Season 12 Episode 8

Growing Apart

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 01, 2002 on ITV

Episode Recap

Tricia gets involved in a couples marriage. The wife needs medication, but when Tricia goes to deliver it the husband tells her that his wife has gone to Whitby but he can give her the pills. Later Tricia realizes that this was a lie and goes back up to the house. After a few moments of talking to the wife the husband arrives and starts to shout, when it comes out that he's been having an affair his wife attacks him but the husband hits her and knocks her into a pantry. Tricia runs to help her and the husband pushes her in and closes the door. Stuck in the pantry Tricia get the mans wife to plead with her husband, but she only annoys him and he knocks over a gas lamp. Soon the kitchen is in flames and Tricia and the wife can't escape. The husband runs to get help, leaving the two ladies thinking they have been left to die. Luckily Tricia manages to pull away some shelves and find a door. She and the Wife flee out of the door and up the stairs where they come to a room leading out onto a slopping roof, Tricia climbs out and tries to get the wife to follow her but she is too scared. As Mike arrives Tricia looses her footing and falls from the roof, into Mike's arms, while the husband rushes to save his wife.