Heartbeat - Season 6

ITV (ended 2010)




Episode Guide

  • Charity Begins at Home
    Heavy snow threatens Ventress's debut as Father Christmas and leaves Nick and Jo coping with a moorland crisis on their own.
  • Charity Begins at Home
    Aidensfield is hit by a snow storm and a plane makes a crash landing. A couple were on board but the pilot runs from the scene just as his wife goes into labour.. Nick eventually has to deliver the baby himself. He and Jo then take mother and baby back to the cottage, but there are problems because the baby is premature.. The escape pilot turns out to be a wanted man, and its Claude who helps Nick catch him! Phil and Alf get stuck in a snow drift when Alf was meant to be playing Santa, meanwhile Claude is brought in as a replacement - but Alf is rescued in time so two Santas turn up at the nativity play! In the final scene Nick proposes to Jo.moreless
  • Old Friends
    Old Friends
    Episode 16
    An old flame of Eileen's turns up. He is a French man named Antonin, who urges Eileen to marry him. She declines because of her commitment to Katie. Nick goes undercover as a harbour worker to catch an escapee prisoner. Phil goes missing during the operation and is found trapped on one of the boats. Claude is buying fish under false means, Nick notices what's going on and advises him to stay away from Whitby - which is where the investigation is taking place.moreless
  • Bygones Be Bygones
    Bygones Be Bygones
    Episode 15
    Nick is suspicious of a financial advisor that comes to the area, he seems all too keen to advise people with their money matters including Jo's dad. Many of the locals including Maggie and Blaketon receive anonymous letters. Phil has the job of tracking down the type writer which they were written on - he finds it at Claude's house - but Claude's not guilty as he's had a letter himself, he's embarrassed by its content but shows it to Nick and swears him to secrecy! It turns out that it was a local widow's husband who was responsible.moreless
  • The Best Laid Plans
    The Best Laid Plans
    Episode 14
    Suzanna Temple-Richards has moved back into the area after having served time for drugging her husband, but when a woman she knew in prison turns up asking her for money problems rise in front of her. Eileen finds it hard to realize that Jo stays over at night at the Police House, Greengrass hunts a treasure in his very own way!moreless
  • Obsessions
    Episode 13
    A woman seeks Nick's help after he rescues her from a house fire. Greengrass decides to enter the tourist trade by offering bed-and-breakfast.
  • Obsessions
    Episode 13
    Nick rescues a young woman from a house fire. She soon becomes obsessed with Nick , phoning him at Jo's calling into the station, calling round at the police house and spending time with Katie. When Nick makes it clear he isn't interested, she first plants her bracelet in his uniform and tells Blaketon he's stolen it. She then causes trouble between Nick and Jo when she tries to convince Jo that he and she are having an affair. This makes Jo feel insecure, but Nick convinces Jo that the woman is just making trouble and tells her that he loves her. The woman sees Nick and Jo out one night and attempts to knock Jo down with her car, but she is stopped in time.moreless
  • Thanks to Alfred
    Thanks to Alfred
    Episode 12
    A wrestling match is the up coming event and everyone is excited about seeing the 'Masked Marvel' in action. But he's staying with Claude, and Alfred takes exception to his mask and bites him in the leg. A local rugby player wrestles in his place - the Masked Marvel's manager is thrilled that no one noticed the difference with the mask on. He then realises there's no limit to the amount of times he can interchange players. The original 'Masked Marvel' is upset about being replaced and decides to do something about it. He ends up coming out on top when he wrestles without the mask A mother leaves her children and husband to move in with another man, her son takes it very badly. Later she is found dead alongside a road, and suspicion falls on the husband.moreless
  • Who Needs Enemies?
    Who Needs Enemies?
    Episode 11
    Greengrass is asked to put on a number of bets at the races for some rather unscrupulous characters. But before he gets the chance he ends up in hospital with a suspected appendix problem. Blaketon is afraid he'll have to retire and is tempted when Arnold, his friend offers him a job. A young boy has been assaulted and Nick suspects Arnold - Blaketon strongly disagrees. Nick investigates and finds evidence to suggest that Arnold could also be guilty of corruption. He ends up having an argument about it with Blaketon, who then storms out. Nick realises he's offended him and goes round to apologise. Meanwhile Blaketon has a chat with Arnold and realises Nick's right.moreless
  • The Championship
    The Championship
    Episode 10
    Nick gets roped into a quoits match and Claude shows him how to play! Nick meets Jo's parents for the first time, which doesn't go smoothly. Jo hasn't told them Nick has been married before or about Katie, Jo's dad isn't impressed at Nick's lack of ambition professionally, and they make it obvious they disapprove. A coach crash occurs on the moor and Phil is on board. Nick panics when he hears because he thinks Katie and Eileen are on the coach, but it turns out they went by car. One man is killed, and Nick has to tell his wife. Ruby tells Nick that there is something wrong. She says she's found someone who wants to move in with her, but he can be violent when he's in a temper, but she's lonely and wants the company. Nick tells her to get rid of him, and eventually that's what she decides to do.moreless
  • Giving the Game Away
    Erol, a man Nick helped out when he was in trouble with the police in London comes to the area.. But when reports of trespassers, and theft come in Blaketon suspects Erol. Nick is annoyed because he thinks Blaketon's assumptions have been made on the fact that Erol is coloured, and takes exception to his attitude. But when more evidence is found Nick is forced to question Erol. Erol is asked to play in the Aidensfield cricket team, and he helps win them a match, but he knows someone from where he used to work is after him, so he makes a run for it but gets cornered. Luckily Nick and Phil arrive in time. Nick's mum is up for a visit, and Nick suspects something's wrong and won't believe her when she denies it. Ruby meets Jo and sets her and Nick up, they agree to give it another go.moreless
  • Catch Us If You Can
    Juke boxes are sold to all the local pubs, but the main supplier makes sure that they are the only ones to buy from. They do this by having two bikers smash up any other machines. Including the one in the Aidensfield Arms that Claude's mate had installed. Nick asks Gina to help with an under cover operation to catch the culprits. Alf goes to his would be son in law's stag night where all his drinks get spiked. He ends up spending the night in a cell because he can't go home to Mrs Ventress! There's still tension between Nick and Jo.moreless
  • Snapped
    Episode 7
    A dodgy fashion photographer comes to the village with two glamour models, but he wants locals in his pictures including Claude, for a more rustic country feel! A man is sacked from a job he had been doing for years only because of a few minor mistakes for which he wasn't entirely responsible. He then gets very drunk and goes home and ends up taking his mother hostage with a gun. All of the Ashfordly section are on the case, and Nick tries to talk him out because the man knows and trusts him. But it doesn't work and Nick is keen to get away because he's supposed to be going away for the weekend with Jo. Once he's finally taken down the station he says he will only talk to Nick, so Nick reluctantly agrees to stay. He tells Jo what's happened but she isn't understanding, and tells Nick they're finished.moreless
  • Frail Mortality
    Frail Mortality
    Episode 6
    The heads teacher's daughter who has been working as a house keeper for a sick man and his son, is knocked down in a hit and run accident. Maggie calls for help, but ends up becoming the main suspect. Obviously its not her, and Nick says he never suspected her, but Maggie's not so sure. The sick man can't remember anything of the night it happened because he blacked out, and is worried that he could have been responsible. But it turns out it was his son, who drove after the girl when she left that night (he had been her boyfriend) but panicked when he hit her. Nick reconsiders what Jo has said about promotion and asks Blaketon's advice about taking his sergeants exams.moreless
  • Something of Value
    Something of Value
    Episode 5
    Alf has a serious problem with his gambling debts and is forced to ask Nick about Kate's insurance for a loan. Nick isn't impressed at first but the next day he has a chat with Alf and they arrange a plan to sort it out without Blaketon finding out. The man Alf owes money to (Charlie) has been dealing in thousands of pounds worth of stolen wine, but when the wine is found Alf tells Charlie, that no one else knows where its hidden and he won't tell anyone, in exchange for his IOU's. Nick and Alf set the thieves up and they are caught. Jo asks Nick what he intends to do in the future, and hints that she wants him to go for promotion, Nick says he's happy with what he's doing now. Lord Ashfordly is making Claude act as a game keeper without pay, because he caught him poaching his game birds! He tells Nick: "It takes a thief to catch a thief Rowan!"moreless
  • A Long Shot
    A Long Shot
    Episode 4
    The father of a young boy had dreams of his son playing cricket professionally, but unfortunately he doesn't make the local team, Maggie realises it is because he can't see the ball so he needs glasses. The same boy is caught stealing and the next day he arrives at school with bruises. Jo suspects the worse but it turns out he got the bruises playing cricket. The boy feels he's let his dad down and runs away but ends up having an accident. Claude has "borrowed" one of Lord Ashfordly's prize horses to breed from, but as they're taking it back Claude spots the little boy lying on the road and takes him to hospital. Nick who has been looking for the missing horse suddenly twigs what's happened when he sees Claude in a horse box. - He says he'll forget it ever went missing if the horse is returned within two hours!moreless
  • Forget Me Not
    Forget Me Not
    Episode 3
    A frightened man who lives alone is being threatened. The man doing this thinks that he is the doctor who was convicted of medical negligence for causing the death of his little girl. But they've got the wrong man. Claude finds the man who is now tied up and one of the men he's with has a gun. Claude shows the police where he is and he's rescued. Jo is spending more time with Nick but is worried that Eileen disapproves. Unfortunately Nick is often called out whenever they are together.moreless
  • Old Colonials
    Old Colonials
    Episode 2
    Claude's nephew comes to visit but he brings his latest business partner who is American along with him. They ask Claude if they can use his place for storage. There are a few burglaries in the area including Ashfordly hall. Walter Gillis is trying to put Bill Ruane in the frame because he wants a chance to buy his stables. But it turns out that it was Walter himself who robbed Ashfordly hall, and it was the American who had done the two other burglaries. Claude is upset to find that the stolen goods had been hidden on his property. Nick asks Jo to dinner but is called out and Jo offers to baby-sit. Eileen comes home to find her curled up asleep on the sofa with Katie.moreless
  • Kids
    Episode 1
    Derek Ramsey's loses his temper during a domestic row at home and storms off down the pub. He drinks heavily and Phil asks him to leave. But Derek ends up assaulting Phil, Nick and Alf. He is sentenced to 28 days, but as Phil and Alf are taking him to jail he escapes, much to Blaketon's disgust! Derek made the escape to get back to his girlfriend who is in danger. Greengrass is working as a lollipop man until an out break of pilfering occurs at the school, and he's told to leave. Claude is offended and angry at Nick because he thinks it was him who got him the sack, when really it was the Headmistress of the school who thought Claude was the guilty party - which of course he wasn't.moreless