Heartbeat - Season 3

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Bringing It All Back Home
    Inspector Crossley from Whitby arrives at the police house to see Nick, but is angry to find the police house being used as a doctor's surgery by Kate. Crossley then goes to Ashfordly station where he's been expected expressing his annoyance about the situation. Blaketon and Nick both assure him however it's just a temporarily situation until Kate can find a new surgery. Crossley also informs Blaketon of some major changes in the Ashfordly area, which will include a far bigger beat for Nick. Kate in the meantime goes out with her old friend Sally, who's also a GP for a drink and a general chat. Sally tells Kate of a job that's going in Whitby, but Kate isn't interested. Sally then puts Kate's name forward to a Dr. James Radcliffe who owns his own practice in Whitby. Radcliffe writes to Kate offering her a job with his practice and Kate is then tempted to take him up on his offer, but Nick however is reluctant to leave Aidensfield. A coach trip meanwhile is organised to hear Gina sing at a club in Whitby and so a day trip is made of it and a good time is had by all. Claude with Alfred's help gets lucky on the fruit machines at the amusement arcade, while Phil gets into a spot of bother with the owner! Nick and Kate find themselves helping a young girl on the beach who can't find her father. Nick however then spots a man in trouble in the sea and calls the lifeboat out, but it's to late and the man, who turns out to be the girls father - drowns. Claude also gets into trouble when the Inland Revenue finally catch up with him, demanding a huge amount of cash that he owes due to his many years of tax evading! And Blaketon takes Graham out for a day in an attempt to get closer to him.moreless
  • An American in Aidensfield
    An American motor cyclist called Charlie, turns up at the police house having just had an accident. Kate, who has been forced to move her surgery to the police house temporarily, is able to fix him up. Nick is in bed with the flu and gets little time to rest. A local, Korean war veteran is angered when he learns that the American is a draft dodger, avoiding fighting for his country in Vietnam. This angers the veteran who then picks a fight with him in the pub. Then Charlie's bike gets damaged. Charlie fixes the bike and the war veteran then tries to force Charlie off the road, but he himself ends up in a ditch. Meanwhile Greengrass acquires a couple of classic English motor bikes, claiming he wants them for a regimental museum, but in fact sells them to Charlie. Gina who falls for Charlie is tempted when he offers to take her down to London.moreless
  • Endangered Species
    Endangered Species
    Episode 8
    Mentally handicapped man - David Stockwell who lives with his elderly mother hears dogs barking in the woods at night and goes to investigate, but his mother follows him and gets injured in a hit and run when a Land Rover cuts her down in the woods. David runs to the pub for help and Nick and Kate get David's mother to the hospital. Nick asks David what happened and he tells Nick about the dogs and the Land Rover, however the next morning after David speaks to his mother his story changes and he insists she only fell. Nick suspects his mother is protecting someone and goes to the hospital to talk to her, but she also insists she fell. Nick is still suspicious and continues his investigation into the accident. Meanwhile David finds an injured badger in the wood and takes it home and with Kate's help nurses it back to good health. Nick meanwhile suspects the Land Rover was driven by badger baiter's and Claude shows him a recently dug up badger set near David's home. Nick then goes to see David who is angry about the badger baiters and when Harry Capshaw who is a friend of his mothers asks him to tell him where badger sets are in the woods, he tells Nick and decides to help catch the baiters. David goes to see Capshaw again and sets a time, and Blaketon and Phil are there waiting and arrest Capshaw and the others red handed. Meanwhile Claude sells shares in a racehorse to George, unfortunately he and the 'other' shareholders find out that he has done so several times over! And Alf is revising for his Sergeants exams at 'every' opportunity instead of working!moreless
  • Father's Day
    Father's Day
    Episode 7
    Nick arrests Blaketon's son Graham for mugging a suspected drug dealer. Graham tells the police he did it to stop him pushing drugs to the youngsters. Blaketon is horrified but insists that there's nothing he can do and that the law must take its course, to the annoyance of his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Greengrass delivers a letter to Betty Such from her late husband. It tells her that a key to his safety deposit box is in the pocket of his best suit, but he was buried in that. So Betty and her son go and rob his grave to retrieve the Key. Once they have the key they open the box which is full of money. They celebrate their good fortune and start spending the money in the pub, but Gina realises its forged and tells Nick. Betty realises the notes are all forged and she realises that her husband has set her up from beyond the grave.moreless
  • The Frighteners
    The Frighteners
    Episode 6
    An elderly woman, Jane Thompson who lives in a cottage is receiving threatening phone calls and hears noises in the middle of the night. A landowner, a Mr Walker is keen to get his hands on the her cottage. Nick at first suspects Walker of being behind the threatening behaviour, but Blaketon warns him off. The ladies son-in-law sells the cottage and she eventually is forced to move into a home, but she's not happy and goes back to her cottage. She then refuses to vacate it. Nick arrives and discovers the cottage was not her son-in-law's to sell, making her the rightful owner. It turns out that her son-in-law was responsible for all the threats. Meanwhile Alf finds a kitten and takes it to the station as Mrs. Ventress doesn't like cats. Blaketon orders someone to go and get it put down, but everyone refuses. Blaketon ends up not being so hard and keeps the Kitten as a pet.moreless
  • A Chilly Reception
    A Chilly Reception
    Episode 5
    A local woman is getting prepared for her wedding, but someone it seems is trying to sabotage the event. An old boyfriend of the woman's then turns up still expressing feelings for her. The church is then sabotaged and Nick and Kate find that the culprit for the recent acts of sabotage is the bride to be's old boyfriend. A old friend of Greengrass' turns up and passes on to him a load of stolen sea food, which Claude then sells to the bride's family for the reception, which gives the her father food poisoning. Meanwhile, Kate's aunt Eileen pays her a visit telling her that she has some money that her Uncle Henry had left to her in his will. Kate initially refuses it, which puzzles Nick. Kate later explains that when she was young she found her uncle in bed with another woman, and he then tried to bribe Kate into not telling her auntie. However Eileen tells Kate that she was aware of her husbands affairs and lived to accept it. Kate then accepts the money and donates it to charity in memory Dr Ferrenby.moreless
  • Going Home
    Going Home
    Episode 4
    A German American called Victor Kellerman arrives in the village with the intention of killing a local landowner, a Mr Lessor. He attacks Lessor but he cannot go through with it and leaves the area. Kellerman is later arrested and Nick is assigned to escort him back into the area. It is revealed that Lessor was a SS traitor and responsible for sending Kellerman and his family to Nazi concentration camps during WW2. Meanwhile Kate is treating Lessor for diabetes, and when he realises he will have to go to court he takes an over dose of insulin. Without him the evidence is incomplete and the charges are dropped. Tragedy strikes when Dr Alex Ferrenby drowns whilst fishing, he died of a brain hemorrhage. And Greengrass helps some gypsies organise some bare-fist fighting.moreless
  • Dead Ringer
    Dead Ringer
    Episode 3
    Phil goes to meet a girl while he should be on his beat, at the same time a pawn brokers in Ashfordly is broken into. Following a tip-off, Nick learns that the stolen goods are hidden in a lock up rented in Phil's name. Nick realises that someone is trying to frame Phil, but Blaketon suspends him pending further inquiries. Meanwhile Greengrass gets involved in a betting scam, which involves substituting one greyhound with another. A local man called Scarman is the instigator of this plan, and Nick discovers that Scarman's girlfriend is in fact the girl that Phil is seeing. Nick cannot prove that Scarman set Phil up, but there is enough evidence to let Phil off the hook and arrest Scarman. The woman confirms that Phil was with her on the night of the burglary.moreless
  • Riders of the Storm
    Convict Stevie Walsh is released from prison and is on a train back to Aidensfield to see his wife and to finish some unfinished business. In the night Aidensfield gets cut off as a severe snow storm and the whole are is unreachable. The train heading for Aidensfield then crashes when the signals fail. Nick is alone and can't get police assistance, so its up to him alone to organise a rescue mission with the villagers including Claude and George to help the passengers and see to the injured which include Gina's brother, Barry and Alex, who has suffered a head injury. The injured are taken to the village hall by the villagers until outside help can reach them. Meanwhile Kate is called out by a man, whose partner - Ellen and Walsh's ex-wife is in labour and about to give birth. To Ellen's distress, Stevie helps her and Kate when they get trapped in the snow on the way to hospital, and they end up with the train passengers in the village hall where the Kate delivers the baby. Blaketon eventually arrives in the morning with other officers to help, by which time Walsh has vanished, Nick finds him at Ellen's home recovering some money from the last job he did. Nick finds Walsh, retrieves the money and convinces him that he should leave the area. And Claude is happy to be reunited with Alfred who had recently gone missing!moreless
  • Speed Kills
    Speed Kills
    Episode 1
    The surgery in Aidensfield is broken into one night and Ferrenby gets assaulted and is taken to hospital. Pills that were stolen in the raid are being passed off as other drugs and sold around the area. Gina goes out with an old friend called Debbie and they end up meeting a couple of teddy boys. Later, Debbie collapses after taking some drugs and goes to hospital. Nick then questions Gina as to where her friend got the drugs, but she has no idea. Nick and Phil suspect the two teddy boys and question them. They tell them who the supplier is and go and make the arrest. Meanwhile, Kate discovers a patient's miscarriages have been caused by foreign drugs she took for morning sickness. And Greengrass is angered when his pink Chrysler Imperial gets stolen.moreless