Heartbeat - Season 18

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Sweet Sorrow
    Sweet Sorrow
    Episode 24
    A troubled and wounded young man arrives in Aidensfield, occuring at the same time as the discovery of a woman's body on the moors, which starts off a chain of events, leading to the life of one long-time resident hanging in the balance.
  • Pass the Parcel
    Pass the Parcel
    Episode 23
    Joe finds a bag of explosives in an abandoned van, following having thwarted a gang of safe robbers. Dawn's birthday party may go off with a bang, when the explosives end up in the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Oscar is left red-faced after investigating Don's strange disappearances at lunchtimes.
  • The Open Door
    The Open Door
    Episode 22
    Sergeant Nokes returns to take charge, in a case about a badly beaten lorry driver and a health epidemic which follows, involving stolen condemned meat. Meanwhile, Peggy opens a B & B at a mansion, while the owner of the residence is away. However, she ends up in trouble with the police for being in possession of stolen goods.moreless
  • My One and Only
    My One and Only
    Episode 21
    An insurance salesman's murder produces some interesting suspects. Whilst repairs are being carried out at his house Alf makes himself at home in the Aidensfield Arms, but soon outstays his welcome. Meanwhile, a face from the past surprises Miller.
  • Jobs for the Boys
    Jobs for the Boys
    Episode 20
    A golfing friend of Oscar's asks him to look into the disappearance of his son, who left home after a heated argument with his overbearing father, and has been seen often visiting a club in Whitby. Meanwhile, the police in Aidensfield are left puzzled by a modern-day Robin Hood, who has committed a series of burglaries, giving the stolen money to a group of elderly occupants of a newly-built block of flats.moreless
  • Deadlier Than the Male
    A woman sues for divorce after a domestic dispute gets out of hand. The woman's solicitor doesn't help matters by doing nothing much to calm the situation. Meanwhile, Peggy's hold over David is under threat from the womanly wiles of the daughter of Stan Bickle, who has come to visit.
  • Ties That Bind
    Ties That Bind
    Episode 18
    Armed robbers are targeting post offices around Aidensfield, leading to Mason working with his old flame Rachel Dawson. Her career meanwhile is in doubt, following being in an affair with a senior colleague. Carol isn't overly impressed when she spots Joe in a romantic clinch with Rachel, who denies this and says it was in the line of duty and nothing guilty. Meanwhile, Peggy offers to house clean for a man. Oscar thinks she is after the man's money. However, it is the man's wife, who is a resident in a nursing home, who has a shady past.moreless
  • The War of the Roses
    Joe and Sgt. Miller arrange a meeting of the local farmers, in a bid to end their harassment of a very unpopular neighbour whose working practices have made him thoroughly disliked. Meanwhile, Dawn falls for an attractive, charming newcomer. She later finds out he is prone to abrupt, angry episodes, which are the cause of a troubled past. And David is hired to assist Peggy in compiling an inventory of the contents of a house which belonged to a woman who has recently died. However, David fears the unsettled spirit of the dead woman's companion is haunting the house, upset because of Peggy's dodgy dealings.moreless
  • A Whiter Shade of Pale
    After announcing her engagement to a businessman (who hasn't split from his wife), a newcomer to the village is found dead in her kitchen. The death reignites memories in Joe of his mother's death, which could hamper his judgement in the murder investigation. Meanwhile, Dawn gets an opportunity to make some money by using Vince's hot dog wagon on the day of a football match… in competition with Peggy's jacket potato business.moreless
  • Cashing In
    Cashing In
    Episode 15
    A deluge of banknotes which have been forged causes the police to believe a gangster who is on the run has arrived in Aidensfield. When they attempt to flush the gangster out DS Dawson's life is put in danger. Meanwhile, Miller is having marriage problems and Bernie thinks Judy Garland (his favourite celebrity) has moved into the area. Her arrival causes excitement among the villagers.moreless
  • The Runaways
    The Runaways
    Episode 14
    A gangster arrives in Aidensfield, looking for an accountant who is on the run with his family. The accountant and his family are involved in a car accident involving a tractor. Following an investigation into the incident Joe discovers he is on the run from the gangster. Meanwhile, David purchases an old jeep which is soon discovered to have a history in the military.moreless
  • School of Hard Knocks
    Jim Osgood, a tough PE teacher who was in the Territorial Army, uses his experience to exact a harsh discipline at Ashfordly School. However this way of teaching ends up with a boy at the school, a troublemaker named Gary, ending up in the hospital. The boy is determined to take revenge, and so breaks into Mr. Osgood's office, taking his gun, forcing Joe into a race against time to stop this turning into something fatal. Elsewhere Oscar is organising a trip to London for the villagers. But his detailed plan for the trip creates rifts in the party.moreless
  • The Middle of Somewhere
    Mick is ruled out as a suspect in Rosie's disappearance by Joe and Rachel. They switch their attention to a motel, which is situated close to where a car belonging to a missing woman was found deserted. An investigation finds the bar owner's son has a criminal record so the search is now on for him.

    Meanwhile, Nev's sister's newborn baby is delivered by Carol who is delighted later on when her long-lost brother arrives in the town.moreless
  • Thursday's Children
    Thursday's Children
    Episode 11
    Carol, Joe and Rachel head off to Austraila to find Rosie and Carol's brother. Whilst searching for Rosie, Joe and Rachel discover there may have been domestic abuse in Mick's relationship with Rosie, ending in him becoming a suspect in her disappearance. Meanwhile, Carol visits a monastery in Brisbane looking for her brother. However it leads to a threatening situation when she receives a call from a person who has information on the whereabouts of her brother, which leads her into a trap.moreless
  • Ups and Downs
    Ups and Downs
    Episode 10
    Rachel, Joe and Don investigate a string of burglaries when wealthy homes in the region come under threat from a cat burglar. Carol is taken by a new visitor to the village, Lord Ashfordly's nephew. Peggy sets a date up between David and an old friend of hers who is camping close to the farm. Finally, Mick returns to Aidensfield, but Bernie starts to worry when Rosie isn't with him...moreless
  • The Hospital Job
    The Hospital Job
    Episode 9
    Dawson helps out in the investigation of an antiques dealer, accused of the selling of stolen property. While Joe and Don stake out his premises in the hope of catching the dealer red-handed he sets fire to his property. Elsewhere trouble flares up when Taoist monks arrive in the village and tragedy hits two local troublemakers.moreless
  • Looking for Isabella
    A young boy playing with his brother and sister in the grounds of a neglected house disappears. Wetherby does some investigating and the missing boy is found, having fallen down into a well. A rescue attempt is made by the fire service and a media frenzy starts. But things take an even more serious tone when gunshots come from the house… A celebrity journalist meanwhile is searching for gossip in the village.moreless
  • Return Crossing
    Return Crossing
    Episode 7
    Joe is asked to help a widow who is getting death threats from a corrupt person who knew her late husband. A visitor from Poland arrives in the village looking for a lost love.
  • Strike Up the Band
    Strike Up the Band
    Episode 6
    The rivalry between two brass bands in Aidensfield stirs up a tale including adultery, poisoning and violence. Dawn announces she is moving to Paris with a young man she has just met and Joe and Rachel's relationship hots up, causing problems between him and Carol.
  • Guilty Secrets
    Guilty Secrets
    Episode 5
    Joe risks his career to help DS Dawson when it appears she has stolen £400 during a police raid on a criminal's house and Bernie finds out he has a daughter he never knew existed.
  • Living off the Land
    Joe and Carol investigate when a woman from a group of travellers is found to have been beaten, Don finds out his wife is cheating on him, Lord Ashfordly's gamekeeper and the head of the travellers are involved in a drugs plot, a man is found murdered on Lord Ashfordly's estate and David is at war with a rival taxi firm.moreless
  • Mother of Invention
    A woman who claims to be Carol's mum appears in Aidensfield along with a friend of Carol's. Carol and Joe are involved with the problems of a young mother. David and Dawn start a money making scheme with David becoming a chimney sweep.
  • England Expects
    England Expects
    Episode 2
    Master criminal Albert Hallows (last seen in [url]http://www.tv.com/heartbeat/mastermind/episode/522409/summary.html[/url]) escapes from custody and vows to get revenge on the Aidensfield police, getting help from two young boys to steal valuables. Dawn teaches Geoff ballroom dancing before his date with widow Joyce Jowett (not knowing he has feelings for her) and David makes clay pots for Peggy's latest money making scheme.moreless
  • Family Matters
    Family Matters
    Episode 1
    Miller's personal and professional lives are put under jeopardy when his daughter Cheryl is kidnapped, Aunt Peggy thinks she is dying, a suspicious man stays at the Aidensfield Arms who could be connected to a possible assassination attempt on a foreign leader who is attending a conference.