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  • lovely song

    was watching a recent episode last week called auld acquaintances where aunt peggy gets david to dress up as santa. during the episod the police are trying to find who is responsible for a recent theft of the doctors bag from her car. whilst all this is going on a song comes along which beautiful very haunting song by female artist, don't know who she is or the song title. how can i find out. I have looked on line for any info but all i can find is brief information like who the actors are. nothing of the songs. can anyone help. thanks
  • heartbeat dvds

    I have watched heartbeat since I was 3 years old since the series started in 10th April 1992 I have never missed a EP when it was on a Sunday now it will not be coming back on a Sunday night I still watch the ones 2 eps you get on itv3 on a Sunday morning and the ones that is on Monday Friday and so far I have got series 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 on DVD when they came out I will be buying series 11 next month then 12 in October then 13 in November then I hope they bring out series 14,15,16,17,18 and I hope they bring out the special Christmas album where the actors are talking about all the Christmas eps that they have done over the years in series 15 and I hope the bring out farewell to phil what they had in series 17 after PC beallmy got shot. So i hope all this happens.
  • A wonderful Brit. show set in the beautiful Yorkshire country side.

    I live in Canada but was born in Yorkshire, which is one of the reasons why I love the show. But the main reason is the story lines with those wonderful querky characters like David and Peggy, who of course replaced Greengrass. The setting is the beautiful Yorkshire countryside with some great acting and fab music of the 60's. I only hope ITV doesn't axe the show. I am getting so sick of the constant reality shows. This is a show with great content. Mystery, Laughs, Music. A great show to watch that leaves you feeling light hearted with eager anticipation for the next episode.
  • Just started watching this in Canada. It's a clean, decent show and reminds me of the 60's and 70's. Well done show.

    As I said above, I like this show because it's decent, clean and well done. When I first saw it, I thought it was an old re-run from the 60's or 70's. The episodes are well thought out, the characters are all well played and it makes for a pretty good show. I'd rather watch this than a lot of other crap that's on tv today. The programming in my area (Ontario Canada) has been going downhill for some time. I'm sick and tired of all of the reality shows on and am glad I can watch this once in awhile. I've only been watching for about 2 weeks but all of the episodes have been really well done. Thanks ST
  • I love it especially Rob N Phil Rob n phil bezzi mates lol Geoff is kinda stupid but sweet

    I love heartbeat,My favorite people are:Rob Phil and Gina
    Phil is fab coz he has been there since the beginning
    Rob coz well he is georgeous
    Gina coz i love the earings she wears I think that Rob should get together with Rachel Yes she is his ex but i think they would make a sweet couple-But maby Carol would be jelous!!

    I can't wait until Phil and Gina get married with Rob as the best man probz

    Phil has been all the new cops best mate well accept mike coz he went out with Gina Lol im babblin on but i just think it is FAB
  • Why is Heartbeat Always critisized?

    Heartbeat is always being knocked down by the critics but after 16 series, is is still standing proud. Its an amusing show, that is light- hearted, and entertaining. You can always have a giggle, a cry or belly laugh, whilst watching the show, that seems to be living in the 60\\\'s for ever and ever! I give Heartbeat 5 stars!
  • A great period drama!!

    When in 1992 the pilot episode aired I knew instantly that this was going to be a hit - and 16 series later it certainly is! The mix between the three storylines that are in each show (police, medical & loveable rogue) are always great as nearly everytime they always tie toegether in the end!

    Heartbeat has seen many cast members and guest starts grace its screen and everyone who has ever stared on it has been on a screen gem! If you like any drama series at all you must watch Heartbeat as I guarrente you that you will like it!
  • I don't usually like old shows, but this one is different from the rest.

    Heartbeat is set in a rural village with old stuff: old music, old cars etc. I don't usually watching old programmes, but this one is most certainly different. It has an excellent tagline and is very gripping. Different events happen and the local police are always around to help. I don't even mind the old 'rock' style music, because it fits the programme. It seems like an old programme, which it is, but it is portrayed in a totally modern way. The actors are good, the scenery is good, the music is good. All of these factors make this one of my favourite programmes. This programme is shown in series, but when it's on, it's on on Sundays 20:00-21:00 on ITV1. This programme is also repeated on ITV3.
  • Heartbeat is a great show, the cast is awesome even if they are not holiwood stars, its brittish and it rocks

    Set in a place little away from the big cities lies aidensfield a town where its always happening something, a big focus is on the aidensfield police, the police changes from time to time wich give us new intigues everytime, the police solves all kind of mysteries from robberies to coruption, but you also have many other characters, and we have like a bar with employs, a garage, and a mediical sentre, thois is like the core of the town, but you of course have cityfolk, outside of the main city you have some residents including a lords residence.

    The series i great mainly because its always a new plot and a great bond between the characters.
  • i like heartbeat specailly with bellamy and blacketon

    has anyone seen phil bellamy's new wife yet gina isn't so happy but she did have change to marry phil and she turned him down so he married this other one instead but oscar is happy for him he just announced that he was married to the whole pub which was shocked at the private marriage
  • I love this program.

    We are seeing Heartbeat every Saturday evening and we look forward to it during the whole week. It is a really nice TV-program. The best we have in this country at the time. This summer we went to Aidensfield in Goathland and it was a great holiday. We went to Aidensfield Arms and Scripps garage and all the places known from the TV-show. Everyone who loves the program have to go there. They were shooting at the time we were there, but we didn’t see them. We are missing Greengrass in the program. He was a really nice and important person for the show.
  • it is really great

    i like heartbeat it was really great with pc nick rowan and his wife kate there moved up from london to yorkshire to a small village in goathland in 1992 where the series have stayed for the time from 1992 - 2005 it had the lead stars in like nick kate oscar george alf phil greengarss then later on there was new actors in
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