Heartbeat - Season 10

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Still Water
    Still Water
    Episode 24
    To impede Mike's criminal investigation a livestock auctioneer contacts Jackie as if to become her client, and Vernon tries to make water a money-spinning matter.
  • The Buxton Defence
    The Buxton Defence
    Episode 23
    Lord Ashfordly arranges a chess that attracts the attention both from the public and a burglar. Vernon is upset as Greengrass has decided to sell the house
  • Consequences
    Episode 22
    Frank Metcalfe starts his van and a car bomb explodes. Lord Ashfordsly's family church is in a very poor state and Vernon and David are hired to remove big and small items.
  • Truth Games
    Truth Games
    Episode 21
    At a hotel a man defends a woman's honour but a few hours later he's charged with assault on her. David has not opened a bill for months, so he and Vernon get nothing delivered.
  • Unchained Melody
    Unchained Melody
    Episode 20
    Lady Patricia visits her Brother Charlie at Ashfordly Hall and Caroiine from London visits the Bradleys. Both bring surprises with them. A local post strike makes Vernon go into mail delivery and Bernie digs out an old motorbike of Greengrass's.
  • Killing Me Softly
    Killing Me Softly
    Episode 19
    Blaketon's big dream is to own a MG sports car and Vernon contacts former 'business' mate. Garrick steals false money notes from the night club where he works and is fired. Jackie has some concerns to considerate as Mike wants to become a father.
  • Gin a Body, Meet a Body
    Jack Fairley is released from prison and he immedeately seeks to give Edith Fairly a surprise visit. She shares the telephone number with Vernon and David who try to start a taxa service. Phil and Blaketon throw a gang of three youngsters out of Aidensfield Arms.
  • Who's Who?
    Who's Who?
    Episode 17
    A car hits a man seriously but who's the driver and who's the passenger? Vernon restarts and age-old project of his own: a marriage bureau.
  • The Long Weekend
    The Long Weekend
    Episode 16
    A Prince of Lithuania visits Lord Ashordly and Vernon is hired as bodyguard. Mike's niece and a friend visit the Bradleys who expect kids but get teenagers for the weekend.
  • Not So Special
    Not So Special
    Episode 15
    Peggy Barton reports strange occurrences at her farm to the police, and Vernon arranges a car race on public roads.
  • Home Truths
    Home Truths
    Episode 14
    Edwina Lambert visits her daughter, Jackie, but she can't hide she's more keen on seeing some of her old friends, the Henderson's who as employers neglect security duties. Vernon contacts a promoter of a pop concert to get a foot into catering.
  • Blind Justice
    Blind Justice
    Episode 13
    Craddock dates his dance teacher at the 'North Riding Police Dance' but her son is a ruthless fast speed driver. Bernie is off to Northallerton to comfort a widow, so Vernon and David takes the job to repair Lord Ashfordly's Bentley.
  • Safe House
    Safe House
    Episode 12
    Greengrass has a sister in the West Indies. She has won a lot of money and she has invited him to a very long stay there. He has left his property and Alfred to David's protection. Vernon Scripps, Bernie's stepbrother, arrives, but Bernie prefers Vernon's heels better than his toes. However, Vernon grabs another possibility to stay in Aidensfield. The Bradleys get a dangerous and secret task.moreless
  • Sylvia's Mother
    Sylvia's Mother
    Episode 11
    Maggie Bolton has returned from her vacation with Graham Rysinsky. She helps Sylvia in taking care of her very sick mother. Jack, who wants to marry Sylvia, is very dissatisfied with her brother, Tony, who owns 3 'Smith's and Chips'. When one of them is put on fire Jack is suspected.moreless
  • Cold Turkey
    Cold Turkey
    Episode 10
    A new bank manager is very unwilling to lend out money and his son moves away from home in sympathy with the empty-handed. Bellamy and Gina prepare expensive luxury as Christmas gifts to each other.
  • Fallen Heroes
    Fallen Heroes
    Episode 9
    A local cricket team volunteered at World War I and now their sole survivor of the battles refuses to pay taxes because their old club's house is to be demolished. A car is crashed in a single accident and lot of money disappears from the car, an soon a 'Robin Hood' helps the War Veteran and his mates' families.moreless
  • Child's Play
    Child's Play
    Episode 8
    Sue Driscoll surprises Bellamy with a sudden visit. Stanley Leroy and John Wilson are mystery guests at Aidensfield Arms. Edna, a psychic, warns that something terrible is going to happen and a headmaster is evasive about a boy's disappearance.
  • The Traveller
    The Traveller
    Episode 7
    Nat Cooper is a 'traveller'. He and a mate tries unsuccessfully an armed robbery and they soon leave each other on their own. Greengrass gets involved in organizing horse races on open country roads.
  • The Fool on the Hill
    Craddock's mother observes an assault through binoculars but the victim disappears. A strange theft takes place in a married couple's home as a guest is the only victim. Greengrass has a hot tip on a horse race.
  • War Stories
    War Stories
    Episode 5
    Very much to Blaketon's surprise some old Commando veterans arrives at Aidensfield Arms to salute Ventress, but a son to a fallen hero joins the party. An inventor who wants peace and quiet complains to the police of noise from the pub, and Greengrass most unwillingly experiences an alternative 'fishing method'.moreless
  • Gabriel's Last Stand
    A retiring politician returns to his estate with his wife only to find out that his long time lover has moved in as neighbor and is now on friendly terms with his wife. He refuses to let a village party take place on his land even if it is an old tradition. Bellamy invites Gina to the movie.moreless
  • Dog Collar
    Dog Collar
    Episode 3
    As Edith Benton has to leave for a family visit Greengrass and David get the job to lead her poodle through the Ashfordly Championship Dog Show. A couple of valuable candlesticks are stolen from the church and The Reverend's daughter is in love with a young man that her mother is hostile to.moreless
  • Smile For the Camera
    David makes Bernie Scripps and Greengrass arrange a military funeral, and Jackie Bradley is the object of an unknown individual's phone calls at night and day, and the intense use of a photo camera.
  • Chalk and Cheese
    Chalk and Cheese
    Episode 1
    Celia Hanson has just retired as teacher and lives now in a small house in the countryside. Her nearest neighbor, a Long time farmer has absolutely no understanding for her need of peace and quiet. As Blaketon tries to mediate, things get even worse.