Heartbeat - Season 13

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Little Angel
    Little Angel
    Episode 25
    When a little girl goes missing, Blaketon joins the frantic search. Meanwhile Steve and Bellamy are confronted by a precarious situation. The Aidensfield Arms is hit by a rat infestation but Vernon proposes a fool-proof rodent removal plan.
  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble
    Episode 24
    A large sum of money is reported stolen and the subsequent investigation leads to surprising revelations. Meanwhile, Ventress and Blaketon team up to locate a pair of twins, and Jenny becomes increasingly frustrated at the amount of time Dennis spends at work.
  • Muck and Brass
    Muck and Brass
    Episode 23
    Merton and his team set out to find the saboteur behind a series of rigged accidents in the lead-up to the Aidensfield Hill Climb, an annual race for motor cars. Meanwhile, Liz Merrick grows concerned about a man sleeping rough who she suspects may be suffering from asbestos poisoning, and Vernon finds - then loses - a fortune.moreless
  • A Call to Arms
    A Call to Arms
    Episode 22
    When Harry Hawkswell, a retired policeman and former colleague of Alf Ventress, turns up in the village he manages to put everyone's backs up by making himself a little too much at home at the police station. Meanwhile, Vernon is in a state of panic as he awaits a visit from the Inland Revenue, and Liz Merrick is confused by Ben Norton's behaviour.moreless
  • Strangers on a Train
    David has a near miss when a man is thrown from a train and rolls down the embankment into the road and the path of his oncoming car. Merton's subsequent investigation turns up a lad called Tommy fleeing the scene of the crime, and an auctioneer is about to value antiques at Ashfordly Hall. Meanwhile, Vernon decides to open up a donkey sanctuary and Ventress takes his all day free time to serve tea at the police station.moreless
  • Swansong
    Episode 20
    Alf Ventress is stunned to learn that a change in working regulations means that he will have to retire from the force - even if his serving has been extended more than usual, claims Merton. Meanwhile, Merton and his team go in search of a phantom sheep shearer, and romance is in the air as Blaketon acquires an admirer and Gina is asked out on a date by hunky Australian Kevin Kelly.moreless
  • Nowhere Man
    Nowhere Man
    Episode 19
    Steve Crane must fathom a mystery surrounding the arrival in Ashfordly of a man with no memory and blood-stained clothes. Meanwhile Vernon turns the tables on the two businessmen who tried to con him, and Jenny is furious with Dennis when he stands her up yet again.
  • Difficult Times
    Difficult Times
    Episode 18
    Dennis Merton is called to Ranby Hall to investigate the sudden death of racing driver Jack Maclean from a massive insulin overdose while he was under the care of Liz Merrick and Dennis's wife, Jenny. Meanwhile Vernon bumps into an old friend who offers him a gilt-edged business opportunity which leads him into serious trouble.moreless
  • No Hard Feelings
    No Hard Feelings
    Episode 17
    Crane and Merton have their hands full when a sniper strikes during a clay-pigeon shoot, and Bellamy's fiery temper only serves to make matters worse. Elsewhere, Vernon decides to venture into the bed-and-breakfast market - but his cooking skills leave a lot to be desired.
  • One Thing Leads to Another
    After a petty thief is hurt in a car crash, Crane discovers that Merton's wife Jenny is involved in one of his shady schemes. Meanwhile, Liz is given a surprising offer when she tries to help a sick man regain his job, and David, Bernie and Vernon enter the Ashfordly Gazette poetry competion.moreless
  • Daniel
    Episode 15
    Gina goes into premature labour after she attempts to break up a fight between two men in the pub. At the hospital Blaketon recognises one of the two men from the pub brawl, Robert Flint, who was also involved in a major drugs case several years before for which he was never charged. Merton is determined to nail Flint this time around and impress the Division in the process.moreless
  • Scent of a Kill
    Scent of a Kill
    Episode 14
    Dr. Merrick faces a testing time when a terrified hospital patient claims her husband is trying to kill her, but Merton seems reluctant to get involved, while Vernon picks up a bargain all-purpose pest-control solution, enlisting David's help in his eradication mission. Gina's cousin Diane arrives to help her and Phil with the wedding preparations - much to the delight of PC Crane, who's instantly smitten.moreless
  • Dangerous Whispers
    Dangerous Whispers
    Episode 13
    Bellamy encounters a key informant who might come in useful - but finds himself in trouble when the man disappears before he can offer a tip-off about an imminent armed robbery, and Dr Liz Merrick may have feelings for Lord Ashfordly's recently appointed land agent but are they all negative?.
  • The Dear Departed
    The Dear Departed
    Episode 12
    A recently widowed woman arrives in Aidensfield wanting to bury her late husband in the family grave, but the dead man's brother refuses to co-operate because of an old feud. Vernon and David pay a visit, hoping to persuade him otherwise only to find themselves held at gunpoint . Meanwhile, Oscar is among the locals under suspicion when a widely disliked, hardened criminal returns to the village - and soon ends up murdered.moreless
  • Mountains and Molehills
    Steve finds himself in trouble when a maid at Ashfordly Hall takes more than a shine to him. David invents a novel way to rid the estate of moles, and makes a new friend in the process.
  • Down to Earth
    Down to Earth
    Episode 10
    The police have to intervene when a woman complains about a neighbouring farmer's dead cow, and Vernon gets a nasty surprise when he hatches a plan for a compost business.
  • State of Mind
    State of Mind
    Episode 9
    An elderly man appears to be losing his mind, but Steve and Liz are determined to prove that he doesn't need to go into a home. Vernon is frustrated when he's called to jury service, leaving David with an impossible work schedule to juggle.
  • Brought to Book
    Brought to Book
    Episode 8
    Steve tries his hand at community policing when he takes a group of troublesome lads on an outward bound course. Vernon tries to get involved with Eastern mysticism when a visiting guru needs premises for a meditation course.
  • Waifs and Strays
    Waifs and Strays
    Episode 7
    Three farm children are left orphaned, leaving Steve to help the oldest child fight a custody battle. Vernon opens a campsite, but it is David who is left to entertain the campers.
  • The Holiday's Over
    The Holiday's Over
    Episode 6
    Merton and Jenny return early from honeymoon. The police are called out when people coming home from holidays discover they have been burgled. Vernon's aspirations rise higher.
  • A Family Affair
    A Family Affair
    Episode 5
    Police hunting down a bogus water board official find themselves investigating a suspicious death. Blaketon seeks to rectify a miscarriage of justice by reinstating a pre-war darts tournament.
  • Fool for Love
    Fool for Love
    Episode 4
    A money transport from the local bank is robbed just outside Ashfordly by Ronnie the Dog Man, and Vernon promises Jenny fresh salmon to her wedding dinner.
  • Mother's Little Helpers
    Vernon misses to live with David and visits him in the middle of the night. A restaurant owner makes Vernon feel comfortable at dinner but her ludomanic brother makes plans of a sinister nature. A mother of two boys have trouble making ends meet despite moral support by Dr. Merrick and the boys are 'helping' in their own ways..moreless
  • Dog Days
    Dog Days
    Episode 2
    Police are baffled when there seem to be too many motives behind an arson attack on a warehouse. David is not impressed by Vernon's new found wealth and Bernie regrets getting involved with his latest bright idea.
  • Speed
    Episode 1
    A gang of youths commit a number of serious offences in the area, and are suspected of drug-dealing when Liz Merrick hands in amphetamines found stashed in a local boy's bedroom to the police. Vernon enjoys his new contacts with the upper class but he is not happy of David's manners when attending to him as his chauffeur.moreless
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