Heartbeat - Season 2

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Missing
    Episode 10
    The fair arrives in Aidensfield to the annoyance of local caravan site owner Edna Plummer. It turns out that her caravan site is used as a convenient meeting place by her criminal brother. He is about to receive some stolen works of art from amateur smuggler, Norman Currie, who is on his way back home from a trip to Holland with his family. Currie's son takes one of the paintings and swaps it for free rides at the fair. Workers at the fair sell the painting to Greengrass who tries to sell it to Ferrenby who realises it's true value and tells Nick. Meanwhile, two five year olds go missing but return unharmed. Kate discovers the children had a mysterious friend, who turns out to be a local man whose wife and child were recently killed in an accident.moreless
  • Wall of Silence
    Wall of Silence
    Episode 9
    Lord Ashfordly's winter pheasant shoot is seriously disrupted when the entire contents of his game larder are stolen. There is an outbreak of petty thefts on Nick's patch and when he investigates, his enquiries make him believe that an incestuous relationship is the reason behind the thefts. Susan Rawlings, a teenage daughter of Lord Ashfordly's gamekeeper, is pregnant and steals money from Greengrass to pay for an illegal abortion. Unaware of this, her brother Chris stole the pheasants in order to raise cash for the same purpose. Susan has the abortion, but ends up in hospital. When Kate and Ferrenby find out, they go to see the woman responsible for doing it and warn her of the dangers involved. Chris it turns out is the father of his sister's unborn child.moreless
  • Baby Blues
    Baby Blues
    Episode 8
    Kate is treating a woman who is driven to despair by her inability to conceive. The woman later has a row with her husband and storms off. The baby of a young couple called The Doubleday's then goes missing and the mother suspects her mother-in-law of the kidnapping and a manhunt is launched for the snatched baby. However, Kate realises that her patient is probably responsible for taking the baby. The baby is eventually returned by some hippies who have moved into the area. Meanwhile, Greengrass buys a racehorse and starts training it up and down Aidensfield's main street, to the annoyance of Blaketon who tries to think of an offence to be able to stop him, but can't!moreless
  • A Talent for Deception
    Nick and Kate fall out when an old boyfriend of hers turns up. Soon after his arrival he becomes the prime suspect in a hit-and-run incident, and Nick is forced to tell him not to leave the area while it's investigated. Meanwhile, a local bank informs the police of a woman acting suspiciously around the bank. Nick and Phil go to investigate, only to discover the woman is in fact the famous crime writer Amanda Young, doing research for her next novel. Meanwhile Phil, on behalf of his football team, organizes a talent contest where Greengrass is running a book on who will win. The hit-and-run incident is then revealed to be down to one of Phil's rivals on the football field. And Claude sells some moor land to the MoD and treats himself to a big and flashy pink Chrysler Imperial car!moreless
  • Bang to Rights
    Bang to Rights
    Episode 6
    Rosie Tinniswood takes an overdose and Nick and Kate are left minding her children. Once she's recovered, Rosie tells Nick her husband is in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Nick finds evidence to support Rosie's claims. Meanwhile, Phil is to marry his girlfriend who says she's pregnant.
  • Over the Hill
    Over the Hill
    Episode 5
    A black soldier called Ken Marston is bullied by his racist Sergeant, who follows Marston during the exercises and intends to shoot Ken as he's reported Nicholls to his superiors. However, on top of a cliff face Nicholls and Ken get in a confrontation and Nicholls falls. Ken then goes on the run thinking he's killed him. Meanwhile, Kate is treating a widow whose son is seriously disturbed by his father's death.moreless
  • Bitter Harvest
    Bitter Harvest
    Episode 4
    Local farmer Reg Manston, notices one of his cows looks very ill and he suspects the animal may be infected with the highly contagious disease known as Foot and Mouth. The whole area becomes affected by the outbreak when it means that no social events can happen at the risk of the disease spreading, which annoys George whose bar is totally empty of customers.moreless
  • Manhunt
    Episode 3
    Nick interrupts an armed robbery which is taking place at the Aidensfield Arms and ends up locked in the cellar with George and Claude. During the night Greengrass starts to drink himself silly and ends up giving Nick tip offs about offences that have been committed in the area recently.
  • End of the Line
    End of the Line
    Episode 2
    An elderly widower, a Mr. Milner from London, comes and stays in the village. Milner however is not a well man and has to visit Kate. Meanwhile Claude has been asked to do a barn clearance, and Nick buys the remains of an old MG off him very cheaply for only £25.moreless
  • Secrets
    Episode 1
    A market trader's van is hijacked and stolen on the moors. Nick suspects Lord Ashfordly's son. Kate unintentionally starts a chicken pox epidemic when she starts a mother and baby group. Nick spots Claude wearing a brand new pair of boots several sizes too small which turns out to be part of the market trader's stolen stock. A local girl is pregnant and confides in Kate as to whom the father is.moreless