Heartbeat - Season 17

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Oscar's Birthday
    Oscar's Birthday
    Episode 24
    Two new arrivals in Aidensfield provide problems for PC Joe Mason (and a confusing story). David learns to play the piano, the village prepare for Oscar's surprise birthday party and Gina goes into labour.
  • Mixed Messages
    Mixed Messages
    Episode 23
    Carol asks Joe for help when suspicions are aroused about the unexpected death of a pensioner. Peggy finds a lot of rubbish in her back yard which isn't hers. The end of her pregnancy draws close for Gina.
  • You Never Can Tell
    You Never Can Tell
    Episode 22
    A veteran pop manager decides that the Aidensfield Arms will be the location for his wedding reception. Oscar suspects that something is up and when he is found dead, investigations show that he may have been murdered. Peggy is caught with stolen goods, causing her to suddenly suffer from memory loss.moreless
  • It Came from Outer Space
    There's an explosion in the woods and while there are rumours that it's been caused by a meterorite, the police suspect criminal activities, so Joe is sent in undercover. The aroused interest in outer space gives Peggy an idea for another money-making opportunity.
  • Bully Boys
    Bully Boys
    Episode 20
    Joe shows Geoff how to control a violent outbreak at the bookmakers. The police investigate a debt collector who is an ex-convict. Peggy struggles to encourage David to go to a school reunion.
  • Big Chill
    Big Chill
    Episode 19
    A drug shipment is discovered by Rachel and Joe, but Gina is in danger when she makes friends with a dodgy character related to the shipment at her antenatal classes. Peggy finds another money making opportunity when Bernie's hearse isn't ready for a funeral.
  • Taking Stock
    Taking Stock
    Episode 18
    A car crash victim is found to have had criminal connections, resulting in worries about his reason for coming to Aidensfield. Oscar is helped by Alf in a private detective case. Peggy finds some goats too difficult to milk so tries to get rid of them, without recognising their worth.
  • Missing Persons
    Missing Persons
    Episode 17
    Two young children are constantly left alone at home whilst their parents are out drinking in the pub to the rage of the villagers. There is a new arrival in Aidensfield, though the relation of Gina's late husband Phil gets off the train at the wrong station causing worry and confusion. Gina is also worried about the baby after her previous miscarriage.moreless
  • Danse Macabre
    Danse Macabre
    Episode 16
    Joe and Carol work together on a case involving a young ballet dancer, following her collapse in the village, David writes for the local newspaper as an agony uncle and there is romance in the air for Geoff, but there's a twist.
  • Take Three Girls
    Take Three Girls
    Episode 15
    Sue Padgett, an anti-fur protestor, is in trouble when her boyfriend sets a haulier's depot on fire. The doctors Carol and Chris disagree with each other when offering advice to a pregnant teenager. Peggy is happy to help David get ready for a date.
  • Out of the Long Dark Night
    Eva and James Knight's cottage has been vandalised and Joe digs deeper into the history of the family even though they don't want him to investigate. David takes an old traction steam engine for a run but loses control of it and it causes problems in Aidensfield.
  • The Heart of a Man
    The Heart of a Man
    Episode 13
    John Harper has a break-in at his cottage. He is a blind man and the burglars swap his money with blank pieces of paper instead.
  • Hey Hey LBJ
    Hey Hey LBJ
    Episode 12
    When teenager Vivian Middleton goes missing her parents are frantic with worry. PC Mason discovers she had an American boyfriend called Bobby and sets out to find him. Bobby, though, says he has no idea where she could be and seems concerned. But is he hiding something?
  • A Brush With The Law
    Somebody vandalizes Gordon Radford's study.
  • Changing Roles
    Changing Roles
    Episode 10
    There's a key witness for a murder trial in Aidensfield who needs protection, a new gamekeeper arrives to work for Lord Ashfordly and Joe sees an old lover.
  • The Devil Rides Out
    A local church is vandalised provoking rumours which are quick to spread. The police speak to Lord Ashfordly's godson who has arrived. And it isn't just Peggy that can earn money, David shows that he can too.
  • Only Make Believe
    Only Make Believe
    Episode 8
    A guest gets Wetherby into trouble and Oscar and Ventress find their cover story in danger as they work on a private detetctive case.
  • Burying the Past
    Burying the Past
    Episode 7
    A local teacher dies, which Joe and Rachel investigate. Meanwhile, it is the funeral of PC Phil Bellamy.
  • Touch and Go
    Touch and Go
    Episode 6
    Just as PC Don Wetherby arrives, PC Joe Mason is preparing to leave for his new posting. At the Aidensfield Arms, a quiz night takes place to raise money for the local hospital's dialysis machine. PC Phil Bellamy is shot.
  • Another Sleepy, Dusty, Delta Day
    A young man's suicide is investigated by the police, but something more evil is uncovered. Peggy's double also arrives in town.
  • Love Story
    Love Story
    Episode 4
    A theft is reported, which makes people suspicious of a gang of sheep shearers who have recently arrived in Aidensfield. An old lover of Rosie's appears, but a new love interest also arrives.
  • Night Mail
    Night Mail
    Episode 3
    Joe clashes with Rachel regarding a train robbery investigation. News of a legacy reaches Peggy.
  • Heirs Apparent
    Heirs Apparent
    Episode 2
    Lord Ashfordly is arrested by PC Joe Mason which does not impress Sergeant Miller. David fears that me may be murdered after making a will.
  • Stop Gap
    Stop Gap
    Episode 1
    The local residents make a stand to a gang of bikers in Aidensfield. The new PC, Joe Mason, arrives in Aidensfield but will the villagers give his tactics the thumbs up or the thumbs down?
  • Farewell Phil
    After PC Phil Bellamy is shot, this programme looks at his 16 years in Heartbeat. Mark Jordan, who played the character talks about him, as do some other cast members. From Phil's beginning to his dramatic final scenes, the show highlights his best moments.