's Life
      Season 12 - Episode 3
      Private drama is played out in public when Lord Ashfordly hosts the County Sheepdog Trials. But Bernie and David find it inconvenient when Vernon offers their services.
    • Laying the Ghost
      Laying the Ghost
      Season 16 - Episode 24
      Walker prepares to leave Aidensfield for good, as he announces his plans to leave the village. At the local fete, Peggy spots an opportunity to make some money.
    • C'est La Vie
      C'est La Vie
      Season 16 - Episode 1
      A visiting conman confesses to a life of crime after crashing his car. Carol Cassidy the district nurse, visits a terminally ill woman, but she has to face a stubborn husband's violent resistance. A party of French visitors visit Aidensfield.
    • Swansong
      Season 13 - Episode 20
      Alf Ventress is stunned to learn that a change in working regulations means that he will have to retire from the force - even if his serving has been extended more than usual, claims Merton. Meanwhile, Merton and his team go in search of a phantom sheep shearer, and romance is in the air as Blaketon acquires an admirer and Gina is asked out on a date by hunky Australian Kevin Kelly.moreless
    • Hearts & Flowers
      Hearts & Flowers
      Season 16 - Episode 9
      A sniper is lurking in Aidensfield which puts the lives of the villagers at risk. David is left in charge of Peggy's ice cream van, which produces some interesting results.
    • Rumours
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      A local shopkeeper, Charlie Denby, enjoys the company of young male customers. Some people think it's too much. Meanwhile Claude applies to become the gardener of the elderly sisters, Ren'e and Frances Kirby who have moved into the village. They try to con Claude into buying some of their 'valuable' antique items.moreless
    • State of Mind
      State of Mind
      Season 13 - Episode 9
      An elderly man appears to be losing his mind, but Steve and Liz are determined to prove that he doesn't need to go into a home. Vernon is frustrated when he's called to jury service, leaving David with an impossible work schedule to juggle.
    • Affairs of the Heart
      Affairs of the Heart
      Season 7 - Episode 12
      It's Nick and Jo's wedding day! The episode starts with Nick's stag night, where he receives several bottles of very potent wine from Claude and a suspect garden ornament from Blaketon! The next day Nick goes for a drive but has to stop for a road accident, involving a man who's girlfriend had driven a car at him when he told her he was married. She panics and drives off in Nick's car. Stranded, Nick has to run for help and finds someone to take the injured man to hospital. Back at the police house Phil and Alf are getting worried about Nick's absence. Nick phones Phil to tell him what's happening and then its a mad dash to the church. Meanwhile Blaketon is devastated to discover that he has failed his medical and will have to retire. The ceremony is lovely and Katie and Maggie are bride's maids. Nick's Granddad is annoyed that Greengrass is selling off his jellied eels to his own family, Phil is nervous about his speech and Nick tells Jo he's taking her to Spain for their honeymoon. Its a great episode, which has been the highest ratings winner so far.moreless
    • One Small Step
      One Small Step
      Season 16 - Episode 21
      The police station comes under siege which endangers the policemen's lives. As locals gather at 'The Aidensfield Arms', Peggy tries to prove that the moon landing is a scam.
    • In on the Act
      In on the Act
      Season 7 - Episode 15
      Nick and Jo return from their honeymoon. Nick has been made acting Sergeant at Ashfordly. Oscar is now working at the Aidensfield post office. A girl, Tracy, gets involved with two bikers from the fair who perform the 'wheel of death'. Tracy's dad is depressed and her sister Belinda is seriously worried about him. Tracy's dad is seen threatening Dirk (one of the bikers) to leave his daughter alone. Consequently he becomes a suspect when oil is poured down the 'wheel of death' causing Dirk to fall. It turns out Tracy was responsible but she intended to harm his partner so she could join Dirk in his act. Trevor Lamus becomes the target of a hate campaign. Soap powder is put in his beer and a grave stone put up in his name. Nick asks Mike to investigate. He finds that most of the locals including Alf had all chipped in to buy the stone. Nick realises that its awkward and when Mike points out the paper work involved he lets them all go. But he wants a word with Alf about his involvement!moreless
    • Intelligence Matters
      Intelligence Matters
      Season 16 - Episode 3
      A Russian spy is suspected and Ashfordly Police join forces with CID and British Intelligence to track him down. Peggy asks David to help her as she thinks she has found evidence of a murder.
    • Smile For the Camera
      Smile For the Camera
      Season 10 - Episode 2
      David makes Bernie Scripps and Greengrass arrange a military funeral, and Jackie Bradley is the object of an unknown individual's phone calls at night and day, and the intense use of a photo camera.
    • The Dying of the Light
      The Dying of the Light
      Season 15 - Episode 24
      The police are baffled as a lot of sheep are stolen. An elderly woman is found dead in the river and as her son is struggling to deal with the consequences, Helen is called in to help. Two eco-warrior newcomers have built their own slurry-powered generator.
    • Wine and Roses
      Wine and Roses
      Season 15 - Episode 21
      A dead body is found in the river. This puts Debbie Bellamy under suspicion as witnesses describe her fleeing the scene. David and Peggy are invaded by hippies; Rob and Helen attempt to make friends again and patch things up.
    • A Call to Arms
      A Call to Arms
      Season 13 - Episode 22
      When Harry Hawkswell, a retired policeman and former colleague of Alf Ventress, turns up in the village he manages to put everyone's backs up by making himself a little too much at home at the police station. Meanwhile, Vernon is in a state of panic as he awaits a visit from the Inland Revenue, and Liz Merrick is confused by Ben Norton's behaviour.moreless
    • Touch and Go
      Touch and Go
      Season 17 - Episode 6
      Just as PC Don Wetherby arrives, PC Joe Mason is preparing to leave for his new posting. At the Aidensfield Arms, a quiz night takes place to raise money for the local hospital's dialysis machine. PC Phil Bellamy is shot.
    • Seeds of Destruction
      Seeds of Destruction
      Season 16 - Episode 15
      PC Younger arrests a local man on suspicion of poisoning, but he dies in custody after being given a pill. When Carol Cassidy traces a miracle cure to a young herbalist. A radio journalist visits Adensfield and benefits from the town's hospitality.
    • Little Angel
      Little Angel
      Season 13 - Episode 25
      When a little girl goes missing, Blaketon joins the frantic search. Meanwhile Steve and Bellamy are confronted by a precarious situation. The Aidensfield Arms is hit by a rat infestation but Vernon proposes a fool-proof rodent removal plan.
    • Love Story
      Love Story
      Season 17 - Episode 4
      A theft is reported, which makes people suspicious of a gang of sheep shearers who have recently arrived in Aidensfield. An old lover of Rosie's appears, but a new love interest also arrives.
    • Danse Macabre
      Danse Macabre
      Season 17 - Episode 16
      Joe and Carol work together on a case involving a young ballet dancer, following her collapse in the village, David writes for the local newspaper as an agony uncle and there is romance in the air for Geoff, but there's a twist.
    • Blast from the Past
      Blast from the Past
      Season 14 - Episode 14
      Walker is forced to confront his past when he undertakes his own unofficial investigation into a series of violent robberies around Aidensfield. When Matthew's mistress appears in the village, David finds himself involved in some shady behaviour.
    • Who's Sorry Now
      Who's Sorry Now
      Season 14 - Episode 11
      A new doctor arrives in Aidensfield, and Merton is put under pressure when Jenny becomes convinced that he is having an affair.
    • Mind Games
      Mind Games
      Season 16 - Episode 19
      Rosie is attacked after finding a dead body. This leads Walker and Rachel to discover a sinister local cult. It isn't Christmas, but Peggy still tries to sell some turkeys.
    • Little White Lies
      Little White Lies
      Season 16 - Episode 8
      When a local boy runs away on the moors, concern quickly grows for his welfare. Phil and Gina set up Rob on a double date, while Carol contemplates her finace's return. Peggy and David are broke and so consider selling some prized possesions. Ashfordly Police have a nasty infestation.
    • Memoirs of a Fighting Man
      Memoirs of a Fighting Man
      Season 16 - Episode 5
      An intruder is shot by a decorated war hero, but the case is clouded by secrets from the past. Rosie is concerned that Bernie is concealing financial troubles at the garage, but Peggy might have the answer to their problems when she meets a salesman. Carol Cassidy deals with a pregnant teenager.moreless
    • Old Scores
      Old Scores
      Season 16 - Episode 2
      There is anger in Aidensfield after a convicted rapist returns. An old flame arrives from CID which surprises Rob. An old redcoat pal is helped back on his feet by Peggy.
    • Vendetta
      Season 16 - Episode 12
      Blaketon is attacked when he helps a guest at the Aidensfield Arms search for her son. It is Peggy's birthday, but she goes on a date with an old friend instead of David. Walker pressurises Bellamy about his troubles and his case is made known.
    • Kith and Kin
      Kith and Kin
      Season 15 - Episode 20
      Bernie becomes the target of a series of violent and mysterious attacks and this worries Rosie. A stranger from Helen's past arrives in town and turns her world upside-down.
    • Looking for Isabella
      Looking for Isabella
      Season 18 - Episode 8
      A young boy playing with his brother and sister in the grounds of a neglected house disappears. Wetherby does some investigating and the missing boy is found, having fallen down into a well. A rescue attempt is made by the fire service and a media frenzy starts. But things take an even more serious tone when gunshots come from the house… A celebrity journalist meanwhile is searching for gossip in the village.moreless
    • Peace and Quiet
      Peace and Quiet
      Season 7 - Episode 13
      Mike Bradley arrives in Aidensfield and his first encounter with Blaketon is when he stops Mike for speeding. Mike was expecting a quite country beat, but his first experience in Aidensfield turned out to be anything but that. A local construction site is raided by armed robbers, Gina and Claude get caught up in the process and Alfred gets shot. Mike arrives on the scene and is also injured, but luckily he attends to Alfred. Claude and Gina help chase the robbers, but Blaketon catches them first when their car crashed down an embankment. Blaketon runs to help but ends up having a heart attack. Funnily enough it is Claude who saves him, which he asks Blaketon to remember in the future!moreless
    • Bully Boys
      Bully Boys
      Season 17 - Episode 20
      Joe shows Geoff how to control a violent outbreak at the bookmakers. The police investigate a debt collector who is an ex-convict. Peggy struggles to encourage David to go to a school reunion.
    • Heartbeat Christmas Album
      A nostaglic look back at past Christmas episodes of Heartbeat, featuring archive clips and interviews with former and current cast members. Including a look behind the scenes of the latest Christmas episode "Auld Acquaintance" being shown later on on Sunday 18th December.
    • Love's Sweet Dream
      Love's Sweet Dream
      Season 11 - Episode 24
      Mike and Tricia get involved in a domestic violence case. Tricia seems unwell all the time, complaining of headaches. To Gina's anger Vernon takes over the arrangement of a funeral buffet dinner.
    • Pig in the Middle
      Pig in the Middle
      Season 7 - Episode 2
      A long lost friend of Claude's comes to stay called Ellen Highwater, she moves in with him for a brief period. At first Claude takes full advantage of her cooking and cleaning but eventually she takes things too far, especially when she takes some of his money for the shopping and she even suggests Alfred should have a kennel! ‘Sweaty Betty' has a vendetta against Special Constable Cowley, who mysteriously goes missing. Betty is the suspected of having something to do with it but Nick is surprised when she tells him that she has an alibi, in that she was with her 'boyfriend' on the night in question. Jo has to move out of her cottage when her dad can't renew the lease, but luckily Maggie offers her, her spare room.moreless
    • The Dreams that You Dream
      The Dreams that You Dream
      Season 16 - Episode 18
      It's Gina & PC Bellamy's wedding day, but will any problems occur? It starts snowing in Aidensfield, but the local gritter has mysteriously disappeared.
    • Substitute
      Season 7 - Episode 14
      Alf has to deal with a group of travellers who have a grudge against him. Alf is determined to catch them at whatever crime they're about to commit. He feels guilty for not convicting them of a crime they committed in the past during which one of his old colleagues was crippled. Alf spends time observing them and making notes, but unfortunately he is spotted and they take him and tie him up in a horse box. It is a race horse that they intend to steal, but during the process Alf makes his escape and drives off in the horse box. They follow him but road blocks have been set up and the thieves are caught. Greengrass lets some guides camp on his land but it proves more hassle than he bargained for. Finally, Oscar packs his things as he leaves his post of sergeant at the Aidensfield police station.moreless
    • Old Masters
      Old Masters
      Season 11 - Episode 6
      Vernon conducts tours of Ashfordly Hall. During a tour, a valuable painting vanishes. A journalist, who had caught Ventress asleep whilst on duty, photographed him. Later, when Ventress & Blaketon see the photo, they recognise the culprit - a known thief.
    • The Leopard's Spots
      The Leopard's Spots
      Season 11 - Episode 13
      Dennis Merton, freshly demoted from CID, arrives at the police station to take on the new roll as Sergeant. When Ventress brings a disqualified driver in, Alf is threatened. If he takes the further, the driver will reveal his past. Oscar persuades Alf to come clean, and Merton is understanding. The driver is later arrested on a drugs case. Meanwhile, David attempts to get fit at a gym, but things don't go too smoothly.moreless
    • Out of Africa
      Out of Africa
      Season 16 - Episode 17
      Lord Ashfordly's new estate manager enforces a rent increase. PC Walker is called out to oversee the eviction of a tenant, then has to investigate an attack on the manager's car. Peggy is concerned about David's odd behaviour.
    • Troubled Waters
      Troubled Waters
      Season 16 - Episode 22
      PC Walker and Nurse Carol Cassidy have a disagreement over handling a domestic situation. An attractive widow catches Bernie's eye - but does she only want his money?
    • Judgement Day
      Judgement Day
      Season 15 - Episode 16
      The police are called in to investigate when a local judge is the target of a series of mysterious attacks, but the case takes a sinister turn when the prime suspect is found dead on his own doorstep. Peggy is delighted when David's new radio starts picking up police broadcasts, but a news reporter doesn't share her enthusiasm.moreless
    • Bin Man
      Bin Man
      Season 14 - Episode 26

      Gina and Alfred find a man's severed hand in a box in her dustbin and report it to the police. A note found in the box with the hand proves to be in Bernie Scripps's handwriting, but he has no memory of writing it. The police begin a hunt for other body parts, beginning with the town's dustbins, and the next day a man's torso is found, so that the case becomes a murder investigation. Meanwhile,Peggy has bought a freezer for storing poached game which she plans to sell.moreless

    • Mother of Invention
      Mother of Invention
      Season 18 - Episode 3
      A woman who claims to be Carol's mum appears in Aidensfield along with a friend of Carol's. Carol and Joe are involved with the problems of a young mother. David and Dawn start a money making scheme with David becoming a chimney sweep.
    • Living off the Land
      Living off the Land
      Season 18 - Episode 4
      Joe and Carol investigate when a woman from a group of travellers is found to have been beaten, Don finds out his wife is cheating on him, Lord Ashfordly's gamekeeper and the head of the travellers are involved in a drugs plot, a man is found murdered on Lord Ashfordly's estate and David is at war with a rival taxi firm.moreless
    • A Whiter Shade of Pale
      A Whiter Shade of Pale
      Season 18 - Episode 16
      After announcing her engagement to a businessman (who hasn't split from his wife), a newcomer to the village is found dead in her kitchen. The death reignites memories in Joe of his mother's death, which could hamper his judgement in the murder investigation. Meanwhile, Dawn gets an opportunity to make some money by using Vince's hot dog wagon on the day of a football match… in competition with Peggy's jacket potato business.moreless
    • Ups and Downs
      Ups and Downs
      Season 18 - Episode 10
      Rachel, Joe and Don investigate a string of burglaries when wealthy homes in the region come under threat from a cat burglar. Carol is taken by a new visitor to the village, Lord Ashfordly's nephew. Peggy sets a date up between David and an old friend of hers who is camping close to the farm. Finally, Mick returns to Aidensfield, but Bernie starts to worry when Rosie isn't with him...moreless
    • Burying the Past
      Burying the Past
      Season 17 - Episode 7
      A local teacher dies, which Joe and Rachel investigate. Meanwhile, it is the funeral of PC Phil Bellamy.
    • The Hospital Job
      The Hospital Job
      Season 18 - Episode 9
      Dawson helps out in the investigation of an antiques dealer, accused of the selling of stolen property. While Joe and Don stake out his premises in the hope of catching the dealer red-handed he sets fire to his property. Elsewhere trouble flares up when Taoist monks arrive in the village and tragedy hits two local troublemakers.moreless
    • Taking Stock
      Taking Stock
      Season 17 - Episode 18
      A car crash victim is found to have had criminal connections, resulting in worries about his reason for coming to Aidensfield. Oscar is helped by Alf in a private detective case. Peggy finds some goats too difficult to milk so tries to get rid of them, without recognising their worth.
    • Changing Roles
      Changing Roles
      Season 17 - Episode 10
      There's a key witness for a murder trial in Aidensfield who needs protection, a new gamekeeper arrives to work for Lord Ashfordly and Joe sees an old lover.
    • Closing the Book
      Closing the Book
      Season 11 - Episode 12
      A man dies naturally on the village green and the police finds robbery plans at his home. Vernon rents horse carriages to tourists but the horses have a will of their own. Craddock's wife has turned up in Ashfordly and suggests a divorce.
    • Sleeping Dogs
      Sleeping Dogs
      Season 16 - Episode 13
      Bernie is about to inherit lots of money when a supposedly dead person returns, who also tries to claim it. A girl's father is embarassed when she unexpectedly gives birth. Aidensfield is waiting for any news about Bellamy.
    • Bread and Circuses
      Bread and Circuses
      Season 12 - Episode 12
      Bellamy is smitten with Alice, the victim of a handbag snatch. Merton and the others are trying to track some valuable porcelain figures stolen in Whitby when a similar theft occurs at Mr Osbourne's. David agrees to let a circus with exotic animals stay at Vernon's ground, so Vernon arranges an animal park at Ashfordly Hall.moreless
    • A Fresh Start
      A Fresh Start
      Season 15 - Episode 1
      Sergeant Miller is suspicious of a former London gangster who comes to Aidensfield to start a new life, Rob gets involved in an accident involving a stolen car, while Aunt Peggy's latest scheme causes a salmonella outbreak.
    • Love Me Do
      Love Me Do
      Season 7 - Episode 24
      The new Sergeant arrives and that puts Phil, Mike and Alf on their guard. He seems very pedantic over things like uniform, and takes exception to Alf's little habits such as smoking on duty. There is a dance at the village hall, everyone's there and Mike is keen to spend time dancing with Maggie. Unfortunately Sgt Craddock beats him to it! A young girl is at the dance and spends time unsuccessfully trying to get Mike's attention. Later she goes missing and a full search of the woods is mounted. Craddock doesn't have much time for Blaketon's advice, and eventually the girl is found, and her kidnapper arrested.moreless
    • Another Little Piece of My Heart
      Another Little Piece of My Heart
      Season 16 - Episode 14
      Rob Walker and Carol Cassidy think that a lady may have been abused, but it is difficult to make her talk. Some troublesome children are outfoxed by Younger whilst Phil and Gina have some good news.
    • David Stockwell's Ghost
      David Stockwell's Ghost
      Season 8 - Episode 23
      A troubled family has moved into Aidensfield from Zambia. At the auction David happens to buy pigs instead of lambs, and Mrs. Ventress is hospitalized.
    • The Queen's Message
      The Queen's Message
      Season 7 - Episode 16
      Rex Hawkins the TV repair man is being threatened by Lol Baxter, because he owes him money. Rex is the lead tenor in the choir to whom the leader of the choir, Miriam has taken a fancy. Rex asks her to sack Alf from the choir, and she does, but soon asks him back when she sees Rex with someone else. Rex is beaten up outside the pub and his mother tells Nick that she thinks it was Alf who did it. Nick doesn't believe it but he has to find out what really happened. Rex eventually agrees to talk to the police and tells them it was Baxter. He got a lot of TV sets half price from Baxter (which were stolen), but they were faulty, so the customers wouldn't pay and he couldn't pay Baxter the money he owed him. Greengrass has trouble with a piece of Royal Doulton that Gina ordered for a Christmas present. Gina invites Mike to Christmas dinner, and Katie and Nick enjoy watching Jo perform in the choir.moreless
    • Bad Company
      Bad Company
      Season 15 - Episode 25
      The police gets its hands full after a car accident and David tries a new career.
    • Family Ties
      Family Ties
      Season 15 - Episode 5
      When one of Helen's patients suddenly dies, she becomes involved in a suspected case of euthanasia, and the doctor's problems are compounded as she struggles to keep her relationship with Rob hidden. Peg and David start a strawberry scam - but Geoff Younger is confident of catching the culprits red-handed.
    • Auld Acquaintance
      Auld Acquaintance
      Season 15 - Episode 12
      The police are on high alert when a mysterious visitor arrives at Ashfordly Hall, and a runaway boy causes trouble in the village. Blaketon and Peggy are at loggerheads once again when a festive conflict of interest results in a Santa showdown.
    • Lily of the Valley
      Lily of the Valley
      Season 12 - Episode 21
      PC Crane and Dr Merrick worry about the welfare of an elderly farmer's widow. David helps Blaketon front a protest against a local quarry, but Vernon is working for the opposition.
    • Miller's Tale
      Miller's Tale
      Season 15 - Episode 3
      A gang of youths push Peggy down a hole while she's poaching - but when Miller gives chase, he knocks down and kills an elderly bystander, landing himself in hot water. It's not all bad news though, as Peggy hits on a new money-making idea - she'll sue for the 'injury' she sustained in the fall. Meanwhile, Gina is attracted to her handsome college tutor.moreless
    • No Hiding Place
      No Hiding Place
      Season 11 - Episode 10
      One of Tricia's friends is having problems with her relationship with her boyfriend. She has been under threat from her boyfriend, as she has some important documents. Meanwhile a Christmas village tree with lights is a new project of Vernon's.
    • Risky Business
      Risky Business
      Season 15 - Episode 14
      Local boy Barry Dyson is accused of a series of arson attacks - and his clandestine relationship with a former employer's daughter complicates his plea of innocence. Peggy's latest money-making scheme with old friend Denzil creates an eyesore, forcing Jack to use his artistic flair to rectify matters, before he and Blaketon resort to more drastic - and illegal - measures.moreless
    • Snake in the Grass
      Snake in the Grass
      Season 8 - Episode 1
      Gina returns home from her uncle George's funeral and Blaketon tries to mediate some neighbors but his efforts are disturbed by acute food poisoning. A night club owner goes broke and Greengrass takes some belongings into possession to cover a debt of 75 pounds. The stripper's snake contained in a box happens to be among them.moreless
    • Runners And Riders
      Runners And Riders
      Season 15 - Episode 18
      Lord Ashfordly's niece comes to stay after the break down of her marriage but the trouble doesn't stop there. Her champion horse is stolen and held to ransom. A gang of bikers comes to town and there is love in the air for Rosie. And Bellamy's step-daughter Jane is promised to be made into a star by a dodgy photographer.moreless
    • Get Back
      Get Back
      Season 15 - Episode 17
      Younger begs Rosie to teach him to drive, Lord Ashfordly's behaviour changes after eating some of Peggy's mystery mushrooms and a strange old man turns up who claims to be the presumed dead husband of a local woman.
    • No Laughing Matter
      No Laughing Matter
      Season 16 - Episode 16
      Gina's new cellar man falls under suspicion when a valuable pendant is stolen from a guest at the Aidensfield Arms. Geoff succumbs to the need for speed, and Peggy searches for a deal on a new set of wheels.
    • Kindness of Strangers
      Kindness of Strangers
      Season 9 - Episode 9
      An old man is very obsessed with his son who fell in World War II near the German border, a real war hero. A young couple is caught shoplifting but she simulates that the birth of her baby has started. Greengrass seizes a sudden opportunity to be the arranger of a local rally.moreless
    • It Came from Outer Space
      It Came from Outer Space
      Season 17 - Episode 21
      There's an explosion in the woods and while there are rumours that it's been caused by a meterorite, the police suspect criminal activities, so Joe is sent in undercover. The aroused interest in outer space gives Peggy an idea for another money-making opportunity.
    • Fall Out
      Fall Out
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      A radioactive isotope contained in copper is in a car that is stolen when parked at The Aidensfeld Arms. At the same time Greengrass tells two school boys that in another episode 'found' golf balls to him that he could use some copper. Greengrass' little brother makes him have a racing dog in custody.moreless
    • Where There's Smoke
      Where There's Smoke
      Season 16 - Episode 23
      During an investigation, Miller comes under suspicion. Walker's sergeant's exam results have arrived and David wants to set up a playboy mansion.
    • Mastermind
      Season 15 - Episode 4
      A gang of elderly villains spot a chance for one last, glorious crime spree when the villagers leave Aidensfield en masse to support Rob in a charity football match. Peg finally gives David a bit of support when it turns out his jury duty is more trouble than he imagined.
    • Unchained Melody
      Unchained Melody
      Season 10 - Episode 20
      Lady Patricia visits her Brother Charlie at Ashfordly Hall and Caroiine from London visits the Bradleys. Both bring surprises with them. A local post strike makes Vernon go into mail delivery and Bernie digs out an old motorbike of Greengrass's.
    • Home to Roost
      Home to Roost
      Season 11 - Episode 8
      Mr. Lawson, the owner of some disused houses, is furious when a commune arrives and takes them over. Lawson is suspected of breaking into the houses. One of the girls in the commune is pregnant, but Oscar persuades Lawson to allow her to stay there with the baby. An undercover journalist was responsible for the break in.moreless
    • Love Hurts
      Love Hurts
      Season 11 - Episode 19
      The police station is still shocked by Tom's violent death, when Merton is accused of robbing a purse from a local date. Vernon is desperately left alone with his taxi business, and Bernie experiences a second youth.
    • Cashing In
      Cashing In
      Season 18 - Episode 15
      A deluge of banknotes which have been forged causes the police to believe a gangster who is on the run has arrived in Aidensfield. When they attempt to flush the gangster out DS Dawson's life is put in danger. Meanwhile, Miller is having marriage problems and Bernie thinks Judy Garland (his favourite celebrity) has moved into the area. Her arrival causes excitement among the villagers.moreless
    • The Runaways
      The Runaways
      Season 18 - Episode 14
      A gangster arrives in Aidensfield, looking for an accountant who is on the run with his family. The accountant and his family are involved in a car accident involving a tractor. Following an investigation into the incident Joe discovers he is on the run from the gangster. Meanwhile, David purchases an old jeep which is soon discovered to have a history in the military.moreless
    • School of Hard Knocks
      School of Hard Knocks
      Season 18 - Episode 13
      Jim Osgood, a tough PE teacher who was in the Territorial Army, uses his experience to exact a harsh discipline at Ashfordly School. However this way of teaching ends up with a boy at the school, a troublemaker named Gary, ending up in the hospital. The boy is determined to take revenge, and so breaks into Mr. Osgood's office, taking his gun, forcing Joe into a race against time to stop this turning into something fatal. Elsewhere Oscar is organising a trip to London for the villagers. But his detailed plan for the trip creates rifts in the party.moreless
    • The Middle of Somewhere
      The Middle of Somewhere
      Season 18 - Episode 12
      Mick is ruled out as a suspect in Rosie's disappearance by Joe and Rachel. They switch their attention to a motel, which is situated close to where a car belonging to a missing woman was found deserted. An investigation finds the bar owner's son has a criminal record so the search is now on for him.

      Meanwhile, Nev's sister's newborn baby is delivered by Carol who is delighted later on when her long-lost brother arrives in the town.moreless
    • Shotgun Wedding
      Shotgun Wedding
      Season 9 - Episode 6
      A dramatic train robbery threatens and interferes with Bradley's plan to marry Jackie Lambert. Greengrass has not seen his sister for 22 years, but now her husband has died she turns up to take command.
    • Fakers and Frauds
      Fakers and Frauds
      Season 14 - Episode 3
      The police's reputation is at stake when burglaries appear to be being committed by one of their men. Vernon offers his art expertise to a painting party, but when his life model fails to show, he looks closer to home.
    • Down to Earth
      Down to Earth
      Season 13 - Episode 10
      The police have to intervene when a woman complains about a neighbouring farmer's dead cow, and Vernon gets a nasty surprise when he hatches a plan for a compost business.
    • House Rules
      House Rules
      Season 12 - Episode 22
      Threatening notes are left behind by a burglar who breaks into houses that are all for sale at estate agencies. Villagers are curious when a mystery woman comes to live with Steve Crane, and an unforeseen treasure turns up in AIdensfield.
    • Services Rendered
      Services Rendered
      Season 14 - Episode 25
      A hit and run occurs in Ashfordly which leaves a local man in a critical condition. It is then discovered that the crash was not an accident, so the police are on the case. They delve deeper and it becomes clear that there are a number of possible suspects who could have wanted revenge. Peggy is in big trouble again as her latest shipment of contraband cigarettes contains an extra-special ingredient.moreless
    • A Shot in the Dark
      A Shot in the Dark
      Season 9 - Episode 18
      Lyn is a maid at Ashfordly Hall. She is secretly visited by her boyfriend Gary who has a suspended sentence. As he leaves the estate manager tries to stop him with shouts, and soon with gunshots, too.
    • Secrets and Lies
      Secrets and Lies
      Season 14 - Episode 2
      The residents of Aidensfield are terrorised by a blackmailer and Sergeant Merton is less than impressed by the investigative methods of the handsome newcomer PC Rob Walker. Meanwhile, Vernon embarks on a venture in the prestigious world of publishing, with the help of David and Bernie.
    • She's Leaving Home
      She's Leaving Home
      Season 11 - Episode 2
      The boy who caused damage to the police property runs off with his 16 year old girlfriend. The girlfriend falls ill after drinking contaminated water. Vernon eventually persuades Oscar to try a slot machine in the pub. He says he will pay for the winnings himself. Vernon doesnt realise the machine has been fixed by a friend of Bernie's, meaning Oscar enjoys a busy night of trade, eventually the man who fixes the machines foots the bill.moreless
    • The Devil Rides Out
      The Devil Rides Out
      Season 17 - Episode 9
      A local church is vandalised provoking rumours which are quick to spread. The police speak to Lord Ashfordly's godson who has arrived. And it isn't just Peggy that can earn money, David shows that he can too.
    • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
      A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
      Season 14 - Episode 18
      Bellamy tries to impress Miller by going it alone, while the arrival of tax inspector Derek Ford gets the residents of Aidensfield panicked. Vernon bears the brunt of Ford's wrath when his dodgy dealings and poor record-keeping are exposed, convincing the wheeler dealer the only way to avoid trouble is to fake his own suicide.moreless
    • One Thing Leads to Another
      One Thing Leads to Another
      Season 13 - Episode 16
      After a petty thief is hurt in a car crash, Crane discovers that Merton's wife Jenny is involved in one of his shady schemes. Meanwhile, Liz is given a surprising offer when she tries to help a sick man regain his job, and David, Bernie and Vernon enter the Ashfordly Gazette poetry competion.moreless
    • Say It with Flowers
      Say It with Flowers
      Season 14 - Episode 7
      Merton suspects explosives from a local airfield are linked to a robbery but his hands are tied when a DI pulls rank. Vernon sees a money-spinner when David enters a unique plant in the Aidensfield flower show.
    • Still Water
      Still Water
      Season 10 - Episode 24
      To impede Mike's criminal investigation a livestock auctioneer contacts Jackie as if to become her client, and Vernon tries to make water a money-spinning matter.
    • Return Crossing
      Return Crossing
      Season 18 - Episode 7
      Joe is asked to help a widow who is getting death threats from a corrupt person who knew her late husband. A visitor from Poland arrives in the village looking for a lost love.
    • Family Matters
      Family Matters
      Season 18 - Episode 1
      Miller's personal and professional lives are put under jeopardy when his daughter Cheryl is kidnapped, Aunt Peggy thinks she is dying, a suspicious man stays at the Aidensfield Arms who could be connected to a possible assassination attempt on a foreign leader who is attending a conference.
    • Missing Persons
      Missing Persons
      Season 17 - Episode 17
      Two young children are constantly left alone at home whilst their parents are out drinking in the pub to the rage of the villagers. There is a new arrival in Aidensfield, though the relation of Gina's late husband Phil gets off the train at the wrong station causing worry and confusion. Gina is also worried about the baby after her previous miscarriage.moreless
    • Pass the Parcel
      Pass the Parcel
      Season 18 - Episode 23
      Joe finds a bag of explosives in an abandoned van, following having thwarted a gang of safe robbers. Dawn's birthday party may go off with a bang, when the explosives end up in the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Oscar is left red-faced after investigating Don's strange disappearances at lunchtimes.
    • Blood Brothers
      Blood Brothers
      Season 15 - Episode 9
      David helps his friend run away from home, but the handyman inadvertently leaves the young boy with a complete stranger. The Aidensfield Arms offers paintings as well as pints during an art exhibition, and Jack and Bernie take advantage of the artistic atmosphere in an ill-advised attempt to encourage Gina's creative ambitions. Elsewhere, Peggy has a go at dog training.moreless
    • From Ancient Grudge
      From Ancient Grudge
      Season 11 - Episode 14
      A family feud over land escalates with a fight in the pub, partly provoked by Tom. Unknown to the two families involved, two of them from opposing sides used to go out with each other.
    • Appearances
      Season 7 - Episode 19
      A couple of thieves are looking at the 'wanted' adverts in the paper then robbing these items from houses in the area and selling them on. During one burglary a young girl is hurt. Greengrass and Bernie take up an interest in sculpture. Nick and Jo make a life changing decision - they have decided to emigrate to Canada.moreless
    • Icon
      Season 14 - Episode 15
      Bellamy and Walker hunt for a batch of stolen Russian icons, and suspect the victim of an assault at the Aidensfield Arms might be involved when they discover his criminal connections. Vernon embarks on another harebrained scheme when he meets an Italian truffle salesman, while Helen is puzzled by a youngster's baffling medical history.moreless
    • Always a Copper
      Always a Copper
      Season 9 - Episode 7
      The Chief Constable makes Blaketon organize a crime prevention committee. A burglar spills some blood when leaving a site of his crime, and Greengrass is a tourist 'guide' for Norwegians looking for Viking items.
    • Speed
      Season 13 - Episode 1
      A gang of youths commit a number of serious offences in the area, and are suspected of drug-dealing when Liz Merrick hands in amphetamines found stashed in a local boy's bedroom to the police. Vernon enjoys his new contacts with the upper class but he is not happy of David's manners when attending to him as his chauffeur.moreless
    • Local Knowledge
      Local Knowledge
      Season 7 - Episode 20
      A villain known to Blaketon comes to Aidensfield, and he turns out to be the instigator of a plan that resulted in a raid at Blaketon's Post Office. Greengrass gives some tourists a tour around his house which he is making out is haunted - until his charade is rumbled! Nick and Jo have a leaving party at the Aidensfield Arms where Nick wins a goat in a raffle - which he offers to Claude! Nick and Jo's friends turn up at the station to say their goodbyes before they leave for Canada. Even Greengrass and Alfred are there to wave goodbye!moreless
    • Where There's a Will
      Where There's a Will
      Season 8 - Episode 14
      Eric Tatton and his wife are dead and his sister, Peggy, has to move out of their house. At the last moment she however decides to fight to stay. Bellamy seeks a flat and gets 'assistance' from Greengrass.
    • Mother's Little Helpers
      Mother's Little Helpers
      Season 13 - Episode 3
      Vernon misses to live with David and visits him in the middle of the night. A restaurant owner makes Vernon feel comfortable at dinner but her ludomanic brother makes plans of a sinister nature. A mother of two boys have trouble making ends meet despite moral support by Dr. Merrick and the boys are 'helping' in their own ways..moreless
    • Money, Money, Money
      Money, Money, Money
      Season 14 - Episode 1
      A new recruit causes a stir at Ashfordly police station. PC Rob Walker was brought up in Aidensfield but his family life was far from perfect and his father dabbled on the wrong side of the law. Oscar Blaketon remembers Walker senior all too well and he still has some unfinished business with Rob. Meanwhile, Ben and Liz's fund-raising efforts appear to have rubbed off on Vernon, who begins to show his charitable side.moreless
    • Unconsidered Trifles
      Unconsidered Trifles
      Season 7 - Episode 22
      Blaketon's car is stolen later is involved in a hit and run accident. Blaketon is acting very secretive and gives a misleading statement about when the car was stolen. Mike thinks that he is guilty but Alf knows otherwise. Blaketon finally confides in Alf and tells him the reason he couldn't say where the car was stolen from was because he was with a married woman at the time. A woman who is married to a senior police officer. Alf sympathises and acts quickly to get the case tied up before CID get involved. Greengrass tries to deal in classic motor bikes but is unsuccessful.moreless
    • Dangerous Whispers
      Dangerous Whispers
      Season 13 - Episode 13
      Bellamy encounters a key informant who might come in useful - but finds himself in trouble when the man disappears before he can offer a tip-off about an imminent armed robbery, and Dr Liz Merrick may have feelings for Lord Ashfordly's recently appointed land agent but are they all negative?.
    • Child's Play
      Child's Play
      Season 10 - Episode 8
      Sue Driscoll surprises Bellamy with a sudden visit. Stanley Leroy and John Wilson are mystery guests at Aidensfield Arms. Edna, a psychic, warns that something terrible is going to happen and a headmaster is evasive about a boy's disappearance.
    • Living with the Past
      Living with the Past
      Season 15 - Episode 13
      Convicted murderer Henry Stoddard's release from prison coincides with a spate of vandalism, and locals presume he is responsible for the petty crime. But when the former jailbird insists he did not kill PC Machin all those years ago, Walker reopens the case and races to stop Machin's son exacting revenge. Meanwhile, Peggy sees the chance to make some money when her birth certificate suggests she is related to Lord Ashfordly.moreless
    • Sylvia's Mother
      Sylvia's Mother
      Season 10 - Episode 11
      Maggie Bolton has returned from her vacation with Graham Rysinsky. She helps Sylvia in taking care of her very sick mother. Jack, who wants to marry Sylvia, is very dissatisfied with her brother, Tony, who owns 3 'Smith's and Chips'. When one of them is put on fire Jack is suspected.moreless
    • The Fool on the Hill
      The Fool on the Hill
      Season 10 - Episode 6
      Craddock's mother observes an assault through binoculars but the victim disappears. A strange theft takes place in a married couple's home as a guest is the only victim. Greengrass has a hot tip on a horse race.
    • The Rivals
      The Rivals
      Season 11 - Episode 7
      A worker at a nearby carpet factory is injured when machinery breaks down. Until now, the boss Mr. Shields had ignored health and safety.
    • The Good Samaritan
      The Good Samaritan
      Season 15 - Episode 8
      Walker investigates when sibling rivalry and greed result in a fatal car crash. A devout couple are faced with money problems when their baby is diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Meanwhile, Peggy is up to her usual tricks as she frightens some holiday-makers, and Jack and Gina get a scare of their own during a walk on the moors.moreless
    • Stag at Bay
      Stag at Bay
      Season 9 - Episode 13
      A couple of poachers attacks Lord Ashfordly's stags with a brutality that's unheard of. A headmistress makes Jackie Bradley put pressure on the police to enforce an injunction. Greengrass rents Bernie Scripps' bearer to start up as driving instructor.
    • Fallen Heroes
      Fallen Heroes
      Season 10 - Episode 9
      A local cricket team volunteered at World War I and now their sole survivor of the battles refuses to pay taxes because their old club's house is to be demolished. A car is crashed in a single accident and lot of money disappears from the car, an soon a 'Robin Hood' helps the War Veteran and his mates' families.moreless
    • The Enemy Within
      The Enemy Within
      Season 7 - Episode 21
      Mike and a college student become friendly. She has a Japanese camera, which causes friction between her and an old army friend of Blaketon's who's been having flash backs from the war. He causes a disturbance in the pub and Mike arrests him. Blaketon's friend is mixing up the past with the present and ends up making an attack on Mike and abducting Blaketon and abandoning him on the moors. Mike is then allowed two weeks off work so he takes the student way on holiday with him.moreless
    • In Sickness and in Health
      In Sickness and in Health
      Season 14 - Episode 12
      A kidnap case leaves Vernon's plans for Liz and Ben's wedding in chaos, while Helen's dreams of a fresh start for her and Matt look set to be shattered. Jenny is relieved when she finally gets a medical diagnosis explaining her recent symptoms, but the news brings a difficult decision for husband Dennis, who has to choose between his wife and his police career.moreless
    • Home Sweet Home
      Home Sweet Home
      Season 11 - Episode 5
      When a series of items go missing and mystery deaths at a nursing home, the police investigate. After Oscar Blaketon discovers her qualifications are false, suspicion is on the owner, Mrs. Hargreaves. David becomes involved in house clearing, but after a not very securely attached 6 turns into a 9, David clears the wrong house!moreless
    • Hello, Goodbye
      Hello, Goodbye
      Season 8 - Episode 8
      Greengrass wants to make a fortune as mobile shop keeper. An Indian doctor from Kenya stirs up ugly racist prejudices, and an illegal hunt for live badgers disturb the forest.
    • The Happiest Day
      The Happiest Day
      Season 14 - Episode 4
      Blaketon is put in a compromising position when the police investigate a warehouse robbery he knows something about. A police lost property clear-out provides David with a new hobby, but it doesn't keep him out of trouble.
    • The Dear Departed
      The Dear Departed
      Season 13 - Episode 12
      A recently widowed woman arrives in Aidensfield wanting to bury her late husband in the family grave, but the dead man's brother refuses to co-operate because of an old feud. Vernon and David pay a visit, hoping to persuade him otherwise only to find themselves held at gunpoint . Meanwhile, Oscar is among the locals under suspicion when a widely disliked, hardened criminal returns to the village - and soon ends up murdered.moreless
    • A Family Affair
      A Family Affair
      Season 13 - Episode 5
      Police hunting down a bogus water board official find themselves investigating a suspicious death. Blaketon seeks to rectify a miscarriage of justice by reinstating a pre-war darts tournament.
    • Full Circle
      Full Circle
      Season 9 - Episode 14
      Stella Redford arrives to talk to Mrs. Trotter but she only just reaches her funeral. Stella fears to have lost an important photo for good as her wallet is stolen at the hotel. Greengrass and an old acquaintance of Blaketon arranges illegal dog race gambling.
    • Intuition
      Season 9 - Episode 3
      Bill offers Auntie Mary to become hotel manager in Sidmouth. Celia Gilmour wants to see her sister, but the front door is locked and suddenly a van rushes away.
    • Every Dog His Day
      Every Dog His Day
      Season 14 - Episode 24
      A group of young offenders come to stay at Ashfordly Hall, but soon find themselves under suspicion after a spate of disturbances in the village. Meanwhile, Blaketon and Ventress go on the hunt for a spinster's missing dog, and a £50 reward gives Peggy an idea.
    • Mountains and Molehills
      Mountains and Molehills
      Season 13 - Episode 11
      Steve finds himself in trouble when a maid at Ashfordly Hall takes more than a shine to him. David invents a novel way to rid the estate of moles, and makes a new friend in the process.
    • Hollywood or Bust
      Hollywood or Bust
      Season 9 - Episode 10
      Nathaniel Clegghorne brawls with David and Greengrass over two maran hens and with Lord Ashfordly who trains a dog close to Clegghorne's ground. A film producer seeks locations and Lord Ashfordly is very cooperative.
    • Tricks of the Trade
      Tricks of the Trade
      Season 9 - Episode 2
      As the new owner of Aidensfield Arms Blaketon has moved in but his ideas of running the place do not fit with the experiences of Gina and Mary. A nasty burglary hits the home of one of Greengrass' mates who has died recently, forcing him to have to work with the police. An Asian flu epidemic starts to rage in the area, putting baby Sam at risk.moreless
    • Windows of Opportunity
      Windows of Opportunity
      Season 11 - Episode 20
      Blaketon runs against Joyce Jowett in a local election and is strongly supported by Bernie who wants to avoid public toilets just outside his undertaker and car repair garage. Harvey Cottrell's rude business ways make him a main suspect of some strange burgle incidents where only one object is stolen and the window cleaner is an eager photographer.moreless
    • Consequences
      Season 10 - Episode 22
      Frank Metcalfe starts his van and a car bomb explodes. Lord Ashfordsly's family church is in a very poor state and Vernon and David are hired to remove big and small items.
    • Brainstorm
      Season 7 - Episode 17
      Mike is under investigation when a man dies in the cells when he is on duty. Russell's cousin, Hibbert, claims he heard Mike beat him up. Greengrass has a go at running a taxi business.
    • Hunter's Moon
      Hunter's Moon
      Season 14 - Episode 5
      Merton has to call in CID when a farmer's body is found tangled in a fence, in suspicious circumstances. Vernon revives an old dance to impress the taxi licensing committee, but he crosses Blaketon in the process.
    • Nowhere Man
      Nowhere Man
      Season 13 - Episode 19
      Steve Crane must fathom a mystery surrounding the arrival in Ashfordly of a man with no memory and blood-stained clothes. Meanwhile Vernon turns the tables on the two businessmen who tried to con him, and Jenny is furious with Dennis when he stands her up yet again.
    • A Gentleman's Sport
      A Gentleman's Sport
      Season 11 - Episode 11
      There is a robbery at the shop Reynolds Jewellers' by two men, but only one escapes. The other is hit by a car. To Blaketon's great joy a cricket legend rents a room at the Aidemsfield Arms.
    • Burden of Proof
      Burden of Proof
      Season 15 - Episode 10
      Blaketon spots local coal merchant Arthur Bolton sharing a kiss with another woman and quickly gives the man's wife the bad news. However, the cheat is found murdered the next day and the former policeman becomes the prime suspect, leaving PC Walker to lead an investigation to clear his name. Peggy fails to back a winner when she buys a greyhound that refuses to run, and Bellamy's love life gets a much-needed boost.moreless
    • Missing in Action
      Missing in Action
      Season 12 - Episode 18
      Lesley wishes her father was still alive to give her away at the wedding. Bernie visits the chiropodist to have his bunions treated. Gina organises Lesley's hen night. To the locals' deep satisfaction 'Wyatt Earp' - dressed in a correct police uniform - takes command in the streets.
    • Uninvited Guests
      Uninvited Guests
      Season 11 - Episode 9
      There's a salmonella outbreak and a chicken pie from the Aidensfield Arms is suspected as the source. Two criminals take a mother and her son as hostages and Vernon wants to start a cemetary for pets.
    • Easy Rider
      Easy Rider
      Season 8 - Episode 10
      An apparent UFO mystery intermingles with the death of an Italian racing cyclist. Greengrass receives 200 gnomes from China, but they turn out to be models of Chairman Mao.
    • Old Ties
      Old Ties
      Season 8 - Episode 22
      An old friend visits Gina, and Aunt Mary fears trouble. Two brothers open a restaurant, and they are surprised by more than a brick through the window. An archaeologist inspires Greengrass to dig for a treasure.
    • Cold Turkey
      Cold Turkey
      Season 10 - Episode 10
      A new bank manager is very unwilling to lend out money and his son moves away from home in sympathy with the empty-handed. Bellamy and Gina prepare expensive luxury as Christmas gifts to each other.
    • Honor Among Thieves
      Honor Among Thieves
      Season 9 - Episode 5
      Blaketon runs in a local election against Tom Drabble, one of Greengrass's mates. A romantic author, Honor Gable, rents a house in the area for six months to write a book, but she finds Bradley more interesting. Young criminals clean the local river as a part of their punishment.
    • Weight of Evidence
      Weight of Evidence
      Season 9 - Episode 16
      Greengrass buys a sheep to win some races, and of course money. Jackie has become halfway partner of the lawyers' firm, but to reach full partnership she needs £5000. A young girl is raped in her car.
    • Daniel
      Season 13 - Episode 15
      Gina goes into premature labour after she attempts to break up a fight between two men in the pub. At the hospital Blaketon recognises one of the two men from the pub brawl, Robert Flint, who was also involved in a major drugs case several years before for which he was never charged. Merton is determined to nail Flint this time around and impress the Division in the process.moreless
    • Russian Roulette
      Russian Roulette
      Season 11 - Episode 3
      Mr Maxwell, a patient of Dr Tricia Sumerbee is suffering from depression, and keeps walking onto railway lines. It turns out that the depression is due to his wife's death. Meanwhile, Mike considers taking Sergeants exams
    • Hostage to Fortune
      Hostage to Fortune
      Season 15 - Episode 15
      A runaway heiress accompanies her crooked boyfriend on a series of armed robberies. But when the Sixties version of Bonnie and Clyde get into trouble they kidnap Helen, who attempts to persuade the teenager to ditch her partner in crime. Meanwhile, Peggy suggests David should take over the funeral parlour while Bernie is away.moreless
    • For Whom the Bell Tolls
      For Whom the Bell Tolls
      Season 12 - Episode 13
      Lord Ashfordly is concerned about falling royalties from High Rigg Quarry and asks Blaketon to investigate. The police are concerned about a quantity of explosives which have gone missing from the quarry just before a visit by the defence minister. Dr. Alway struggles trying to make a team of bell ringers.moreless
    • The Long Weekend
      The Long Weekend
      Season 10 - Episode 16
      A Prince of Lithuania visits Lord Ashordly and Vernon is hired as bodyguard. Mike's niece and a friend visit the Bradleys who expect kids but get teenagers for the weekend.
    • Double Trouble
      Double Trouble
      Season 13 - Episode 24
      A large sum of money is reported stolen and the subsequent investigation leads to surprising revelations. Meanwhile, Ventress and Blaketon team up to locate a pair of twins, and Jenny becomes increasingly frustrated at the amount of time Dennis spends at work.
    • Where There's Muck
      Where There's Muck
      Season 12 - Episode 4
      Ventress tries to stop a bankrupt farmer from taking revenge on the bank. When Vernon goes into the horseradish business he discovers that he can't stand the heat in the kitchen.
    • Caught in the Headlights
      Caught in the Headlights
      Season 11 - Episode 23
      Gina accompanies Alex Robinson to a party at Ashfordly Hall. Suddenly she feels strange and heavy, and before she knows anything about it, her car hits Mr Sinclair brutally. The owner 'Black Dog Inn' hires Vernon to look after his two young daughters when they sing in a pop band but Vernon can't stand the music..moreless
    • The Shoot
      The Shoot
      Season 11 - Episode 21
      A paying guest at Ashfordly Hall, Oliver Langley, shoots Mr. Arkwright's dog deliberately. On Vernon's request a half belt tank arrives. He wants David to drive tourists out into Yorkshire's beautiful nature. Vernon has to stay hospitalized for a couple of days. He sits on a boil.
    • Second Chances
      Second Chances
      Season 11 - Episode 16
      Helen Jones returns home walking her dog and surprises a young intruder who strikingly resembles her run-away husband decades ago. Later David finds him in Vernon's barn, and soon Vernon is involved in the wine processing business.
    • Manoeuvres in the Dark
      Manoeuvres in the Dark
      Season 9 - Episode 1
      Terry Noble deserts the army and contacts Gina with hot kisses and cute words. Maggie Bolton is a proud mother, and an army veteran from World War II hits a boy in a car accident.
    • The Seven Year Itch
      The Seven Year Itch
      Season 9 - Episode 15
      Ray Nixon visits his mother's grave before renting a room at the Aidensfield Arms. Blaketon feels a kind of guilt to Ray Nixon. Sergeants Nokes and Craddock temporarily change places for experiences. A man seems to steal some valuable maps from an old lady.
    • Sweet Sixteen
      Sweet Sixteen
      Season 11 - Episode 1
      Following Jackie's departure, Mike becomes friendly with Dr. Tricia Summerbee. Craddock makes an effort to impress an inspector as the station and police house are vandalised. The vandalism turns out to be by a young boy who claims a policeman killed him in a car crash. Vernon and David have a dispute over the house, with Vernon accusing David of hiding items.moreless
    • Shadows and Substances
      Shadows and Substances
      Season 8 - Episode 12
      Blaketon is appointed Warning Point Officer - in case of nuclear attack, but soon Greengrass grabs the initiative to make money on the security issue. A pupil smashes a front window of the teacher's car. Later another pupil drinks poisoned water in the woods and Bellamy's Granny leads a protest against noisy lorries.moreless
    • The Devil You Know
      The Devil You Know
      Season 15 - Episode 2
      Alf poses as a criminal as part of an undercover operation, but his covert actions only reveal startling information about Miller's ethical beliefs. David eyes up Peggy's room when she applies to be Lord Ashfordly's housekeeper - but both are left disappointed when the interview is a complete failure.
    • For Better or Worse
      For Better or Worse
      Season 8 - Episode 3
      Just after buying a car young Brian Rider has a serious solo accident and his mother blames the owner of the Motor Company. Greengrass takes over a couple of racing pigeons after the owner's funeral.
    • A Many Splendoured Thing
      A Many Splendoured Thing
      Season 12 - Episode 9
      It is Christmas in Aidensfield and Lord Ashfordly decides to throw a ball to celebrate his marriage, but his elegant young bride is not what the locals expect. Vernon jeopardises Bernie's funeral business by finding a more festive use for the hearse.
    • Buried Secrets
      Buried Secrets
      Season 14 - Episode 9
      When an ex-army officer is found dead in his home, suspicion is cast on his money-hungry wife. And Rosie ends up with more admirers than she bargained for when she goes on a blind date.
    • Testament
      Season 8 - Episode 24
      David is the only witness to a drunk driver's hit-and-run, and the relation between Mike and Jackie is in big trouble as he suspects her uncle is guilty. Greengrass is in charge of enlarging a graveyard but he's more interested in what is found in the ground.
    • Friends Like You
      Friends Like You
      Season 8 - Episode 21
      David wins £100 and buys some fine clothes, but the shopkeeper wants to sell more to him. Gina substitutes as singer in a new club in Whitby, but it turns into a nightmare as the police finds drugs in her handbag.
    • Scent of a Kill
      Scent of a Kill
      Season 13 - Episode 14
      Dr. Merrick faces a testing time when a terrified hospital patient claims her husband is trying to kill her, but Merton seems reluctant to get involved, while Vernon picks up a bargain all-purpose pest-control solution, enlisting David's help in his eradication mission. Gina's cousin Diane arrives to help her and Phil with the wedding preparations - much to the delight of PC Crane, who's instantly smitten.moreless
    • Golf Papa One Zero
      Golf Papa One Zero
      Season 14 - Episode 16
      A new sergeant arrives at Aidensfield police station, bringing plenty of radical ideas from his time in the city, much to the officers' disgust. When news gets out of his ambitious plans, which will leave Walker unemployed, Oscar decides to take a stand and rallies the troops.
    • Caped Crusaders
      Caped Crusaders
      Season 12 - Episode 19
      Liz receives anonymous phone calls late at night, and Alec and Dean dress up as Batman and Robin.
    • Pat-a-Cake
      Season 8 - Episode 9
      Mel Drinkwater disappears on the way to her secret wedding and a former boyfriend, Michael, is suspected of making her diaappear. Greengrass' cat allergy is ruining his joy of a new business project. A burglar steals some medicine from Dr. Bolton's clinic.
    • The End of the Road
      The End of the Road
      Season 15 - Episode 6
      The folk of Aidensfield panic when rumours of an escaped killer are confirmed. Rob attempts to track down the fugitive, but his investigations are complicated when Helen gets caught up in the case. David is left reeling when Greengrass's lurcher Alfred becomes seriously ill, and Peggy speaks to bereavement expert Bernie in the hope that he can lend support to the devastated handyman.moreless
    • Dog Days
      Dog Days
      Season 13 - Episode 2
      Police are baffled when there seem to be too many motives behind an arson attack on a warehouse. David is not impressed by Vernon's new found wealth and Bernie regrets getting involved with his latest bright idea.
    • No Hard Feelings
      No Hard Feelings
      Season 13 - Episode 17
      Crane and Merton have their hands full when a sniper strikes during a clay-pigeon shoot, and Bellamy's fiery temper only serves to make matters worse. Elsewhere, Vernon decides to venture into the bed-and-breakfast market - but his cooking skills leave a lot to be desired.
    • Precious Stones
      Precious Stones
      Season 14 - Episode 8
      Merton has to call in CID when armed robbers snatch a woman's diamonds from her neck. Ben shares some unexpected news with Liz while David bathes in new found fame.
    • Picture This
      Picture This
      Season 15 - Episode 7
      A priceless Manet painting is stolen from a retired German art dealer's home, leaving Miller to suspect Lord Ashfordly's involvement. Peggy tries to convince a pair of visiting bird-watchers that Aidensfield's wildlife includes a rare bird of prey, and David tries to wing it as an ornithological expert.
    • Gin a Body, Meet a Body
      Gin a Body, Meet a Body
      Season 10 - Episode 18
      Jack Fairley is released from prison and he immedeately seeks to give Edith Fairly a surprise visit. She shares the telephone number with Vernon and David who try to start a taxa service. Phil and Blaketon throw a gang of three youngsters out of Aidensfield Arms.
    • Dirty Len
      Dirty Len
      Season 12 - Episode 7
      Mike searches for a link between a dead farm worker and a spate of animal deaths. Tricia is upset by the farm worker's death as she had stated a wrong diagnosis. David and Blaketon assist Mrs. Beresford at an old folks outing to the beach.
    • The Third Man
      The Third Man
      Season 12 - Episode 17
      Mike takes on his first big CID job after getting a tip-off. Vernon persuades Dr Merrick that the surgery needs a face-lift.
    • No Man's Land
      No Man's Land
      Season 12 - Episode 6
      Gina has a near miss with a local farmer defending his land against ramblers. Villagers are puzzled by Vernon's bizarre personality switch.
    • Give a Dog a Bad Name
      Give a Dog a Bad Name
      Season 8 - Episode 7
      At a roadside 'shop' David sells some sheepskin rugs for Greengrass very cheaply. Craddock and the local veterinarian have grave disputes on drunk driving, and a fleas' epidemic gives a dog a bad name.
    • Fire and Ashes
      Fire and Ashes
      Season 8 - Episode 19
      Maggie Bolton tells Neil that they are going to have a baby, but she's quite troubled about it and takes a small trip with Gina. Small fires in the area worry the police, and Greengrass has a railway carriage for holiday guests, but that makes Blaketon angry.
    • Sympathy for the Devil
      Sympathy for the Devil
      Season 11 - Episode 17
      A new health food shop in Ashfordly demands goatmilk, so Vernon and David keep goats, but without a proper pen the goats attack Blaketon's and others' gardens. A guest house suffers an intrusion but nothing seems to be stolen, Sue Dixon and her teenage daughter have just moved in but there's no harmony between them,moreless
    • Gabriel's Last Stand
      Gabriel's Last Stand
      Season 10 - Episode 4
      A retiring politician returns to his estate with his wife only to find out that his long time lover has moved in as neighbor and is now on friendly terms with his wife. He refuses to let a village party take place on his land even if it is an old tradition. Bellamy invites Gina to the movie.moreless
    • Rustlers and Hustlers
      Rustlers and Hustlers
      Season 14 - Episode 21
      A young girl is injured in a horse riding accident, leading the police to stumble upon a sinister series of animal thefts. Helen tries to tell Rob she doesn't want a relationship with him, but worries about hurting his feelings. Meanwhile, Oscar catches Peggy and David hosting a poker tournament in the Aidensfield Arms and bars them from the pub.moreless
    • Spellbound
      Season 8 - Episode 5
      Blaketon notices some strange activity at a graveyard at night but as he wants to investigate, he's knocked down. Greengrass tries his luck in the beauty business.
    • Truth Games
      Truth Games
      Season 10 - Episode 21
      At a hotel a man defends a woman's honour but a few hours later he's charged with assault on her. David has not opened a bill for months, so he and Vernon get nothing delivered.
    • Taking Sides
      Taking Sides
      Season 8 - Episode 15
      A road sign thief causes some disarray, and a Miss Aubrey charges Dr. Bolton with sexual harassment. Greengrass arranges local history theater in the open air, but doesn't it take two armies to make a battle?
    • O Guilty Man!
      O Guilty Man!
      Season 15 - Episode 11
      Matthew Trent makes an official complaint about Rob Walker, who stayed overnight at Helen's when he should have been on duty. A truck is involved in an accident after passing its MOT at Bernie's garage. Phil Bellamy is becoming increasingly smitten with Debbie.
    • Puppet on a String
      Puppet on a String
      Season 9 - Episode 4
      Alison keeps secrets from her parents and burns a letter in the fireplace. Ventress stops smoking to live up to his status as temporary leader of the local police while Craddock is away on teaching duties, and soon Bellamy and Bradley long for Craddock!
    • Flesh and Blood
      Flesh and Blood
      Season 9 - Episode 11
      After the funeral of a local butcher's wife various skeletons are found in the family's hidings. Bellamy experiences a revival of a romance of his very youth, and David and Greengrass try an alternative way of 'breeding' rabbits.
    • Wise Guy's
      Wise Guy's
      Season 9 - Episode 23
      Franco Mazzetti has suddenly died, so Greengrass finds guts to buy one of his vans to sell fish and chips from. He's soon mixed into a brawl between the Mazzettis and another local business family. Ventress is put on a harsh crisp bread diet by his wife, so his heart, and especially his stomach fall victims to the charm of a lonely widow.moreless
    • With This Ring
      With This Ring
      Season 9 - Episode 22
      Frank is an addicted gambler always in serious and his actions to deal with his debt hits both his employer and his wife and daughter. Mike plans secretly a honeymoon to Majorca, but Jackie is more keen on her job. Greengrass makes David 'save' coal from a lorry due to maritime law.moreless
    • Friends and Relations
      Friends and Relations
      Season 14 - Episode 19
      Clare finds herself under suspicion when a wild party ends in tragedy with a drugs-related death, and Miller is annoyed to have to reprimand Walker once again when he discovers his participation in the drunken revelling. David is put in a tricky situation when his Aunt Peggy arrives in Aidensfield and sets up an illegal vodka still, while Ventress is quick to reveal the newcomer's dubious history to Oscar and Gina.moreless
    • Hot Rocks
      Hot Rocks
      Season 8 - Episode 11
      Bellamy convinces Bradley to have a party at the Aidensfield Police Station. Lord Ashfordly's sister visits to introduce her new love, but he's very interested in Gina, and Greengrass has campers who modernize people's homes.
    • No Surrender
      No Surrender
      Season 9 - Episode 12
      A fortune teller promises David a real change of luck on love and money, and in spite of Greengrass' warnings strange incidents make David believe it. Clegghorne is ruthless to a neighboring family, and a business man has his own agenda with that family.
    • Coming of Age
      Coming of Age
      Season 11 - Episode 18
      The local brass band misses an appointment because of bad management. Vernon steps in to become the agent of the band. He succeeds in convincing Lord Ashfordly to hire the band to play for a group of American air base veterans from World War II. However, the leader of the band dislikes Americans. A local car thief is released from prison and drives for a contact, but he suddenly is mixed up in an armed robbery.moreless
    • Safe House
      Safe House
      Season 10 - Episode 12
      Greengrass has a sister in the West Indies. She has won a lot of money and she has invited him to a very long stay there. He has left his property and Alfred to David's protection. Vernon Scripps, Bernie's stepbrother, arrives, but Bernie prefers Vernon's heels better than his toes. However, Vernon grabs another possibility to stay in Aidensfield. The Bradleys get a dangerous and secret task.moreless
    • Legacies
      Season 11 - Episode 4
      A new policeman, PC Tom Nicholson arrives at the station on probation. Lord Ashfordly has some figures stolen. The staff is suspected of the theft.
    • Duty of Care
      Duty of Care
      Season 14 - Episode 22
      A young boy is shot at the Hall and Lord Ashfordly comes under investigation for employing child labour - but Bellamy discovers that the truth is rather more complicated. Peggy turns her hand to the tourist industry.
    • Sins of the Fathers
      Sins of the Fathers
      Season 12 - Episode 11
      Mike is reacting badly to Tricia's death and has an altercation with an underage drinker in the pub. The boy hits him but is let off by the magistrate - who soon turns out to be his father.. Maggie Byrne visits her old friend Vernon who is to sell 'her engagement ring'.moreless
    • Desperate Measures
      Desperate Measures
      Season 9 - Episode 21
      Roy Brooks gets a suspended prison sentence for horse theft, but later in the evening a racing horse is stolen from Lord Ashfordly and his estate manager is seriously knocked down. Bernie Scripps happens to tell Greengrass that he once was psychic.
    • Chalk and Cheese
      Chalk and Cheese
      Season 10 - Episode 1
      Celia Hanson has just retired as teacher and lives now in a small house in the countryside. Her nearest neighbor, a Long time farmer has absolutely no understanding for her need of peace and quiet. As Blaketon tries to mediate, things get even worse.
    • Growing Apart
      Growing Apart
      Season 12 - Episode 8
      When Tricia gets involved in a domestic dispute, she can't stand the heat in the kitchen. Vernon attempts to take the horticulture industry to new heights.
    • Negative Vibes
      Negative Vibes
      Season 9 - Episode 8
      A car driver smashes the front of a shop. Greengrass brings one of his mates to hospital but it's in vain, and to the widow's deep despair the body is given to the medical students in a last will. Bradley and his newly wed have negative vibes over late working hours and what's the secret at Strensford Tavern?moreless
    • Heroes and Villains
      Heroes and Villains
      Season 7 - Episode 23
      A war heroes home is broken into by two local children, nothing is really taken but the youngest boy finds himself becoming interested in the various army items he finds. He ends up befriending the war hero and asks him many questions about his life in the army. The same two boys are pinching golf balls and selling them to Greengrass - but his scheme is discovered when, in the pub he drops golf balls everywhere, right in front of Blaketon!moreless
    • The Son-In-Law
      The Son-In-Law
      Season 9 - Episode 24
      Jackie Bradley's parents arrive from South Africa. She admits to Mike that she has not told them of their wedding. A car is found driven far into the river and at the same time a hitch-hiker is picked up by Greengrass and David. Andy Ryan tries to win back Gina's love.moreless
    • The Buxton Defence
      The Buxton Defence
      Season 10 - Episode 23
      Lord Ashfordly arranges a chess that attracts the attention both from the public and a burglar. Vernon is upset as Greengrass has decided to sell the house
    • Muck and Brass
      Muck and Brass
      Season 13 - Episode 23
      Merton and his team set out to find the saboteur behind a series of rigged accidents in the lead-up to the Aidensfield Hill Climb, an annual race for motor cars. Meanwhile, Liz Merrick grows concerned about a man sleeping rough who she suspects may be suffering from asbestos poisoning, and Vernon finds - then loses - a fortune.moreless
    • Home Truths
      Home Truths
      Season 10 - Episode 14
      Edwina Lambert visits her daughter, Jackie, but she can't hide she's more keen on seeing some of her old friends, the Henderson's who as employers neglect security duties. Vernon contacts a promoter of a pop concert to get a foot into catering.
    • The Long View
      The Long View
      Season 14 - Episode 17
      PC Walker receives a tempting offer from an old friend, but as the proposition involves a spot of rule-bending on his part, the decision to go through with it could land him in serious trouble, especially as Sergeant Miller already seems less than impressed by the policeman's rebellious nature.
    • Not So Special
      Not So Special
      Season 10 - Episode 15
      Peggy Barton reports strange occurrences at her farm to the police, and Vernon arranges a car race on public roads.
    • Echoes of the Past
      Echoes of the Past
      Season 8 - Episode 16
      Jane Hayes is nervous of her pregnancy and some mysterious incidents related to the past make her fear she's haunted. A Christmas Charity Dance is arranged in Aidensfield, and Greengrass gets the responsibility for a trophy at the event.
    • Wrecked
      Season 14 - Episode 6
      Bellamy is forced to confront painful memories when he becomes a target for misplaced revenge. Visiting relatives beset Lord Ashfordly, while Vernon starts the new mechanic on scrap car restoration.
    • Difficult Times
      Difficult Times
      Season 13 - Episode 18
      Dennis Merton is called to Ranby Hall to investigate the sudden death of racing driver Jack Maclean from a massive insulin overdose while he was under the care of Liz Merrick and Dennis's wife, Jenny. Meanwhile Vernon bumps into an old friend who offers him a gilt-edged business opportunity which leads him into serious trouble.moreless
    • All in the Mind
      All in the Mind
      Season 8 - Episode 20
      Blaketon loses focus on Greengrass because an even worse crook enters the area with some racing ferrets. Jackie Lambert visits Maggie Bolton to finish the paperwork on Dr. Bolton's death. An old woman witnesses a kidnapping. A young man annoys ordinary citizens intensely while presenting himself as PC Ventress.
    • For Art's Sake
      For Art's Sake
      Season 9 - Episode 17
      The painting artist Joe Vaughan seeks peace in Aidensfield, bu he runs into brawls and controversies with members of the local rugby club and the police takes him into custody, until Jackie Bradley makes a judge release him. Then his house is burnt down.
    • Against the Odds
      Against the Odds
      Season 9 - Episode 20
      Lottie finds Charlie Weller dead and to the ugly surprise and disgust of his nephew, Martin, her mother, Peggy Turner is the beneficent of a week old will. At the same time Blaketon is approached by a professional full time planner on the establishing an industrial quarter close to Aidensfield.
    • My One and Only
      My One and Only
      Season 18 - Episode 21
      An insurance salesman's murder produces some interesting suspects. Whilst repairs are being carried out at his house Alf makes himself at home in the Aidensfield Arms, but soon outstays his welcome. Meanwhile, a face from the past surprises Miller.
    • In the Bleak Midwinter
      In the Bleak Midwinter
      Season 14 - Episode 13
      Veteran singer and keyboard player Alan Price guest stars in this festive episode of the rural drama, as the leader of a down-on-their-luck jazz band. Travelling to Aidensfield, where they've been booked by Vernon to play at the villagers' Christmas concert, the Rio Trio offer a lift to a young girl, unaware she's a single mum taking her baby home to see her parents for the holiday. However, the first the band know about the infant is when the girl disappears, leaving them to look after it. Meanwhile, as the concert gets into full swing, local barmaid Gina takes centre stage, hoping to impress all and sundry with her rendition of Winter Wonderland.moreless
    • Waifs and Strays
      Waifs and Strays
      Season 13 - Episode 7
      Three farm children are left orphaned, leaving Steve to help the oldest child fight a custody battle. Vernon opens a campsite, but it is David who is left to entertain the campers.
    • The Angry Brigade
      The Angry Brigade
      Season 8 - Episode 18
      Barry Dixon is released from prison but is followed closely by an insurance detective. Lord Ashfordly has closed a pathway to a waterfall, but that decision meets strong opposition when a couple of tourists, Mr and Mrs Tidy, is stopped somewhat brutally. Bradley and Jackie Lambert, an attractive lawyer, develop common ground.moreless
    • Hung for a Sheep
      Hung for a Sheep
      Season 12 - Episode 16
      Ventress thinks the new PC, Steve Crane, is a bit too anxious to prove his worth. Vernon attempts to impress another new arrival, Dr Liz Merrick, with his community spirit.
    • Forbidden Fruit
      Forbidden Fruit
      Season 8 - Episode 13
      While David Fuller apparently is very busy at an auction his wife, Marianne, is brought to hospital in a critical condition. Bradley stumbles into a short flirt with her sister, Rachel, and Gina dreams about a trip to Paris.
    • Who's Who?
      Who's Who?
      Season 10 - Episode 17
      A car hits a man seriously but who's the driver and who's the passenger? Vernon restarts and age-old project of his own: a marriage bureau.
    • Twist of Fate
      Twist of Fate
      Season 8 - Episode 17
      Mildred Crosby dies unexpectedly suddenly and Maggie Bolton is accused. An anonymous night rider 'borrows' frequently a horse and leaves it in an uneasy state. Two Japanese vases are stolen, and Greengrass obtains hot horse racing tips from a road bum.
    • Brought to Book
      Brought to Book
      Season 13 - Episode 8
      Steve tries his hand at community policing when he takes a group of troublesome lads on an outward bound course. Vernon tries to get involved with Eastern mysticism when a visiting guru needs premises for a meditation course.
    • Class Act
      Class Act
      Season 11 - Episode 22
      Josie Peters' father Len has a drinking problem that is very acute so he is not let into the school's parents evening. The next day a teacher offers him that the school pays her class trip to the shore but he dismisses it as charity. Later his employer is attacked and robbed, and he is the main suspect, David inherits a dummy that fascinates him, and Vernon is out of his mind.moreless
    • Stormy Weather
      Stormy Weather
      Season 14 - Episode 10
      When a retired policeman is killed while trying to escape to Spain with a mystery woman, Merton is faced with the task of breaking the news to his widow. Vernon plans to make a quick buck at the poker table.
    • Shadows from the Past
      Shadows from the Past
      Season 14 - Episode 23
      Peggy sets aside her pitchfork for glamour in the hope of charming a wealthy widower. The local community is up in arms when a famous homicide case is reopened for investigation - but Sergeant Miller ends up with more murder than he bargained for.
    • Killing Me Softly
      Killing Me Softly
      Season 10 - Episode 19
      Blaketon's big dream is to own a MG sports car and Vernon contacts former 'business' mate. Garrick steals false money notes from the night club where he works and is fired. Jackie has some concerns to considerate as Mike wants to become a father.
    • Fallout
      Season 8 - Episode 2
      A stolen car harbors a radioactive isotope, and the chief suspects the Fawsey brothers of the theft.
    • Charity Begins at Home
      Charity Begins at Home
      Season 6 - Episode 17
      Heavy snow threatens Ventress's debut as Father Christmas and leaves Nick and Jo coping with a moorland crisis on their own.
    • Obsessions
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      A woman seeks Nick's help after he rescues her from a house fire. Greengrass decides to enter the tourist trade by offering bed-and-breakfast.